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Can you beat this hard Marvel Cinematic Universe quiz? Are you a true fan? SOME SPOILERS FROM ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!! Be very specific on your answers
Quiz by PeytTheGreat26
Last updated: August 27, 2019
First submittedMay 1, 2019
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what does Steve Rodgers want to go back to do in the past?
What is the Winter soldiers full name?
James Buchanan Barnes
What line does thanos say in the infinity war trailer, but not in the movie? This does put a ___ on my face.
In Tony's dream in infinity war, what does he name his kid?
What was the 13th movie that came out in the MCU?
Civil War
Where is Peter Quill from?
How many possible futures did Doctor Strange see?
Which fictional nation was mentioned in Iron Man 2 and was in a movie in the 3rd phase?
Who was in the cave with Tony in the original Iron Man movie?
Who is Jane's assistant in the first 2 Thor movies?
What is the code name of Samuel Stern in The Incredible Hulk?
Mr Blue
What is the catchphrase for Endgame?
Whatever it takes
Who killed Vision the first time? (Superhero name)
Scarlet Witch
Who has played two roles in the MCU?
Paul Bettany
Who has picked up Mjolnir?
Who has picked up Mjolnir? Yes there are two people other than Thor
Captain America
What song was playing at Yondu's funeral?
Father and son
What came out of Star-Lord's gun when he tried to shoot Gamora?
What song was playing when Bruce Banner accidentally hit the party button?
grandmasters jam session
Where did thanos say that thor should have aimed for?
the head
What is Bruce Banner's code name in The Incredible Hulk?
Mr green
What is Bruce Banner's girlfriend's name?
Betty Ross
What University does Bruce Banner's girlfriend work at?
Who destroyed Mjolnir?
What superhero has the same outfit, but has had three different names?
War Machine / Iron Patriot / James Rhodes
How long was Iron man stuck in space?
22 days / twenty two days
What does Peter Parker say when he is about to perish?
Mr Stark I don't feel so good / i don't feel so good
What is Scott Lang's daughter's name?
How long did Scott Lang say it felt like in the quantum realm?
five hours / 5 hours
Who was fighting in Endgame, that has only been in an end credit scene?
Howard the Duck
What game was Nebula and Tony playing on the ship in space?
paper football
How much does Tony's daughter love him?
3,000 / three thousand
What did Tony tell Steve to get in Endgame?
a life
When Tony sent a message to Pepper on the ship, when did he say his food supply ran out?
3 days ago / three days ago
who does Steve give his shield to?
Falcon / Sam Wilson
What was the banging noise at the end of the Endgame credits?
a hammer / Iron man making his first suit
In Iron Man 3, what protocol was for all the suits to come to Tony?
house party
What is the name of the Teleportation device in Asgard?
How long is Endgame?
3 hours 1 minute / 181 minutes
What was Tony's nickname in Iron Man 3
The mechanic
What exact date ( month, date, and year) in the movie did Iron Man 3 start?
December 31, 1999 / Dec 31 1999 / 12-31-99
What is quicksilver's name?
Pietro Maximoff
What is Scarlet Witch's name?
Wanda Maximoff
Who was at the hydra base with Loki's staff doing experiments?
Baron von strucker
What is Whiplash's name?
Ivan Vanko
Who is Whiplash working with?
Which Suit did Rhodes take in Iron Man 2? Mark _? ( use roman numeralls
What is Loki's last name?
What did give Thanos? His undying ____?
Who was Thor's girlfriend?
Jane Foster
What destroyed the infinity stones?
the infinity stones
Who went to Vormir?
Who went to Vormir?
Who went to Vormir?
Who went to Vormir?
black widow
How many times has loki died/faked his death?
When Steve woke up in the present day, What year was the baseball game that was on the radio played?
What movie Loki dressed up as odin for the first time?
thor the dark world / the dark world
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