Statistics for Creative Ways to Kill James Bond #3

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QuestionAnswer% Correct
Shoot him with a super long gun under the table after he helpfully sits downThe Spy Who Loved Me
Leave him on a conveyer belt headed towards a cocaine grinderLicence to Kill
Send sumo wrestlers to squeeze him to deathThe Man with the Golden Gun
Feed a snake into his bathroom window while he freshens upLive and Let Die
Gas him unconscious and leave him in a freshly laid pipelineDiamonds are Forever
Knock him out, drive him to a lake, and push the car into the waterA View to a Kill
Fly him on a radio controlled helicopter inside a half built structureFor Your Eyes Only
Send your top assassin to attack him from behind... with some netted ropeThe Living Daylights
Loosely pin him in his plane seat with weak wood and parachute awayYou Only Live Twice
Act like a corpse and pop out of a coffin with throwing knivesMoonraker

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