Ultimate Diary of a Wimpy Kid Quiz Pt.3 The Last Straw

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Last updated: January 20, 2020
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What is Greg's New Years resolution?
To Improve other people
What was the initiative Greg used on Rodrick?
Three Strikes and You're out
When Greg's dad made him get out of bed, what would Greg lay ontop of?
What item of clothing did Greg take from his mother?
What were the two Christmas Presents that were in Greg's stocking?
Stick of Deodorant and a Travel Dictionary
What did Greg's uncle Charlie get for him?
Laundry hoop
When Greg and Rowley went to their bus stop, their was a message on the sign. What did it say?
The bus route was re-zoned
Which people were on Greg's bus instead?
Whirley Street Kids
Who is the teenager that Greg's dad hates the most (apart from Rodrick)?
Lenwood Heath
Where did he go?
Military Academy
When Greg's parents gave Rodrick money for his SATs, what did he spend it on?
A Tatoo
What was the name of the book Greg's dad used to read him every night?
The Giving Tree
Who was the author?
Shel Silverstein
What is the title of Greg's attempt at a kids cartoon book?
Wise up Mr Shropsharp
When Greg wants to get the TV remote without moving his position, what fictional phenomenon does he try to use?
The Force
What is Greg's Dad's boss called?
Mr Warren
When Greg heard of an urban legend that a guy dug a hole in order to learn to jump higher, he tried digging a hole at Rowley's place. What did they use it for instead?
Time Capsule
How much money does Greg put in the time capsule?
What did they use as a time capsule?
Shoe Box
What happened to Greg's Mum's bathrobe?
He lost it
What is the name of Manny's favourite blanket?
Who is the girl that Greg has a crush on?
Holly Hills
According to Greg, where does she rank on the prettiness scale?
When Greg runs out of energy to walk up the hill to his house, what does he get Rowley to do for him?
Give him a piggyback ride
What does Greg decide to do after school?
Why did Greg and his Classmates get kept inside during recess by Mrs Craig?
Her dictionary was missing
Who was the class moniter while the teacher was gone?
Patty Farrell
How long did the dictionary go missing for (and consequently the detentions lasted for)?
3 days
Who had Mrs Craig's dictionary?
Alex Aruda
Who copped the blame for taking her dictionary?
Corey Lamb
What did Greg get for lunch for a few days that severly hindered him?
Two fruits and no snacks
What happened on the second day as a result?
He almost fell asleep in Mr Watson's class
When Greg's mum saw his lousy results on his report card and told him to wait and see what his dad would think, what did Greg do?
Invite Gramma over for dinner
Where did he go with her next?
What does one of gramma's friends do during Bingo so she didn't have to write on her cards?
What is one of the types of Bingo Gear that the Bingo Players have?
Bingo Troll
When Greg answered Bingo wrongly, what did the regulars send over?
What happened to Greg in sixth period during Mr Watsons class?
He Fell Asleep
When Greg did that in front of Mr Watsons Class, he didn't stop until next period. Who was the teacher?
Mrs Lowry
What was the punishment?
During this, who did he sit in front of?
Liam Ricket
What did this person do to him whenever he could?
flick his ear/ give him a wet willie
What did Greg do to stop it?
Clapped and said ouch
Where did Greg hide to catch the snack thief?
Laundry Basket
When Greg's mum put warm clothes in the basket that he was in, he fell asleep. How did he wake up?
To the sound of Crinkling cellophane
Who was the culprait of the snake stealing?
Greg's dad goes to bed early. Why?
The Snellas have a new baby
Why does this fact peave him off?
The Snellas throw a half Birthday party
What special event has everybody at school been talking about?
Valentine's Dance
What theme does Greg decide to use for his card exchange this year?
How did he get away with it?
Not signing it
What did he write for himself?
I hate your guts
When they couldn't get enough supervisors for the dance, they decided to hold the dance during the day. What time during the day was this?
If you didn't have enough money for the dance, where would you be sent?
Study Hall
But this is basically?
Who does Greg notice at the dance and tries to make a good impression on?
Holly Hills
Who foils his plan?
What does Fregley say?
Boogie Boogie Boogie!
When Greg got home from school what did he recieve in the mail?
A Valentine's letter
What did Greg's father do to Manny's blanket?
Threw it away
What does Manny do for revenge?
play on his dad's civil war battlefield
Due to his anger at his loss of blanket, what does Manny call Greg?
When Greg and Rodrick were young, they used to tell on eachother so frequently, their mum bought them what?
A Tattle Turtle
When Greg got out of the car to go to church for Easter, what was on his pants?
What did he sit on?
Manny's easter bunny
Who did he sit next to?
