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42,0102024-01-27 Countries of the World in 1444
2,7802023-01-06Biggest Cities in the World by Century
2,7042023-01-31Name 5-Letter Words Containing Each Letter in Each Position
1,9152020-05-06Minecraft Quiz for Dummies
1,1442023-01-31Name Five Letter Words Containing Random Letter Sequences
9602021-07-26Modern-Day Countries of Monaco on a Map
9022023-10-17Medication... or Pokémon?
8482022-10-26Regions of Ivory Coast
8342023-01-31Nommez un Mot 5 Lettres Valide contenant une Séquence Aléatoire
7972024-01-10Name a Valid 5-Letter Word by Two Letter Sequence
5312024-04-25Places on a Diplomacy Board
5092020-05-18Name a Valid Europa Universalis IV Country
4692023-02-07Name a Valid 6-Letter Word by Two Letter Sequence
4042020-04-25Cities in Mexico Located Within the United States
3602021-06-04Bloons TD 6 Monkeys
3542022-12-06Countries Vicky has been to by Flag Maps
3112020-02-10Countries of the USA
3092023-05-23All European Kingdoms Throughout History
2722022-05-02Countries of Europe in 117 AD
2712020-09-16Zero-Letter English Words
2442022-12-23Name 5-Letter Words Beginning With Each Consonant/Vowel Combination
2222020-08-17Minecraft General Knowledge #1
2192022-01-1650 Islands on a World Map
1952023-02-08Geographic Groups of Thirteen
1902021-08-15Countries Mentioned in Bill Wurtz's History of the World
1682023-10-18Most Common English Word Starting with Each Letter
1522021-10-21Montenegro... or Papua New Guinea?
1442022-10-27Victoria 3 Major Countries
1272021-07-03English Words to Chinese
1142022-07-08Countries that Start with X
1112021-06-20Countries of the USA in 1863
1102022-12-12Finland... or Estonia?
1032022-06-04Increasing Geography Chain
1022022-10-27Victoria 3 Great and Major Powers
1022021-07-27Landen van de Wereld in 1444
1012022-02-26All French Kings named Louis
1002021-09-02Districts of Panem
982022-08-06Word Boggle
922021-01-22Top 100 Biggest Cities in US States that Start with X
902023-07-17Historical Countries A-Z
832021-06-23Who Made That Quiz?
792021-05-03Letters in Order of Frequency
782022-09-09Real Word or Gibberish?
762022-04-11Category Elimination - JetPunk Discord Members
762021-06-02Districts and Zones of Mauritius
732021-12-26Places Visited by Google's Santa Tracker on a Map
722021-09-14Countries Without Three Most Common Letters
682021-02-02Countries of "Europe"
672021-11-04Countries that are Wikipedia Vital Articles
662023-10-12Increasing Geography Chain #2
632022-05-06Rulers of Europe in 867 AD
622023-03-09Name a Minecraft Block A-Z
602023-07-05Mountain, River, or Island?
602022-09-07Is it a Valid Scrabble Word?
582021-02-17Increasing Word Chain #1
572021-07-07Countries of the World in 300 BC, Rise of Kingdoms Version
572023-10-20Pokémon - Multiple Picture Choice
572024-01-26Name a Pokémon with Each Type Combination
562020-08-05Political Entities Depicted by Bill Wurtz
552020-05-14Minecraft History - Multiple Choice
492023-07-17US States by Emoji, According to ChatGPT
482022-07-23The Only Remaining Chemical Element...
462022-12-03Largest City in Every UN Regional Group A-Z
462021-05-26Element Etymologies
442021-04-01Minecraft April Fools Quiz
422023-09-10GeoBee Winning Questions
412021-02-17Increasing Word Chain #2
402022-08-26Word Scramble - Four Letter Words with Definitions
372024-02-06Animals Associated with Countries
342022-05-05Country to Capital - April Fools' Edition
342022-07-23Flags with Purple or Pink
332021-09-10Everything in the Spelunky 2 Journal
322020-04-30Random Words
302023-09-21Pokémon with Wikipedia Pages by Picture
292023-11-28People who are Wikipedia Vital Articles
282024-01-08Pokémon Regional Forms by Picture
282022-11-15Tile Select - Subdivisions of Countries
282022-12-24Accented Letters Answers Quiz
242021-05-09JetPunk Discord Server Analogies
212021-05-09JetPunk Discord Members by User Profile
182022-02-17Every Country Controlled by Humans
172024-04-18Countries of the World on September 26, 2017
172024-02-29Guess Pokémon Types by Picture
142021-06-08Departments of Ivory Coast
112023-10-27Tour the World Lyrics
102022-01-31Countries Google's Santa Tracker Didn't Visit
72022-07-25Tile Select - Points
72022-07-25Tile Select - Letters