Ultimate 1984 Quiz

Do you remember reading the novel 1984 by George Orwell? Do you REALLY remember?! Maybe you don't want to remember. Maybe you were forced to read Animal Farm instead. If you remember 1984, then try to answer this quiz.
Quiz by Mdog27
Last updated: April 5, 2023
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What is the name of the main character?
Winston Smith
How old is he?
What country does he live in?
Who is the mysterious leader of this country?
Big Brother
What was the name of this piece of technology that projected a picture of this guy, but could also spy on and monitor you?
What is the motto of this country?
War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorence is strength
What is this an example of?
Where does the main character work?
The Ministry of Truth
Where does the protagonist throw pieces of paper with information on it that does not conform to party standards?
The Memory Hole
What is the name of the houses that he and other citizens lived in?
Victory Mansion
What was the name of the alcoholic beverage that he was supplied with?
Victory Gin
What is the slogan most often used in propaganda posters?
Big Brother is watching you
Who is the equivalent of Leon Trotsky?
Emmanuel Goldstein
What is the name of the supposed movement that he leads?
The Brotherhood
What is the name of the nation that is at war with the main character's country of origin?
What is the slogan that is on the flag of the nation?
What does this stand for?
English Socialism
What is the word they use to describe current day English?
What is the name of the language designed by the government to inhibit the citizen's ability to spread revolutionary sentiment and therefore, prevent any challenges to the power of the government?
What was the name of the protagonist's workplace in this language?
What was the name of the department that dealt with political prisoners?
The Ministry of Love
In the official government language?
What was the name of the military department?
The Ministry of Peace
What was it's name in the official government language?
What was the name of the department that deals with the economy?
The Ministry of Plenty
In the official language?
What does Winston find in an antique store?
An Empty Book
What does he write in it which is of note?
Down with Big Brother
What is the name of the love interest of the protagonist?
How old is she?
What group is she part of?
The Junior Anti-Sex League
Where does she work?
The Fiction Department
Producing what?
Who are the elites of this country?
The Inner Party
Who are the middle class of the nation?
The Outer Party
Who are the uneducated lower classes of society?
The Proles
This is short for?
Who is a member of the elites that the protagonist believes is a dissident?
Who is one of the protagonist's 'Comrades' who praises the degradation of the English language?
Who is the protagonist's fat and stupid friend who sleeptalks his way into trouble?
What is the name of the crime of merely thinking against the party?
Who is in charge of enforcing this?
The Thought Police
What happened after the revolution but before the 70's?
The Purges
Who were the only three surviving members of the original party?
Jones, Aaronson and Rutherford
When were they arrested?
What public place did political criminals go to before they were rearested?
The Chestnut Cafe
What is the name of the gathering of people to see a compilation of war footage and speeches of the traitor?
Two Minutes Hate
What event is being prepared for by government and the people?
Hate Week
What does the protagonist's comrade ask for?
What excuse does he give?
I have none
What was he actually doing?
Stockpiling razors
Who does the protagonist get a note from?
What does this note say?
I love you
Who is the owner of an antiques shop?
Mr Charrington
What does Winston get from him?
Rents a room above the antique store
Where does the protagonist meet his love interest?
The Forest
What was the original emotion that the protagonist felt for his lover before he met her?
Who was the protagonist's wife?
What does the protagonist's lover give to him?
Where did she get it from?
The Black Market
What did they do together?
Make love
Afterwards, how long did they sleep for?
Half an Hour
How many times did they suceed in doing what they did in May?
1 time
What age was the protagonist's lover when she had her first love affair?
How old was the person who she had the affair with?
What did he do in the end?
Commit suicide
To Avoid Arrest
When the protagonist and his lover return to their place that they rented, what did the lover bring to him from the elites?
For a few minutes, the protagonist's lover makes him turn around. When he turns around, what has she done?
Put Makeup on
What does she say that she wants to be?
A woman
Who was I wrong about being the protagonist's smart comrade? He actually never existed. My bad.
What was the name of the new theme song for Hate Week?
The Hate Song
Who does the protagonist go to confess to?
What is the name of one of his servants who is supposedly a member of the undergroud organisation?
What does the man that the protagonist confesses to give him?
A Book
What was it's title?
The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism
Who wrote this book?
Emmanuel Goldstein
During the major event, the war changes. Who are they at war with now?
Has it always been that way?
Why were we saying otherwise beforehand?
The enemy had sabotaged our information
According to the book given to the main character, what is the purpose of war?
To use up the product of human labor without raising the standards of living
What has been halted, according to the book?
Technological advancement
Except for?
The occasional military technology
What do the protagonist and his lover find in their room?
Who turns out to be working for the government?
Mr Charrington
Who was the one who organised the sting operation?
What does this man confess to?
Writing the book
At the begining of part 3, where does the protagonist think he has been taken to?
The Ministry of Love
What happens to the protagonist here?
He Decays
What was the one feeling that the protagonist had?
What did he have in his pocket but couldn't use?
Who does he meet here?
What is 2+2?
What really is 2+2?!?!?!?!
Whatever the Party says it is
Is BB real?
You don't exist
What is one of the things that this man tries to manipulate within the protagonist?
Who are we at war with?
Were we at war with anyone else?
I remember
Do you really remember?
What is the one thing the protagonist never did throughout the torture?
Betray Julia
Where do you go to realise your worst fears?
Room 101
What is the protagonist's worst fear?
What does the elite say that rats eat?
Sick and infant humans
What are they great at detecting?
What did the elite threaten to make the rats do to the protagonist?
Eat his face off
What does the protagonist do as a result?
Betray Julia
Where does the protagonist go once he is released?
The Chestnut Cafe
Who does he meet there?
Who are we at war with?
What game does the protagonist play?
What happened on the African front?
The Eurasian forces got encircled
Who does the protagonist love?
Big Brother
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