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1602019-10-14Countries that are part of the Kurdish region
1332019-10-04Top 20 countries by GDP per capita in 1950
1272019-10-01Countries that were part of the Qing dynasty
1082019-09-18Countries that have lost territory against United States
1012019-09-30Top 10 countries by richest person
822019-09-18Top 20 countries by GDP in 1961
812019-10-01Top 20 Countries by most populated city
792019-09-23Subcontinents proposed by the UN
742019-10-15U.S. States that were part of the Mexican Empire
672019-10-01Countries that were part of the Austro-Hungary Empire
642019-09-04All Transcontinental countries
602019-09-20Countries that were part of the Inca Empire
602019-10-01Countries that were part of the Aztec Empire
572019-11-05Richest country by UN region
562019-08-29Top 20 countries by GDP, PPP
542019-09-18Countries that were part of Gran Colombia
542019-10-14Top 20 Countries by total military per 1000 capita
532019-09-08Presidentes de México
492019-11-19Poorest country by UN region
462019-09-19Countries that were part of the Mexican Empire
442019-10-01Countries that were part of Denmark
432019-06-14Countries where the largest city isn't the Capital
422019-09-21Countries with parties in the socialist international
402019-09-18Countries that have lost territory against Mexico
392019-09-30Countries that were part of Rio de la Plata
392019-08-28Top 20 countries by tank strength
392019-09-23Countries that were part of the German Empire
372019-09-24Most populated country in UN geoscheme
342019-09-25Most densely populated country by UN region
342019-05-17American countries by year of independence
312019-08-26Monarchies in the Americas
292019-09-18Countries that have win territory against Mexico
272021-03-09Best performances by elected presidents
232021-03-09Worst performances by elected presidents
202019-08-26British Protectorates
182019-09-08Countries with goverment disputes
152019-08-21Countries with changes in the goverment in the XXI century
152019-06-12Mexican Leaders Quiz
82019-08-27Which flag is that? #0
72019-09-03Which flag is that? #1