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If the President and the Vice President die, who is next in succession for the presidency?The Speaker of the House of Representatives
Who was the 16th president of the United States?Abraham Lincoln
Which Indigenous American Nation was the last one to be at war (as in both sides used official military force) with the United States?Apache
In which war did the United States first use war balloons?The American Civil War
Which book caused massive changes in the American Food industry?The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
With which country did the United States fight its first declared foreign war after the Revolutionary War?British Empire
What did the 19th Amendment to the Constitution do?Ended voting discrimination by sex
What document was the United States founded upon before the ratification of the Constitution?The Articles of Confederation
Slavery was made illegal in the United States by the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution except in the case of what?Prisoners
Which of the following presidents did not succeed the presidency when the previous died or left office?Calvin Coolidge
Which of the following happened under the presidency of Millard Fillmore?The opening of Japan's ports
The United States has only ever lost three armed conflicts it was involved in (not including inconclusive results or civil wars with few American troops.).Which one of these did the United States not lose?The War in South Zaire
Which American President was elected by a political machine?Warren Harding
What event caused the United States to join the Entente in World War I?The alleged interception of the Zimmerman Telegram
Which country was the first to recognize the sovereignty of the United States?The Netherlands

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