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2,6532024-03-13Oscar Winning Actors
1,6582023-03-07100 DC Comic Book Super-Villains
8412023-02-02AFI's 50 Greatest Screen Legends
7392024-02-28Horror Movie Killers
5472020-07-13Pulp Fiction Quiz
4262021-05-19AFI's top 100 greatest movies of all time
4062024-03-10Oscar Winners for Best Original Screenplay
3612023-12-05Spiderman Villains
3442020-10-20Empires 50 Best Horror Movies
2982024-03-10Oscar Winners for Best Adapted Screenplay
2902024-04-23Letterboxd's Top 250 Movies (2024)
2762023-04-13Roman numerals quiz
2582023-03-07100 Marvel Comic Book Super Villains
2032023-03-23Empires Top 100 Greatest TV Shows
1892023-02-04AFI's Top 10 Films in 10 Genres
1852023-10-22Movie Plots Explained Badly
1562023-04-11Roald Dahl Books by Clue
1542024-05-19Batman Villains
1522024-04-09Letterboxd's Top 100 Animated Movies (2024)
1292024-04-18Cinefixe's 100 of the Most Iconic Movie Quotes of all Time.
1232024-03-11Oscar Winners for Best Foreign Film
1112023-12-05The Flash Villains
952024-03-11Oscar Winners for Best Original Song
922021-07-18Movie Villains Quiz
872023-07-16Stephen king books turned into films
852024-04-20Cinefixe's 100 More of the Most Iconic Movie Quotes of all Time
702023-12-05Superman Villains
642021-12-21Top 100 Comic Book Villains by IGN
592023-09-23Hayao Miyazaki Films
442024-05-04Batman Villains by Picture
402024-04-20Horror Movies by Quote
352024-03-20Movies with the Most Oscar Wins
342024-04-21Letterboxd's Favourite Directors
312024-04-09Oscar Cinematography by Picture
302023-12-04Green Lantern Villains
252024-03-28Oscar Winner for Best Animated Feature
132024-04-05Oscar Winners for Best Cinematography (Color Only)