Norse Mythology Gods and Monsters

Identify the Gods and monsters of Norse Mythology
Quiz by bb165695
Last updated: June 3, 2013
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All Father
Goddess of Human Passion
God of War
Goddess of Winter and Hunting
All Father of Frost Giants
Most Powerful Deity in Norse Mythology, Wielder of Laveteinn, Ruler of Niffleheim
Made for Loki by Brokkr and Sindir, due to their loss of a wager
God of the Seas
God of Destruction
Valkyrie Leader
Son of Loki, turns into a powerful wolf
God of Thunder, Wielder of Mjolnir
Goddess of Beauty. Strong Vanir Goddess
Goddess of Helheim
God of Justice, Son of Odin
God of Evil
Goddess of Marriage, and Happiness, Mother of Thor
God of Medicine and Healing
Guardian of the Bi-Frost
God of the Sun
Son of Thor, Nickname: ______ the Mighty
God of Courage
Frost Giant, Odin fought and killed him, but at a great cost
Goddess of Skiing and Archery
Wife of Thor, Valkyrie
Level 84
Jun 4, 2013
Cool quiz. I missed Frigga because I thought Frigga and Freya were the same character. Also missed Ymir... I knew Ymir was the frost giant whose dead body was supposed to have formed the world, but didn't know he was the "all father." Maybe you could accept a few alternate spellings for some of these? For instance Wotan or Woden is very common for Odin, and Tiu is common for Tyr. This is where we get Woden'sDay/Wednesday and Tiu'sDay/Tuesday from.
Level 21
Jan 18, 2017



Level 23
Jun 5, 2013
Thanks for the comment. Yeah i wrote a book on Norse Mythology, and i have been loving this website, so thought i would create one off the research i had gathered! I will add those spellings in, just because it is a little nitty gritty stuff that will get some people!
Level 43
Jul 9, 2014
I think Loki is much better described as the God of Mischief, rather than the God of Evil. True, he wasn't exactly a great guy to begin with, but I wouldn't call him "evil" from the start.
Level 63
Dec 3, 2015
Njord was the husband of the Goddess of Skiing and Mimir kept the well of wisdom and took Odin's eye. Where's Jormungand?
Level 37
Oct 3, 2016
And I thank Smite for all of my answers.. :)
Level 21
Jan 18, 2017
I got most of my answers from Magnus Chase and the gods and monsters are the same but they have Frey, Gunilla and some others that are not here. Are they part of the book or are they real?? Please tell me.
Level 36
Oct 6, 2017
Frey is the same God as they put down as Freyr, and I missed him because of that, and I also think that should be an accepted answer.

As for Gunilla I've never heard that name before when studying Norse Mythology.

Level 43
Nov 21, 2021
Gunhilla is a made up character
Level 12
Aug 6, 2017
Fun fact: In Norse mythology, Hel is the daughter of Loki. So I can just imagine a cartoon drawing of Thor breaking down Loki's front door and yelling "LOKI CONTROL YOUR DAUGHTER."
Level 45
Mar 18, 2019
Fenrir doesn't turn into a wolf... He is a wolf. Loki has many non-humanoid children.

Please correct this, and the other mistakes...

Level 23
Apr 3, 2019
1# Surt is the ruler of Muspell

2# Njord is the god of seas

3# Loki is a trickster, not necessarily evil

4# Frigga is the wife of Odin but not the mother of Thor. Jörð is Thor's mother

5# Mimir is a God, God of wisdom. He never fought Odin.Odin gave up his eye willilngly to drink from the well of wisdom

Level 23
Feb 5, 2021
Completely agree with comment of Fredan from Apr 3 2019. There are mistakes in the quiz.
Level 27
Jul 5, 2021
i would just like to say that Sjofn is not the goddess of passion she is the goddess of love... so you might wanna fix that. or maybe when you google something try and get the actually answers..
Level 57
Aug 19, 2021
Balder is not the god of justice. That is Forseti. Balder is the god of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun.
Level 43
Nov 21, 2021
1. Freyr can be spelt Frey

2. Frigga can be spelt Frigg

3. Gullinbursti was made for Frey/Freyr not Loki

4. It was Brokk and Eitri not Brokk and Sindir

5. Brokk and Eitri won the contest because they made Mjollnir which impressed the Aesir the most.

6. Brokk and Eitri never made anything for Loki

7. Where's Jormungand?

Level 23
Jul 27, 2022
Potentially loads of mistakes in this quiz.

1. Niffleheim is a video game, should be Niflheim/Niflheimr/Nifhel. And, Surtr rules the realm of flame, Muspelheim, instead of the realm of mist and ice.

2. Loki is a trickster. But not the god of evil.

3. Fenrir is a wolf that grows fast and breaks chains. Never heard of its shape-shifting abilities.

4. Frigg should be accepted for Frigga. Frey for Freyr. Freyja for Freya

5. Mimir was not killed, just beheaded, and it is done by the Vanir gods. Odin actually exchanged his eye to take a sip of the well of wisdom. You cannot call that fighting...

6.Forseti, son of Balder/Baldr/Baldur and Nanna, is the god of justice.

7. Njord is also the god of the seas. I think you are referring to Ullr as the god of skiing and archery. Even so, Ullr was just associated with archery and winter sports. It was later interpretations that gave Ullr a title.

8. Freyja is the leader of the Valkyries. Thrud is one of the valkyries.

And more.... 0/10