Game of Thrones - Who Dies This Way?

Name the character based on how they die. Series 1-8
Please comment any more characters that should be added
For circumstances with more than one deaths, name one of the characters
Please include both first name and last name
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Cause of Death
Died peacefully of old age at Castle Black
Master Aemon
Poisoned with the Long Farewell by Ellaria Sand
Myrcella Baratheon
Jumped by suicide from the top of the Red Keep after the death of his wife
Tommen Baratheon
Killed by Arya Stark in a Braavos brothel as revenge for killing Syrio Forel
Meryn Trant
Killed in his cave by the Night King
Three-Eyed Raven
Betrayed and Killed by Rast at Craster's Keep
Jeor Mormont
Thrown through the Moon Door by Lord Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)
Lysa Arryn
Killed by a shadow with the face of Stannis Baratheon
Renly Baratheon
Beheaded by Brienne of Tarth for his role in killing Renly Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon
Strangled with a chain by Tyrion Lannister
Given a crown of molten gold by Khal Drogo
Viserys Targaryen
Poisoned by Lady Olenna Tyrell and Lord Petyr Baelish
Joffrey Baratheon
Shot with a crossbow while on toilet by Tyrion Lannister
Tywin Lannister
Watched by Sansa Stark as he is devoured by his own hounds
Ramsay Bolton
Killed in the blast orchestrated by her Mother in Law - Cersei Lannister
Margaery Tyrell
Killed in the blast orchestrated by his Sister's Mother in Law - Cersei Lannister
Loras Tyrell
After orchestrating her atonement he is killed in the blast orchestrated by Cersei Lannister
The High Sparrow
After saving Grey Worm from the Sons of the Harpy, he is killed by them
Barristan Selmy
Smothered with a pillow by Daenerys Targaryen after being put in a coma by a witch
Khal Drogo
stabbed by mutineers in Castle Black - later resurrected
Jon Snow
Has her throat slit after killing one of Walder Frey's wives at the Red Wedding
Catelyn Stark
Has his skull crushed by the Mountain
Oberyn Martell
This young girl was burned on a pyre as sacrifice by Melisandre (Ordered by the Lord of Light)
Shireen Baratheon
Shot by Olly in the Battle of Castle Black
Beheaded for treason under the orders of Joffrey Baratheon
Ned Stark
Stabbed in the heart by Roose Bolton at the Red Wedding
Robb Stark
Cause of Death
Killed by wights after holding the door to protect Brandon Stark and Meera Reed
Mortally wounded by a boar after drinking too much wine
Robert Baratheon
Slashed by Sandor Clegane with a sword in a trial by combat - later resurrected by Thoros
Beric Dondarrion
Stabbed in the stomach by Lothar Frey with a dagger at the Red Wedding
Talisa Stark
Shot in the heart with an arrow by Jon Snow in a mercy killing, after Melisandre attempted to burn him alive
Mance Rayder
Stabbed in the chest by his son Ramsay Bolton
Roose Bolton
Eaten alive by Ramsay's hounds
Walda Bolton
Stabbed in the neck by Ramsay Bolton with a dagger, after she attempted to kill him
(Flashback) Stabbed in the back by Jaime Lannister
The Mad King / Aerys Targaryen
Shot through the back with an arrow by Ramsay Bolton, during the Battle of the Bastards
Rickon Stark
Commited suicide by drinking poison provided by Jaime Lannister
Olenna Tyrell
Throat sliced open by Arya Stark under Sansa's orders
Petyr Baelish
Mortally wounded by a Wight Giant with a club
Lyanna Mormont
Finally killed after being stabbed by numerous Wights
Beric Dondarrion
Stabbed by the Night King after trying to protect Brandon Stark / The Three-Eyed Raven
Theon Greyjoy
Stabbed in the chest by Arya Stark with the Catspaw dagger - ending the great war
Night King
Stabbed multiple times by Wights while protecting Daenerys
Jorah Mormont
Died of old age after the Battle of Winterfell, when she removed her red necklace
Beheaded by the Mountain on Cersei's orders
Burned alive by Drogon on Daenerys orders for plotting treason against her
Lord Varys
Stabbed in the abdomen by Jaime Lannister with a sword (After fighting for Cersei Lannister)
Euron Greyjoy
Tackled by the Hound into a pit of fire during a fight to the death
Gregor Clegane / The Mountain
Sacrificed himself to kill the Mountain by tackling him into a pit of fire
Sandor Clegane / The Hound
Crushed to death by the rubble of the Red Keep after trying to escape with Cersei Lannister
Jaime Lannister
Crushed to death by the rubble of the Red Keep after trying to escape with Jaime Lannister
Cersei Lannister
Stabbed in the heart by Jon Snow with a dagger
Daenerys Targaryen
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