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1,2852022-04-05Oscar Winning Actors
7712020-08-06100 DC Comic Book Super-Villains
6312020-07-152019 Joker Quiz
3832021-05-06AFI's 50 Greatest Screen Legends
2852022-03-28Oscar Winners for Best Original Screenplay
2692020-07-13Pulp Fiction Quiz
2212022-03-28Oscar Winners for Best Adapted Screenplay
2012021-05-19AFI's top 100 greatest movies of all time
1972021-06-09Roman numerals quiz
1912019-06-10Horror movies by Killer
1892020-10-20Empires 50 Best Horror Movies
1462019-08-27100 Marvel Comic Book Super Villains
892021-02-01Empires Top 100 Greatest TV Shows
842019-06-12Roald Dahl Books by Clue
772022-05-04Cinefixe's 100 Most Iconic Movie Quotes of all time.
712022-03-28Best Picture Oscar Winners Rotten Tomato Scores
612022-03-09Foods from Different Countries
602020-07-21James Bond Movies Quiz
582022-04-15Oscar Winners for Best Original Song
572019-05-31Top 100 movie quotes quiz
572019-10-21Marvel Movie Villains Quiz
552019-08-18Stephen king books turned into films
542022-03-28Oscar Winners for Best Foreign Film
532019-07-14AFI's Top 100 Movie Quotes
522020-06-08Tom Hanks Movie Quotes Quiz
512020-06-13AFI's top 10 films in 10 genres
482022-04-25Oscar Winners for Best Picture
472020-10-29Multiple choice movie quiz
462021-07-18Movie Villains Quiz
442021-07-13Empires Top 100 Greatest Movies
432019-07-01AFI's Top 100 Thrilling movies
422020-07-24Empires Top 100 Movie Characters
402021-12-21Top 100 Comic Book Villains by IGN
392020-07-14James Bond actors in 25 seconds
372022-04-04100 Movies by Director
362022-05-04Cinefixes 100 more most iconic movie quotes of all time
342019-05-23Marvel Characters to there actors
342019-06-27AFI's Top 100 Heroes and Villains Quiz
322020-10-21Empires 50 Best Animated Movie Characters
322021-12-24John Williams Oscar nominated songs and scores
312021-06-15Breaking Bad Trivia
252022-04-15Oscar Winners for Best Animated Feature
212022-05-04Jake Gyllenhaal Movies
212020-06-23Cinefix's Top Ten Movie Villains of all Time
152020-11-12Empires 50 Worst Movies
122021-07-29Cinefixes Top Ten Thrillers of all time
102020-07-12Reservoir Dogs Quiz
82021-12-19Cinefixes Top Ten Movie Heroes
52020-07-15Star Wars Movies in a minute and a half