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Next Up - Friend of a opp is a opp So I won't feel a way to go burn that bridgeDigga D x SavO x TY (1011) Next Up
Next Up - If I reach for my waist, best back up, strap up Protect your chest or get stabbed up While the mandem was raving in Napa, mazza I was on the block 'til the packs doneBandokay x Double Lz x SJ (OFB) Next Up
Mad About Bars - Feds came to my door at one Try ask if I bunned that don Sh*t then, I don't speak English "Non j'étais à la maison"Skengdo x AM (410) Mad About Bars
Daily Duppy - Opp block trip with a bally, my bro got knicked with a boarer, boarer Now he can't fly out or move round the border Cah he keep serving probation orderUnknown T (Homerton) Daily Duppy
Next Up - Now back to the violence, Loose is signed but he still does chingings Ay, what, are you listening? f**k the feds and free all my siblingsOndrills x Trapfit (Harlem Spartans) Next Up
Lightwork Freestyle - Had no luck so he jumped on a ped and we went down Crane Dem boy lame, Snoop, Snoop, where you at? where you at? Russian leanIncognito x Loosescrew (Moscow17) Lightwork Freestyle
Next Up - I don't know who got bun Man pull up and BOW so much It could have been me or Smugz The feds don't know my face But they just know my gun Like if you hear "BOW-BOW" then you know man just runKoz x SmuggzyAce x S.White (23 Drillas) Next Up
Plugged In - I try M one on the beat, but my man knows how to use his feet Leng one 5 foot 3, she knows if it weren't by me, it was B I can't stand these neeks Denied getting fried and believe their lies I can't see none on the drive Can we just circle 4 more times?C1 (LTH) Plugged In
Daily Duppy - Like bang, Everybody wanna make bands but nobody don't wanna mash Run what back If i ever took mans cash man know i went west then splash Way too gassedShowkey (814) Daily Duppy
Mad About Bars - She said she love me what a lie, I just love these rides, ey Did he get 13 did he get 9, Italian shoes so boy I look flyGP x Uncs x KayyKayy (SinSquad) Mad About Bars

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