Are You Sure About That?

The answers to these questions may surprise you. Can you choose correctly?
Quiz by overtired
Last updated: November 25, 2021
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First submittedNovember 25, 2021
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1. Which country fired the first shot (and hit) at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th 1941?
United States
The destroyer USS Ward sank a Japanese midget submarine that was trying to sneak into Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, the reports from the Ward were disbelieved by Navy brass.
2. Which James Bond actor was born first?
Sean Connery
Roger Moore
Daniel Craig
Roger Moore was born 14th October 1927, Sean Connery was born 25th August 1930.
3. Which country completed the first nonstop transatlantic plane flight?
United States
United Kingdom
British aviators Alcock and Brown flew from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1919. American Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927.
4. Prior to Columbus what was the fastest land transport for Native Americans?
Horses were reintroduced into the Americas beginning with Columbus in 1493, having gone extinct there thousands of years earlier. Llamas are not strong enough to support humans and the wheel was not utilised in transport, though had been in children's toys.
5. Orange. A fruit named after the colour, or a colour named after the fruit?
Colour named after the fruit
Fruit named after the colour
Neither of the above
Before the English-speaking world was exposed to the fruit, the colour was referred to as "yellow-red" (geoluread in Old English) or "red-yellow".
6. The Earth orbits around the centre of mass of which of these?
The sun
The moon
The solar system
The centre of mass, or barycentre, of the solar system is usually contained within the mass of the sun, but not always.
7. Which country/region has never had a pure white flag?
France (Bourbon Restoration) 1815-30. Afghanistan (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) 1996-97. None had anything to do with surrender.
8. Where is Hadrian's Wall?
In England
In Scotland
On the English/Scottish border
It in entirely in England, ranging from less than 0.6 mi (1.0 km) south of the border with Scotland in the west at Bowness-on-Solway, to as much as 68 miles (109 km) away in the east at Wallsend.
9. Which Hollywood giant was a producer of 1986 horror movie The Fly?
Steven Spielberg
Mel Brooks
Jerry Bruckheimer
Brooks left his name off the film's credits, to avoid confusing viewers who might expect "a Mel Brooks film" to be a comedy.
10. How has the average European male changed over the last 100,000 years?
Become shorter with a smaller brain
Become shorter with a larger brain
Become taller with a larger brain
Source here
11. The feature film "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" starred which band?
The Beatles
The Byrds
The Bee Gees
Released in 1978, it also starred Aerosmith and Earth, Wind and Fire.
12. How does the speed of a roadrunner compare to a coyote?
A roadrunner is about twice as fast
They are about the same speed
A coyote is about twice as fast
A Greater Roadrunner can reach speeds of 20mph (32kph) while a Coyote can reach speeds of up to 43mph (69kph).
13. In which US State is the city of Hollywood?
The Hollywood in California is a neighborhood, not a city.
14. Which country sent an object to the moon first?
United States
Soviet Union
Nazi Germany
The first human-made object to touch the Moon was the Soviet Union's Luna 2, on 13 September 1959. Rumours that the Nazis created a base on the dark side of the moon are as yet unsubstantiated.
15. In which country was the oldest boomerang known to mankind discovered?
It's about 30,000 years old. The oldest Australian boomerang is about 12,000 years old. Ancient boomerangs have also been found in Egypt and North America.
Level 73
Nov 26, 2021
Oh wow, after this quiz I'm not sure about anything anymore. :D I think for me this is the quiz with the biggest discrepancy between expected and real number of correct answers.

Great job nonetheless!

Level 84
Nov 26, 2021
Thanks for the comment. Yes, I tried to make it easier by cutting it from 4 options to 3, but the scores haven't really improved!

Hope the real answers are interesting at least :)

Level 57
Nov 27, 2021
Surprising, but fun quiz! Thank you!
Level 68
May 7, 2023
Wow, I only answered 2/15 correctly.
Level 79
May 15, 2023
That was great, I got all of 3
Level 77
May 15, 2023
This quiz is fun! It reminds me of my quiz, “The Stupidest Quiz on JetPunk”… but better… and you made this first! Anyway, I’m always amazed at how polished your quizzes are.
Level 76
May 16, 2023
What a great quiz! Nominated.