Statistics for Countries with the lowest average elevation in the world

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Elevation(m)HintAnswer% Correct
85Close to India and has a high population.Bangladesh
34Country located in Europe, between Sweden and Germany, next to the North Sea.Denmark
61Next to Lithuania and Latvia, is in the Scandinavian Peninsula.Estonia
30Located in Northwest Europe, is a small but with a high population density country.Netherlands
2Very popular for vacation, is a a group of islands on the Indian Ocean.Maldives
28Small country located in the Middle East. Its economy is based on petroleum. Also known for having one of the best airlines.Qatar
69Its capital is Dakar and was a french colony.Senegal
70There are more countries with the same name in the same continent, Africa. The second word starts with B.Guinea Bissau
34Its capital is Banjul, and is located just next to another answer you (should) have already answeredGambia
83Islands located in the Caribbean Sea, has a spanish name.Trinidad and Tobago

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