The Great Chemists

Taken from the book The Elements by Tom Jackson
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Development of the theory of atomism
Atomic theory of the Universe
Theory of ideas or forms
Most influential figure in early Western science
Invention of the bain-marie
Mary the Jewess
Invention of the hydrometer
Hypatia of Alexandria
Promotion of experimental scientific method
Roger Bacon
Boyle's law on gases
Robert Boyle
Hooke's law of elasticity
Robert Hooke
100-degree scale thermometer
Anders Celsius
Discovery of carbon dioxide
Joseph Black
Identification of hydrogen gas
Henry Cavendish
Discovery of the composition of water
Antoine Lavoisier
Discovery of uranium and other elements
Martin Klaproth
Coinventor of calorimeter
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Modern atomic theory
John Dalton
Avogadro's law of gases; Avogadro's number
Amedeo Avogadro
Discovery of electromagnetism
Hans Christion Orsted
Gay-Lussac's law
Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac
Pioneer of electrolysis
Humphry Davy
Atomic weights; Modern chemical symbols
Jons Jakob Berzelius
Discovery of electromagnetic induction
Michael Faraday
Inventor of the Bunsen burner
Robert Bunsen
Discovery of chirality
Louis Pasteur
Development of Avogadro's law on molecular weights
Stanislao Cannizzaro
Invention of dynamite; Nobel prizes
Alfred Nobel
Inventor of the Periodic Table
Dmitri Mendeleev
Pioneer in field of radioactivity
Henri Becquerel
Discovery of electrons
J.J. Thomson
Ionic theory of reactions
Svante Arrhenius
Pioneers in field of radioactivity
Marie & Pierre Curie
Nitrogen fixation for fertilizers; Chemical weapons
Fritz Haber
Discovery of the atomic nucleus
Ernest Rutherford
Invention of nylon
Wallace Carothers
Discovery of the citric acid cycle
Hans Krebs
Developed theory of covalent bonding
Linus Pauling
Invention of the particle accelerator
Ernest O. Lawrence
Construction of first nuclear reactor
Enrico Fermi
Discovery of transuranium elements
Glenn Seaborg
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