Ultimate Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Quiz Pt.1

How much do you REALLY know Diary of a Wimpy Kid?!? Find out in this quiz.
Comment if you remember reading this as a child
Also comment if you have any suggestions for type ins that I could use.
Quiz by Mdog27
Last updated: January 20, 2020
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What is the name of the main character?
Greg Heffley
What is the name of his best frenemy?
Rowley Jefferson
Why did he decide to be friends with his frenemy?
Because he pitied him
What is his big brother's name?
What is the name of his band?
Loded Diper
What style of music do they play?
Heavy Metal
What is his little brother's name?
What name does his brother call him?
Why did Greg decide to write in his diary?
Because he thinks he will be famous in the future and doesn't want his time wasted
Which place does Greg see himself on the High School Popularity ladder?
52nd or 53rd
Who does Greg think is the most popular boy in his grade?
Bryce Anderson
Where does he think his friend is on the ladder?
When Greg goes outside for PE, what does he find on the basketball court?
A mouldy piece of cheese
How long has it been there for?
Since last spring (whenever that was)
Who touched the thing?
Darren Walsh
What Phenomenon did this cause?
The Cheese Touch
How do you protect yourself from the phenomenon?
Cross your fingers/ Avoid the person with it
Who was the last person with the phenomenon?
Abe Hall
How did the phenomenon end?
He moved to California
Which reading group did Greg want to be a part of?
Which group was he put in anyway?
Why was this the case?
His mother is tight with the principal
What is Gregs favourite morning activity?
What else does he like to do in his spare time?
Play Video Games
Sometimes his parents don't allow him to do this at home. Where does he go when this is the case?
Rowley's house
When he does this however, he always encounters a weird kid who lives halfway between them. What is his name?
One night Greg decides to play heavy metal up really high but with headphones on? Why did his dad catch him?
Because he forgot to plug in the headphone jack
What was the punishment?
No Video Games for two weeks
Greg's Brother was also in trouble. Why?
Accidentaly giving an innapropriate magazine to Manny
In the Student Government Elections, which position does Greg apply for?
To become more popular
Who is his opponent?
Marty Porter
What means does Greg try to use to beat his opponent?
Smear Campaign/Defematory slogans
During one Halloween, Greg and his friend go to a haunted house run by high schoolers. What is it called?
Crossland High School Haunted House
What does Greg decide to try as a result?
Copying the idea
How does it go?
What Happens?
A kid refuses to come out from under the bed
What profit did he make?
What Costume does Rowley get for Halloween?
What Halloween Costume does Greg wear?
At What Cost?
Greg had to take Manny with him
Towards the end of their Trick-Or Treating adventure a truck of people come up towards them. What age group were they?
What do they do?
Spray Greg and Rowley with a fire extinguisher
When They began to drive away, What did Greg shout at them?
We're Calling The Cops!
Where was the safe house the Greg and Rowley stayed in to escape the wrath of the teenagers?
Gramma's House
Which road did they make their escape through?
Snake Road
What Ultimately happened to most of their candy?
It got soaked by Gregs Dad
What was Greg's first PE unit?
Who does Greg get paired with and ultimately humiliated by?
In the spring Football Unit, there are two teams. What team does Greg always get put on?
What test does Greg do in his Geography class?
US State Capitals
Why does he relatively enjoy this?
He sits next to a map with the answers on it
Who foils his plan?
Patty Farrell
How does she do this?
Gets the teacher to cover the map up
What does Greg beg his mum not to make him do?
Try out for the winter play
What is the play that they do?
The Wizard of Oz
What is the song that the teacher makes everyone sing?
My Country Tis For Thee
What does the teacher call Greg's voice which causes the girls to giggle?
Who Plays the role of Dorothy?
Patty Farrell
Who Does Greg decide to play as?
Because he doesn't have to sing and can pelt Patty with apples.
Due to the large number of people who auditioned, some people get some non speaking roles. Who got the role of a shrub?
Rodney James
What is the only line that Greg initially gets as a tree?
Who learns their lines for the play?
Almost Nobody
Initially the trees had no holes in them for arms, but this was changed. Why?
