Picture Memory Quiz #1

Study the picture below closely, click to zoom, and memorize as many details as you can.

Then hit Start Quiz and try to answer fifteen questions about it.

HINTS: What are people doing, wearing, holding? What interesting details can you see?
Picture by Australian cartoonist Rex Barber
Quiz by overtired
Last updated: September 23, 2021
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First submittedAugust 20, 2021
Times taken793
Average score33.3%
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What is written on the submarine?
What name is written on a fisherman's back?
What is the clean-shaven man in the life raft doing?
inflating it
What is the woman in the red bikini doing?
What has the man on the front of the submarine lost?
his hat
What is the name of the yellow boat?
Peppermint Prowler
What kind of building can we see?
a lighthouse
What is the submarine's cook holding in his left hand?
a sausage
What animal is on the front of the paddleboard?
a dog
What is the man half inside the submarine's tower holding?
What weapon can we see in the picture?
a harpoon
What is the bald man doing?
piloting the yellow boat
What is the man nearest the swimming birds floating in?
a life ring
What is on top of the buoy?
a flag
What has the fisherman on the right hooked?
the submarine
Level 57
Aug 20, 2021
Oh man overtired you've done something great
Level 71
Aug 21, 2021
This is yet another brilliant quiz! I feel like it might be a tad too hard though. There's so much going on in the picture that it's difficult to take in so much detail. For example, I wasn't expecting a question on the number of people, and I thought that would be irrelevant since you wanted us to focus more on colors, what people are doing/wearing, etc. Also, colors are kinda hard to remember because they don't feel very significant. I think it's easier to notice details that seem out of place (like Jeppy or the man holding the sausage for example).

I realize this isn't supposed to be an easy quiz, but I just thought I'd give my opinion since you asked for feedback.

Level 83
Aug 22, 2021
Thanks a lot for the feedback. Really helpful. As it's a random quiz I can't see which answers people are getting right or wrong, though I can see the scores aren't high. I think I'll make it into a fixed set of questions and just focus on interesting details. I'm not sure that being random adds much value. Probably better to have a solid list of fun questions. Thanks again :)
Level 72
Sep 8, 2021
Wow...Awesome quiz!
Level 67
Sep 8, 2021
Am I the first person to get them all correct?! Feeling very proud about that if so.

Great quiz - hope it gets featured.

Level 83
Sep 9, 2021
I think you are, well done!
Level 67
Sep 9, 2021
Level ∞
Oct 11, 2021
Wow, you should be a detective!
Level 85
Oct 16, 2021
10/15 but missed two because of my vocabulary only (buoy, life ring).

Somehow I thought it was written PPU in reverse on the submarine, I didn't think of those as 9 (I have to blame my brain and the artist for that, not the quizmaker ;) ).

I don't like the hat question, it's hard, the "front of the submarine" is unclear, as well as the fact that the hat is lost... it's just been hooked up but it's still above his head. Whatever...

Level 78
Oct 16, 2021
For the weapon question, isn't there also a machine gun on the deck of the submarine?

Great quiz!

Level 83
Oct 16, 2021
Hmm, I thought that was a harpoon. Might change that question.
Level 66
Oct 18, 2021
Yeah, I tried "machine gun," "turret," "mounted turret," "anti aircraft gun," and other variations/combinations. Never considered harpoon. Also this may be a dialect thing but where I'm from we call life rings "life preservers"
Level 65
Apr 6, 2022
Great quiz. Very unimpressed with my score of 6, I couldn't understand how I'd missed so much detail then once I saw the answers realised I'd only seen half of the picture (on mobile and didn't scroll right) oops!
Level 74
Nov 9, 2022
That animation that pops up when we start the quiz looks great. Great idea! I found the questions extremely hard--I was not expecting to need to identify character by their physical appearance and then know what they were doing on top of that, but not knowing what to look for is part of the fun!
Level 83
Nov 9, 2022
Yeah I’m not that happy with this quiz. It’s too hard. I think I’ll make a new one now that the options of pictures to use are more open. This one is just too busy.
Level 34
Dec 15, 2022
Should have accepted lifebuoy for life ring. Great quiz though.!