Star Wars The Clone Wars - Umbara Quiz

How well do you know the Battle of Umbara? Take this quiz to find out.
Quiz by MimaYo
Last updated: April 5, 2019
First submittedApril 5, 2019
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Took Anakin Skywalker's place when he left for Coruscant mid-battle. Later betrays his own troops.
Pong Krell
A gunship that was used to drop off clone troopers in the heat of battle.
Clone trooper who sacrificed themselves to blow up a Separatist supply ship.
A very fast two-legged walker that was used heavily in the Battle of Umbara. We see them being deployed out of the back of the gunships shortly before the main infantry troops are deployed.
The "jedi" who replaced Anakin manipulates the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion into killing each other, resulting in the death of this beloved trooper. Hint: We see him earlier in the Battle of Ryloth.
This trooper was very loyal towards the "jedi" who replaced Anakin. He later executes the "jedi" after learning that he was betrayed.
This trooper uses the help of a native plant of Umbara to subdue the "jedi" who took charge.
These two clone troopers are ordered to be executed by a firing squad after disobeying orders and secretly flying Umbaran Starfighters from their base and blowing up a supply ship.
Fives and Jesse
This is the trooper who flies the transport gunship down to the planet of Umbara at the beginning of the episode.
These devices were planted along a road in order to slow down the advance of the 501st, resulting in the death of troopers Oz and Ringo.
Right before their execution, the traitor "jedi" claims that they work for...
Count Dooku
The only named trooper we see who never takes off their helmet on screen other than Hawk, Oz and Ringo is...
Sergeant Appo
These two clone troopers debate multiple times throughout the Arc about whether or not the General's actions are justified.
Rex and Fives
This formidable enemy vehicle used by the Umbaran militia is taken out by stolen Umbaran Starfighters that were being piloted by clone troopers.
Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannon
We see a couple fast two-legged walkers attempt and succeed at blowing up one of these artillery weapons used by the Umbaran militia.
Umbaran Hover Tank
This vehicle functions like a millipede with cannons on its back. The captain and his men take it out by taunting it over to a chokepoint filled to the brim with scattered thermal detonators.
Umbaran Impeding Assault Tank
This little bug-like machine is seen electrifying enemies to death. It manages to kill a handful of clone troopers before being split in half by Anakin's lightsaber. It is fascinating, but at the same time deadly.
Umbaran Millicreep
This trooper is called in for air support and uses a Y-Wing Starfighter/Light Bomber to bomb a ridge filled with enemy forces. We see/hear of him a few times prior to this battle.
The Umbarans sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) after the murdering of their Umbaran representative in the Galactic Senate. The representative's name was...
Mee Deechi
Level 16
Jan 21, 2022
I had a little trouble with the timing being too short but more importantly the whole 'umbaran' before any of the vehicles really messed me up
Level 44
Mar 11, 2022
I want to point out that Appo does take off his helmet and we do see him without it for a bit. its very brief

I believe its either in the 3rd episode or 4th episode of the story arch