Ultimate Diary of a Wimpy Kid Quiz Part 9 The Long Haul

Enjoy. Apparently according to some random kid on the internet, Greg and his family get killed by a bearded family because they are Mafia or something. Who knows?!?
Quiz by Mdog27
Last updated: July 21, 2022
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If there's one thing I've learned from my years of being a kid, it's tha you have ____ control over your own life.
What unexpected event does Greg have to partake in?
Road Trip
What is the name of the aunt that Greg dislikes visiting?
When Greg's parents talked about going to this person's place, they were bluffing. Where did they actually plan on going?
Disney world
What is the name of a a traveling magazine that Greg's mum reads?
Family Frolic
What did Greg's dad once unexpectedly get one day?
What did he have to do with this to prevent it from cracking?
What did Greg's mum store in it?
What moved in as a result?
What did Greg's mum tell the family to take?
The Bare essentials
What did Rodrick try to take but couldn't?
His Drum Kit
What did she allow manny to take?
Plastic Potty
When they still had too much stuff, where did they decide to put the rest?
In Dad's boat
One time they were in the van, Greg and Rodrick held up signs as a practical joke. What did Rodrick's sign read?
These People Are
What did Greg's sign read?
Kidnapping us
What happened as a result?
The police pulled them over
What did Rodrick offer to Greg?
The back seat
Because it was full of junk
Who was the guest that also came along?
Flat Stanley
How did he become this way?
Bulletin Board
What is Greg?
What does Greg envision Rodrick doing to him if he was flat?
Shredding him
Who is Greg's mum's cousin in which she sent a copy of this to?
Where does she live?
What type of person is she?
What DVD did mum put on first?
Learn to Speak Spanish
According to Greg's mum, what does 'Tengo Hambre' mean?
Tango Hamburgers
What was the name of the Mexican restaurant that the family went to?
What did Greg say to the waiter?
Te Amo
What did he think this translated to?
What is your name?
What does this actually translate to?
I love you
What was the first game that the family played?
Alphabet Groceries
What did Greg say for this game and the letter A?
What did Rodrick do?
What word did Manny say for B?
What does Greg do as a result?
What was the name of the packs of food that Greg got for lunch?
Mommy Meal
What was the thing that was wrapped in tinfoil that he had to eat fruit to unwrap?
Maths flash cards
What was the game that Greg grabbed in order to avoid a tutoring session from his mum?
I must confess
What was the one thing Greg's mum thought nobody was going to answer to doing?
Toilet papering a house
Who answered to doing this?
Who did he do this to?
Mrs Tuttle
What happens if you wake Manny from a sleep?
He goes ballistic
During the trip, Manny falls asleep. What do they give him so he doesn't get upset?
What is the book that Greg reads when he gets bored?
Underpants Bandits
Who is the author?
Mik Davies
What did the parents and teachers decide to do with these books at school?
Ban them
When Greg wrote a letter to the author, he got a response a year later. What book did the author tell him to buy and read?
Underpants Bandits and Lincolns Longjohns
What movie did Rodrick rent for a book project he was required to do?
Lords of the Ring
What was the movie about?
Where did they get their food for dinner?
Grocery store
Who did they delegate to get the food?
What was the quality of the place that they stayed in for the night?
What did Rodrick think was a microwave?
A Safe
What did he put in it?
A Pizza
What did the pool have none of in it?
What were some kids doing outside when Greg was trying to sleep?
Crashing a cleaning cart
What did Greg do next?
Confront them
Who confronted him as a result?
The Father
Did Greg manage to escape?
What sound does a duckie make?
Quack Quack
What should I draw on this box?
I don't know... Polka dots?
When Greg tried to go to sleep on the previous night, there was an awful smell. What was making the smell?
Rodrick's socks
Where was their next destination once they got back onto the road?
130th Annual Country Fair
What did Greg's mum offer Greg after an hour?
Seat Switch
Who did Greg see in a van in front of him?
The mischievous children
What does he call the father?
Mr Beardo
What was the first thing that the family (except Mum and Manny) ate?
Deep fried butter on a stick
What was the contest that Greg and Rodrick entered into?
The Foulest Footwear Contest
When he won, what did they do?
Take his shoe
To send to the national competition
Who did Greg almost run into?