Because Archie Kelly tripped and chipped his tooth
Initially Greg thought his brother wouldn't show up to the play because he had to wear a tie. What did his brother do so he could come?
Rented a Clip on Tie
The Play was delayed. Why?
Because Rodney James had stage fright
How long was the play delayed for?
Half an Hour
What was the biggest problem with the play?
Nobody could remember their lines
What were the first three lines of the song Greg and his trees had to sing?
We Three Trees
Greg decides to not sing the song. What happens after a few seconds?
The other trees stop singing
Greg sees Patty Farrell looking angrily at him. What does he decide to do next?
Pelt apples at her
Chaos quickly ensues.What happens to Patty's glasses?
They Break
What results from this?
The Play Closes down
What does Gregs mum throw in the bin that is meant for him?
Bouquet of flowers
During the play, Manny calls Greg Bubby. Who do the people think he called Bubby?
Archie Kelly
What is the one present that Greg really wants for Christmas?
Twisted Wizard
What did Manny do in the Christmas catalog that really irritated Greg?
Circling everything
What did Greg really want for Christmas when he was 7 years old?
Doll House
What did he get for that Christmas from his uncle instead?
Beach Fun Barbie
Who got most of the gifts on Christmas?
What gift did Greg get his little brother?
Toy Helicopter
What did he get his big brother?
Book about Rock Bands
What was the name of the book his big brother got him?
Best of Lil Cutie
What did Greg's uncle get him for Christmas?
A picture of himself
What did his father get him?
A Weight Set
What did his mum get him?
Red Sweater
What was she supposed to get him?
Twisted Wizard
What gift did Rowley get Greg?
A Big Wheel
Why does Greg get grounded on New Years Eve?
He Forces Manny to accidentaly swallow a piece of thread that Manny thinks is a spider
Rowley and Greg find a way to play with the big wheel. One of them rides down the hill. What does the other person do?
Throw a ball at them
When Greg knocks Rowley off the big wheel, what happens?
Rowley Breaks his hand
As a result of this, what does Rowley get that makes Greg jealous?
What does Greg try to do to counter this?
What is the class that Greg signs up for in the third quarter of the school year?
Independant Studies
What was his groups first assignment?
Building a Robot
What are the two groups that form as a result of disagreements?
Boys and Girls
What does Gregs group write about what a robot shouldn't say that gets the group into trouble?
What was the name of the movie that the school showcased to the students in the general assembly to try to boost self esteem?
It's Great to be Me
What does Greg sign up for with Rowley?
Safety Patrol
What was Greg and Rowleys job in this group?
Escorting Kindergartners
What Record did Greg want to break when it snowed?
World's Largest Snowman
What prevented him from achieving this?
It stopped Snowing
What position in the newspaper became available?
Who Previously held the position?
Bryan Little
What Comic did he run?
Wacky Dawg
What Punch line does Greg come up with but comes to despise and gets taken by Rowley?
Zoo-Wee Mama
What is Gregs alternate comic idea?
Creighton the Cretin
What was the name of one of the comics written by girls that Greg saw when he went in to submit his comic?
Girls Rule
One day, Rowley gets suspended from Safety Patrol for a week. What was it for?
Terrorising Kindergartners
Who was actually responsible?
What did he do?
Chased the kids with a worm
Who saw him?
Mrs Irvine
What does Greg do the next day when walking with Rowley?
What does Rowley do as a result?
Snitch on Greg
As a result, Rowley and Greg's friendship deteriorates. Who does Rowley hang out with now?
Collin Lee
When they decide to have a sleepover, who does Greg decide to befriend?
When Greg sleeps over with him, the guy gets a sugar rush. Why?
He Broke into his bag of jellybeens
Greg hides out in the bathroom. Around 11:30 he gets a note. What was on it?
What Class favourite does Greg aspire to be?
Class Clown
Greg Quit his job as a cartoonist. Who replaced him?
Rowley and Greg get into a fight after greg asks something. What is that something?
In the middle of the fight who shows up?
The Teenagers who Greg Threatened to call the cops on
What do the teenagers make Rowley do?
Eat the Cheese
When they try to make Greg do that, he makes up an excuse. What was the excuse?
Dairy Allergy
How does the story end?
Greg and Rowley become friends again
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