Quizzes by Hectagon

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Hectagon.
# of Quizzes 21
# Subscribers 3
Times taken 6,697
Quizmaker Rank # 2,912
2,0612019-05-01CSGO Quiz (II)
1,0952019-04-30CSGO Basic Questions
6212019-04-30Minecraft (2x2 Crafting)
5492019-04-27CSGO Maps
5182019-05-03CSGO Quiz (III)
4762019-04-30CSGO Ranks
3152019-05-01CSGO Weapons
2732019-05-03Terraria Quiz
2452019-05-03Terraria Items
1402019-04-28Crafting (Minecraft)
872019-04-30Minecraft Crafting (II)
622023-03-31League of Legends Pictures Quiz
532019-05-03Minecraft Quiz
502019-05-01Mirage Callouts
352019-04-28Dust II Callouts
332023-03-31Terraria Bosses (1.3)
282023-03-30How Much Do You Know About League?
272023-03-31League of Legends Items
172019-04-30Inferno Callouts
82019-04-30Cache Callouts
42019-05-01Shortdust Callouts