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Pluto is not the only celestial body to be demoted from planet status. Which of these were once called a planet but are not considered one today?Ceres
Who discovered the planet Uranus?William Herschel
Why are there seven days in a week?Each unfixed object visible in the sky (e.g. 5 planets, moon, & sun) were assigned a day
#4 was also convinced of the existence of a planet very close to the Sun, whose gravitational effects could explain Mercury's shifting aphelion. What is the name he gave this nonexistent planet?Vulcan
Who is credited with the discovery of Neptune?Urbain Le Verrier
What discovery led to Pluto being demoted from planet status in 2006?The Discovery of Eris, a similarly sized body in the Kuiper Belt
How did Friedrich Bessel directly measure the distance from the Sun to another star in 1838?Using Parallax: Looking at the change in the angular position of the star at different times of the year and calculating the distance with trigonometry.
How were Gamma Radiation Bursts, or GRBs, first observed?Satellites meant to detect nuclear explosions instead detected flashes in distant galaxies
How many planets did Voyager 2 fly by, not counting Earth?4
Mercury's shifting aphelion, or in other words the changing orientation of its elliptical orbit, remained unexplained until 1915. Who offered up the now-accepted explanation for this phenomenon?Albert Einstein, citing general relativity.
Who first observed the Andromeda Galaxy in writing?Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi in 964 CE
Who first proposed that there are several galaxies besides the Milky Way?Thomas Wright in 1750
Annie J. Cannon developed the modern stellar classification system in the early 1900s. How are stars classified under this system?By Color and Temperature
What was the first major piece of evidence suggesting the existence of gravitational waves?A binary pulsar was discovered, and the gradual decay of its orbital period could only be explained through the existence of gravity waves
Which of the following was NOT a proposed name for Uranus?Her Majesty's Star

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