Uncle Joe
Where was Holly Hills?
Three Rows Back
How much money does Greg donate to charity?
How much did he intend to donate?
What did Greg call Manny that caused him to break down?
What did Greg's mum do as a result?
Banned anyone from saying it
What did Greg's dad make him try out for?
Rec League Soccer
What Rank did Greg get?
Pre-Alpha Minus
Who was Greg's coach
Mr Litch
What was the team name that Greg came up with
The Twisted Wizards
What was the name that was actually used
Red Socks
What article of clothing falls out of Greg's pants?
Where is the address of the kid who Rowley has a sleepover with and Greg tags along with?
Pleasent Street
Why is this important to Greg?
Because Holly Hills lives on that street and she was also having a sleepover party
What position did Greg get in the soccer?
What does this position actually do?
Pick the ball out of brambles
Did Greg's team win their first game?
When Greg and two of his teammates got into the coach's car, Greg was in the passenger seat. What did one of his teammates do?
Beep the horn
What is Rodrick's favourite day?
April fools
What did Rodrick shoot Greg with?
Paintball Gun
Where did he shoot him?
The Butt
For one of Greg's practical jokes on Rowley, what does he convice him that a random guy in the urinal is?
Professional Athlete
What does Rowley ask for as a result?
For another classwide prank on Chirag, what did they pretend he was losing?
His Hearing
For the second soccer game, parents volunteer for Gregs position. What is his new position?
When it got really cold what would Greg's dad refuse to let him get?
What is the one article of clothing that Greg refuses to wear for most of the book?
Wonder Woman Underoos
Who got them as a gift for him?
Uncle Charlie
For the next soccer match what did Greg and his two teammates had to block?
Penalty kick
Did they manage to block this?
What did their coach do as a result?
Yell at them
After the game, what position does Greg ask the coach he could be?
Backup Goalkeeper
Does the coach accept?
Who was the regular goalie?
Tucker Fox
What happens to him?
Injures his hand
What was the score of the first game of the season?
What did Greg's teammates pelt him with?
Orange peels
Why were they mad at him?
He was blowing on Dandelions instead of being a goalie
The night after, where did Greg, his dad and Rodrick go?
Why did his dad want to get out of the house?
Because mum was angry
Who did they meet there?
Lenwood Heath
What is the name of the place that he was sent?
Spag Union
Where is Lenwood trying to get into by getting better grades?
West Point
What does Greg's dad want Greg to do now?
Sign up for Spag Union
What does Greg sign up for as an excuse to quit soccer?
Boy Scouts
Which troop does he sign up for?
Troop 133
What was the first task they did?
When they tried to use wood, Rowley got a splinted. What was the substitute that they got to use?
What was Greg's first creation?
When he couldn't think of another creation, what did he do?
Turn it upside down
What did he claim it was?
When Greg wanted to do a campout with his father, what happened that stopped him?
He got sick
What award did he win the previous year that he wished he didn't?
Perfect Attendance Award
What was a gift that Greg made for Mother's day and Father's day?
Chore Coupon book
What does Greg decide to do with dad because he got sick in the day?
A do over
Who does his mum also make go with them?
What happened on the way to the campsite?
It rained
Where do they go instead?
What does Rodrick do to Greg when he convinced him that his crush is staying in the room next to his?
Pushed him out of the room
What else did he do?
Lock the door
Greg had a two step plan to make his move on his crush. What was part one?
Shake her hand at church
What was part two?
Call her
How many times did he try part two?
Does this plan work?
Of Couse Not. What do you think this is? A Soppy Romance novel?!
Where does he overhear his crush going to?
Who does he take with him?
Who does this person dress up as?
What did greg lose one of earlier?
Contact lenses
What does he have to wear as a result?
Where was his crush?
By the snack bar
What Skating event occured at 9:00?
Couples Skate
Who did Holly mistake Greg for?
What was Rowley's new nickname?
Who signed Greg's yearbook?
But when this person signed Rowley's yearbook, how did that make Gregs version look?
During the Snella's Half Birthday party, what was Manny rummaging through?
What did he find there?
Blue knit Blanket
When Greg confronted Manny, where did Manny throw it?
Onto a tree
What did Greg decide to do to get it back?
Climb the tree
What happened?
He Slipped
What made it even worse?
His pants fell off
What made it even even worse?
He had his Wonder Woman Underoos on
What did his Dad think he did?
Fake it so his dad didn't have to make a fool of himself
What does his dad do as a way of thanking him?
Rethinks sending Greg to Spag Union
What time does Greg get up the next morning?
What video game did Greg and Rowley play together?
Twisted Wizard 2
What was the name of the cute new girl that they met?
What are the final two words of the book?
The End
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