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The headaches, the heartaches, the backaches, the flops The sheriff who escorts you out of townannie get your gun
I used to be a rovin' lad. A rovin' an' wanderin' life I had. On any lass I'd frown, who would try to tie me down.Brigadoon
The rain may never fall till after sundown By eight, the morning fog must disappearCamelot
Were she wearing the hair she'd lost Still the damsel I'll make my dame In the dark they are all the samekiss me, kate
We're gonna find adventure in the evening air Girls in white in a perfumed night Where the lights are bright as the starshello dolly
If you brought me diamonds, If you brought me pearls,cabaret
I'll never say no to you, Whatever you say or do, If you ask me to wait for a lifetime.the unsinkable molly brown
haul out the hollymame

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