The Beardos
What competition did Mum and Manny win?
Pig Weighing
What number did they give?
What was the prize?
A Piglet
What did Rodrick think this would give him?
When the Heffleys went to a restaurant to eat, why was Rodrick denied entry?
He only had one shoe
What did Greg and Rodrick have to do?
Take turns eating
Where did Greg really need to go to?
The Toilet
He drank two big glasses of lemonade
Which one did he go to?
A Gas station bathroom
What did he take with him?
The Pig
Where did they stay this night
What was Greg forced to have in his room?
The Pig
Where did he initially put it?
The Bathroom
What was Greg sure that it ate?
A bar of soap
What did this raid overnight?
The Minibars
What policy was the family fined for?
No pets
How much was the fine?
What call did Greg's dad have to take?
Emergency work call
What was the first sight that the family saw today?
World's Largest Popcorn
What was it made out of?
What was the next thing they saw?
Lifesize carvings of the US presidents made of Butter
Who did Greg's dad need to take a call from?
An International Partner
During this call, what did Rodrick start doing?
Chewing Gun
What did Mum do initially to stop him doing this?
Snapping her fingers
What did she do next?
Open the sunroof
What did Greg's dad do that caused a truck driver to honk his horn?
What ensued?
What did the pet do when Greg tried to take Manny's pacifier out of it's mouth?
Bite him
Where did they take Manny's new pet?
Petting Zoo
What did Greg think he may become if a full moon came out?
Were Pig
Where did they take Greg to get his injury treated?
The Vet
What did Greg's family's dog, Sweetie once supposedly eaten?
Whoopie Pies
What happened to Sweetie as a result?
They got their stomach pumped
When Manny tried to run away, what did they buy to keep him under control?
Retractable Leash
What did Greg's dad buy to temporarily fix the sunroof?
Cellophane and Duct tape
What happened when it rained?
It gave way
In the cartoon there is a book. Two choices must be made. Which choice does Greg make?
Pat the kitten
Where did Manny try to escape?
Through the bathroom
When the family went back on the road, some cars went through a red light. Why?
It was a funeral procession
When the figured this out, where did they try to take them to?
Where did they actually take them to?
Pet Cemetary
Where did Greg want to go the next day?
Soak Central
Where did they go because of Greg's mum?
The Beach
What does Greg's father hate driving on?
Who takes his place?
When Greg opened up a pack of cheese curls, what did he give on to?
A Seagull
What did this do?
Enter the car
What did it do next?
go ballistic
What ensued?
What did Rodrick do?
Rear end a car
What did this cause?
A Traffic Jam
Where did they now go?
Soak Central
What game did Greg and Rodrick play?
Hide and Seek
What was the rule that they used?
No swiming underwater
What did they use to enforce this rule?
Place mat
What was written on Greg's?
I am not waring a bathing suit
Where did Greg go after that?
Who was in front of him?
A Couple
What did the kid behind Greg do?
poke the woman
Who was sitting in the Heffley chairs?
The Beardos
What did they lose?
Their locker key
What number did Greg remember their locker being?
When they went to this particular locker, what was in it?
What part of the vehicle did stuff come flying out of?
The Boat
How much money could the family find after scrounging through the car?
When they took an exit, what type of road were they driving on?
After a while, a bang went off. What was it?
A Cinnamon role
Where did they park?
At a grocery store
What time did Greg wake up?
When they accidentally locked the car, who did they use to unlock the car?
What does he try to do instead?
Get the pig back
When they got back to the motel they stayed in the first night, who was there?
The Beardos
What did they do to their room?
Ransack it
To look for evidence
What happened next?
The Beardos came back
What did they family do?
Who did they leave behind?
What did the family forget to turn on in the car?
The heater
What happened because of this?
The Engine stopped
What did they run over when they were stopping?
A Glass Bottle
What did this cause?
The tyre to go flat
When two people came to help, what language do they speak?
Who else speaks this language?
Where did they go next?
To get the pig back
What was the actual number for their locker?
How long did it take to get the new pet house trained?
A week
Level 37
Jul 20, 2022
Could you please accept some alternate answers for some questions? For example, accept "pig" for "a piglet," or "store" for "grocery store."
Level 65
Jul 20, 2022
Sure! I can do that