Statistics for British Monarchy Causes of Death

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Harold Godwinson, William I the Conqueror, Richard IIIThe preferred death for a vikingBattle wounds
Edward the Confessor, Henry II, Henry III, Edward II, Edward IV, Henry VIII, James I, Anne, George I, George II, George III...The good old fashioned way.Natural Causes
Henry VI (potentially), Edward V (potentially), Lady Jane Grey, Charles IIf your murder is ordered by an official government body, they don't call it murder.Execution
George VWhen your life is cut short to prevent further suffering.Euthenasia
Richard IIEven kings need to eat.Starvation
Mary IISome consider this disease to be the worst of all time. It was also the first one vaccinated against, and the only to be eradicated.Smallpox
William IISome say Walter Tirel mistook William II for a deer or a boar.Shot by an Arrow
Mary I, Edward VIIIPerhaps today's most infamous disease, really an umbrella term for many different types.Cancer
Richard the Lionhearted, Henry VIIIIf only they had antibiotics back in the day.Infection
James IIWhen blood goes to places in your head that it shouldn't go to.Brain Haemorrhage
Henry VArmor is heavy and gets hot when worn under the sun all day.Heatstroke
Henry IVJesus was the only one able to cure this disease until modern doctors figured it out. Henry IV knew neither.Leprosy
Henry VII, Edward VI, William of Orange, Edward VII (among other things)Every king needs to breathe.Respiratory Disease
Charles IIIn the old days, doctors sometimes caused more harm than good.Medical Malpractice
Elizabeth IMental health can have a very real effect on one's physical health.Melancholy
Eadred, Stephen of Blois, John, Edward IDrink bad water and die of dehydration. Eat bad food and starve.Digestive Disease
Henry IThe lamprey that broke the king's stomachOver Eating
HarthacnutEverything's all fun and games until the king drops his glass and collapses.Alcohol Poisoning

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