Statistics for Creative Ways To Kill James Bond #1

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QuestionAnswer% Correct
Tie him to a solid gold table and cut him in half with a laserGoldfinger
Leave him on a small island in a lake, surrounded by hungry alligatorsLive and Let Die
Drop a serrated yo-yo on him from the balcony above while he sleepsOctopussy
Leave a non-venomous tarantula in his bedDr. No
Use a robot arm to drill into his head with no adverse effects whatsoeverSpectre
Lock him in a meeting room that you've randomly built underneath your rocketMoonraker
Tie him to a rope and haul him through shark-infested coral reefsFor Your Eyes Only
Disguise as room service and deliver him a cake with a bomb in itDiamonds are Forever
Tie him up in a helicopter with its missiles set to launch at itselfGoldeneye
Adjust his health spa spinal traction machine to a speed with no medical useThunderball

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