CSGO Basic Questions

Just basic knowledge everyone who plays CSGO should know
Quiz by Hectagon
Last updated: April 30, 2019
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1. What is the cost of the M4A4
2. How much does all of the items in Utility Cost? (As a Counter Terrorist)
3. How long does it take to defuse a bomb without a defusal kit?
15 Seconds
5 Seconds
7.5 Seconds
10 Seconds
4. How many pistols are there?
5. How many main callouts are there? (Always this many in the game)
6. What is the name of the area you plant that is standard in every site
7. How many guns start with the letter 'p'
8. If a team is at 15 points, in standard competitive matchmaking, what is the only way to "win" in this situation
Continue to first to 16
Overtime to win the next 3 rounds
Tie at 15 Rounds
You can't win in this situation
9. True or False: AK-47 is the only T Side Rifle to 1 Tap.
10. What is one of the only CT Rifles that can 1 tap (When they have armor)
11. What is the reward money for Zeusing someone?
12. What is the biggest kill reward and for what weapon?
$1500 and a Shotgun
$1500 and a knife
$900 and a Shotgun
$600 and an SMG
13. True or False: Holding the bomb slows your movement down
14. What map was removed from CS:GO and was themed for its ancient Civilization
Inca Revolution
15. How much time do you have before a round starts
15 Seconds
10 Seconds
20 Seconds
5 Seconds
Level 89
Jun 19, 2020
Aug does 99 damage so "one tap: isnt possible with the guns given in the question. Also, an autosniper, AWP or Scout are also rifles which can onetap. There are 10 pistols now (p2000, USP, glock, p250, tec9, five seven, dual berettas, cz75, deagle, r8). Also there are always more than 3 callouts (Ct spawn, Tspawn, A site, B site, Mid, Short, Long, etc.). Also the question about the 15 rounds is a bit vague. The question should be: "if the opponent has 15 rounds..."
Level 32
Jul 10, 2020
Aug will usually 1-tap unless its a wallbang or collateral.

AWP is 1 shot, not 1-tap because it will kill In one shot unless you hit a leg.

Level 32
Jul 10, 2020
Bro this was kind of vague, and what's your source.

What constitutes as a "main call"?

Level 63
Mar 24, 2021
2. How do you get to 1600? smoke+He+Incendiary+flashbang=300+300+600+200=1400

you can only carry 4 grenades and even with throwing away grenades at spawn it would not fit because one can also throw a decoy which would result in 1650

5. The "main callouts" is a pretty wierd question with every team using sometimes other callouts (unless you are referring to the "offical callouts" on the minimap but even with this there could be more with all the operation maps which were in the game

8. I would never call a tie a win not even a "win"

11. there is no kill reward for the Zeus

Level 15
Mar 31, 2023
i got 1600 because i miscounted and counted the flash twice. you are correct, I was wrong.

Main callouts was a weird choice i made, but i was 13 at the time so i have no reasoning behind this question.

i counted a tie as a win because as of the panorama update back in 2019, they counted any tie as a win in the match replay.

There is a kill reward for a zeus, im pretty sure it's around 200-300 dollars, but since i haven't played in a while, I don't know.