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PlymouthMadeiraCanary IslandsCape VerdeSalvadorRio de JaneiroMontevideoFalkland IslandsValparaíso (Santiago)LimaGalapagos IslandsTahitiBay of IslandsSydneyTasmaniaSt Peter and St Paul RocksAbrolhosArchipelagoKing GeorgeSoundMauritiusAzoresSt HelenaAscensionCape TownCocos (Keeling) IslandsBuenos Aires/ FalmouthTierra del FuegoChiloé IslandConcepción (Valdivia)SHIP'S LOG: HOVER HERESHIP'S LOG6th Jan 1832The Beagle is quarantinedat these Spanish islands due to cholera in England. Sailing on, Darwin casts a plankton net he has devised and marvels at the variety of tiny life he finds.SHIP'S LOG16th Jan 1832Darwin first sees the "gloryof tropical vegetation" on these African islands, thenowned by Portugal.He makes detailed observations of the islands'geology and collects manysea specimens, delighting in the vivid corals and colour-changing octopuses.SHIP'S LOG28th Feb 1832The Beagle reaches SouthAmerica and Darwin findshimself in "transports ofpleasure" during his manywalks and observations inthe Brazilian rainforest.Less delightful is theslavery he encounters andhe falls afoul of CaptainFitzRoy when expressinghis disgust at the practice. SHIP'S LOG18th Dec 1832The crew try to establisha mission on this island,returning three native Fuegans who had been taken to England and trained as missionaries.Darwin wonders at thegulf between "savage and civilised" man, attributingthe difference to nutureover nature.SHIP'S LOG1st Mar 1833The Beagle arrives at theserecently reclaimed Britishislands and Darwin studies the relationships of localspecies to their habitats.The following year seesmany more journeys alongthe east coast of SouthAmerica, with land and riverexcursions to study wildlife,geology and fossils.SHIP'S LOG12th Jan 1836Darwin is impressed by thisbustling city and theAboriginal Australians hemeets in the interior, rueingtheir declining numbers.Seeing the vastly differentwildlife he notes that anunbeliever might imaginethe Earth had two creators,and few of the crew believethat platypuses lay eggs!SHIP'S LOG5th Feb 1836At this Australian islandDarwin is both impressedwith the high society of thesettlers and scornful oftheir misconduct regarding the "Aboriginalblacks" which has led to them being "all removed & kept (in reality as prisoners) in a Promontory, the neck of which is guarded."SHIP'S LOG29th April 1836At this French colony,then under British ruleand today an independentcountry, Darwin surveysfurther volcanic mountainsand coral reefs, riding theisland's only elephant tosee an elevated coral plain.SHIP'S LOG4th Mar 1835Darwin experiences anearthquake which, alongwith a resulting tsunami,devastates these two cities.In the process he witnessesfirsthand the rising of theearth by geological process,confirming a recent theoryof geologist Charles Lyell,of whom Darwin has become a strong supporter.SHIP'S LOG1st Sep 1835Following more excursionsin the Andes and beyond asfar as Mendoza, the Beaglejourneys to the Peruviancapital, where an armedinsurrection forces Darwinto stay on board.Here Darwin theorizes thatatolls are formed by the sinking of volcanic islandsand slowly building coral. SHIP'S LOG15th Nov 1835At this island, the largest inFrench Polynesia, Darwin reviews the mockingbirds he collected and is astonished to find that each variety is specific to its island.He enjoys his time on theisland, thinking highly ofthe native inhabitants.SHIP'S LOG19th July 1836At this barren British island,well named perhaps, given Darwin's study of rising landforms, he continues hisgeological investigations.Some years later he will collaborate on a project toimport tree species, leading to the creation of an artificial cloud forest on what is now known asGreen Mountain. SHIP'S LOG23rd Jul 1834The Beagle surveys the Straits of Magellan and theChilean coast for manymonths before arriving at this port, where Darwin travels by horse to the Andes and this capital city.Darwin falls ill on his way back, possibly with Chagas disease, and is forced to spend a month in bed.SHIP'S LOG15th Sep 1835Darwin arrives at theseEcuadorian islands where he collects many specimens including mockingbirds. The Governor tells Darwin he can identify the islanda tortoise came from by its shell. At this point Darwin rejects the concept of"transmutation of species",believing species to be "immutable" or fixed.SHIP'S LOG1st Apr 1836Under instructions from the Admiralty and in view of the theory Darwin developedin South America the crewpicks these Australianislands to study atolls andtheir formation.Darwin notes the islands'coconut economy.SHIP'S LOG31st May 1836At this city Darwin receivesword that geological notes he has sent home havegenerated much admiration,not least from his father,who had at first forbiddenDarwin from the voyage. Darwin is thrilled to visitastronomer John Herscheland it is speculated theydiscussed Darwin's earlyideas on evolution.SHIP'S LOG8th July 1836Darwin lodges near thetomb of Napoleon on thisisland. He has become acutely interested inbiogeography and reflects again on the mockingbirds and tortoises he saw, each variation on its own island. In his notes he expresseshis first doubts about the immutabliity of species.SHIP'S LOG19th Sep 1836After a brief spell back in Brazil where Darwin isglad to see the rainforestone last time, the Beaglemakes stormy passageto this Portuguesearchipelago.Having gathered supplies,Darwin and the crew set offon the final leg of theirhistoric voyage. SHIP'S LOG - HOVER HERESHIP'S LOG27th Dec 1831The HMS Beagle sets sailon its second voyage from the same port that the Mayflower departed 211 years earlier.The expedition to surveythe coast of South America and more is joined by 22-year-old geologist andnaturalist Charles Darwin.SHIP'S LOG3rd Apr 1832Following a survey of the Abrolhos reefs they reachthis Brazilian city, where Darwin rents a house for atime as the Beagle leaves torecheck measurements.Three crew members diefrom fever after visiting theMacacu river.SHIP'S LOG26th Jul 1832As the crew of a Royal Navyvessel, Darwin and his shipmates are called upon to briefly occupy a fort at this capital city to dispel a revolution!As the Beagle surveys thecoast going South, Darwin rides with gauchos into Patagonia.SHIP'S LOG20th Oct 1832Darwin collects numerousfossils on the Argentinecoast and purchases morehere at the capital.One skull he digs up is the first find of an extinct giantground sloth, later named Mylodon darwinii in hishonour.SHIP'S LOG19th Dec 1835Darwin finds little of interest at the tip of thisisland of New Zealand,being none too impressedwith either the Māori or the English settlers!Some missionaries from theBeagle stay on, whichDarwin fully supports.SHIP'S LOG4th Jan 1832The Beagle touches at thisPortuguese island for a confirmed position.Darwin is confined to his cabin with seasickness andin his diary questions his decision to join the voyage!SHIP'S LOG2nd Oct 1836The Beagle reaches the UKon a stormy night.Darwin publishes his diaryand within six months he issketching his idea of a single tree of evolution, butit will be another 22 years ofstudy, through much illness(perhaps due to his diseasein Chile), until he publisheshis revolutionary work:On the Origin of Species byMeans of Natural Selection.Plymouth

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Bay of Islands
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Tierra del Fuego
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
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Concepción (Valdivia)

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