What Religion Are/Were They?

Name the religion these famous people followed.
Quiz by GreenLantern
Last updated: March 31, 2013
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Tom Cruise
Mitt Romney
Muhammad Ali
Isaac Asimov
Mel Gibson
Roman Catholicism
Richard Nixon
Christopher Reeve
Serena and Venus Williams
Jehovah's Witness
Seventh-Day Adventist
Steve Jobs
Roger Williams
Freddie Mercury
Bob Marley
Mel Brooks
Level 84
Mar 31, 2013
tough quiz though I did okay. Maybe if you're not going to accept "Christianity" for Gibson you could at least accept "Catholicism?" Pretty hard to get when you must include the Roman part... and perhaps a few more spellings of Kabbalah? I knew that but failed to get the right answer. And perhaps you could accept Mohametanism for Islam? It's a more accurate label. Finally, Atheism is not a religion, but a position on a question. Otherwise, fine quiz. Good idea.
Level 67
Apr 4, 2013
Actually Mohametanism (or Mohammedanism or any other spelling) is not the accepted name for the religion. Islam is as monotheistic as they come and calling it Mohammedanism suggests that it is the following of Mohammed, not Allah. Lutheranism, Calvinism and other religious trends named after religious thinkers are a shorthand for those doctrinal splits since 1500.
Level 84
May 12, 2013
You accept Lutheranism, Calvinism etc as splits in doctrine so why not Islam? Mohammad was raised in a village full of Christians and Jews. He felt that the Jews and Christians were corrupt and had gone astray. He (claimed he) was trying to bring people back to worshipping god in a proper way, much the same as Martin Luther claimed. He claimed to have been given a new revelation similar to Joseph Smith. Out of curiousity do you call Mormons Mormons, or do you call them Latter-Day Saints? (which they prefer) Terms for things don't always have to make everyone happy so long as they make sense, communicate the idea that you are trying to communicate, and are easy to say.
Level 84
May 12, 2013
Why would you point out that Islam is "as monotheistic as they come?" Are Jews or Christians called "Godists?" Or do we refer to them by a name that in some language means worshippers of the one true god? Muslims are indeed following Muhammad and his teaching, and up until recently in the West they were all called Mohametans which was highly accurate. But Muslims themselves insist that they only follow the one true god and are submitting to the one true god. Muslim means one who submits to god. Calling Mohametans Muslims is actually an insult to all OTHER religions as it implies that those who are non-Muslim (Christians, Jews, etc) have not submitted to god. I live in Saudi Arabia. Trust me, these people worship Mohammad whether they admit to it or not. He is every bit as revered as Jesus Christ, even if he denied being divine, and perhaps moreso. Mythology aside, they also follow the teachings and revelations of Muhammad: the Qu'ran and hadith, sura and sunna. Mohametan is very apt.
Level 33
Mar 31, 2013
Yeah, I think you could make it more user-friendly by accepting catholic, rastafarian, jewish, mormon etc etc. Also, Reeve was a scientologist for some time. I think this should be acceptable. I think atheism is ok for Asimov, we all know what you mean. :)