Statistics for Countries No Longer with Us (Hard Version)

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A former colony that was so big it made its own colonies until it was defeated and destroyed by the Roman Empire.146 BCCarthage
A nation in the Balkans which would later unite with Moldavia amd later change its name to Romania.1859Wallachia
The earliest known Mesoamerican civilization, known for their writing, calendar, and the invention of the concept of zero.c. 400 BCOlmec Civilization
A brief confederation of multiple provinces that occupied modern day Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and parts of Mexico.1840United Provinces of Central America
The medieval state of Basques on the Iberian peninsula.1841Kingdom of Navarre
An ancient Indian Empire that ruled during the "Golden Age of India".543Gupta Empire
An Anatolian civilization once credited for the development of iron smelting1178 BCHittites
An Italian state that became a powerful maritime nation based around a trading city that participated in many battles, including the crusades. It eventually fell due to losing most of its navy.1406Republic of Pisa
An Ancient pre-Iranian civilization that was utterly destroyed by the Assyrians, only to be a vessel for the Medes to bring about an end to the Assyrians.539 BCElam
An ancient kingdom located in what is now Algeria, known for its interactions with Rome, splitting into two kingdoms, and eventually becoming a Roman province.40 BCNumidia
An Empire based in Persian and Steppe territories that attempted to restore the Great Mongol Empire. Descendants of the dynasty would go on to establish the Mughal empire.1857Timurid Empire
A small country by the Black Sea that gained land in Bessarabia following the crimean war, leading to tensions with Russia that would outlive the country itself.1859Moldavia
The first Chinese dynasty with direct evidence of existence (unlike Xia)1046 BCShang
A civilization and culture that preceded the Aztecs, to which the Aztecs later referred to as the epitome of civilization in their oral history.c. 1300Toltec Civilization
A tribal confederation of nomadic peoples who inhabited the eastern steppe, thought to survive for 400 years due to demanding tribute from Chinese towns.c. 100Xiongnu
A Medieval nomadic confederation in Inner Asia that established the Turkic Khaganate and helped shape the culture and beliefs of Turkic peoples.744Göktürks
A Grand Duchy that succeeded the Kievan Rus. It became a vassal state of the Mongol Empire and eventually evolved into the Grand Duchy of Moscow.1331Vladimir-Suzdal
An empire located in Northern India and Central Asia that is credited in helping spread Buddhism, and had relations with Rome, Sasanians, and China.375Kushan Empire
A Chinese Dynasty in the Uyghur and Kazakhstan region. It was one of the first major conquests of the Mongols, as the king believed he was the rightful ruler of the world, not Genghis Khan.1218Qara-Khitai
A group of states in Northern Nigeria between the kingdoms of Ghana and Kanem-Bornu. At its height it had a trans-saharan trade route for salt, leather, and grain.1808Hausa Kingdom
A Turkic confederation in the Eurasian Steppe, credied with helping create the caste of Muslim warriors known as Mamluks.1241Cumania
The last major nomadic Khanate from the Mongol Empire, eventually annexed by the Qing.1758Dzungar Khanate
A vast empire that connected Anatolia, Arabia, Palestine, and the Southern Steppe. It is characterized for its many contributions to science and literature in the Islamic world.1194Seljuq
An order of Catholic knights that claimed land in Northern Baltic regions, and after a devastating defeat was incorporated into the livonian order.1237Livonian Brothers of the Sword

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