Ultimate Diary of a Wimpy Kid Quiz Pt.4 Dog Days

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Last updated: January 20, 2020
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Whenever Greg's mum would kick him out of the house during the summer holidays, where would he go with Rowley?
The Country club
In the previous book, Greg and Rowley met a cute girl. When they take her to the pool who does she start talking to?
A Lifeguard
What does Greg do when one of the staff fails to put a little umbrella in his smoothie?
Complains to Rowley's dad
Rowley tells Greg that he can't come back. Where does Greg's family go instead?
The Local Pool
Where does their family usually go on holidays but can't afford to go this year?
The Beach
What was the name of the ride that Greg was looking forward to going on?
The Cranium Shaker
What is the name of the comic that Greg can't wait for the last printing of?
Lil Cutie
Who is the author of said comic?
Bob Post
When will the final copy of the comic be published?
What does Greg's mum make him get?
A Haircut
Where does she make him do it?
Bombshells Beauty Salon
What does Gramma buy that Greg's mum doesn't approve of?
What was the name of gramma's dog that recently passed away?
What genre of TV show did the hairdressers introduce Greg to?
Soap Opera
When Greg infiltrated Rodrick's room with Rowley while Rodrick was away, there was a picture with him and what else?
A Girl
What was the name of a horror movie that they found in Rodrick's room?
Hello, You're Dead
What was the place in the basement that Greg was really terrified of?
The Boiler Room
One night during a sleepover Greg and Rowley hear voices coming out of the boiler room. When their dad investigates, what does it turn out to be?
Manny's toy
What is it called?
Hide-and-Seek Harry
When they watched the horror movie what did Rowley do?
Cover his eyes and ears
What was the horror movie about?
A Muddy Hand that kills people
Which scene scared Greg the most?
The Final Scene
The hand attacked the camera
Where did they go to sleep?
Upstairs Bathroom
As a punishment for watching the horror movie, what does Greg's mum start up?
A Reading Club
What was its name?
The Reading-is-fun club
Name the title of one of the things they had to use?
Old Yeller/The Yearling/Little Women/Anne of Green Gables
When the membership of the initiative takes a big hit overnight, who is left?
Greg and Rowley
What book did Greg's mum make him read?
Charlotte's Web
When he is caught horsing around instead of reading, what is he banned from doing?
Watching TV
When Greg has a fear of a certain thing killing him, what does he leave a trail of?
Clothes and stuff
What does his Dad trip over as a result?
How much money did Greg spend on smoothies at the country club?
What does Greg and Rowley have to do in regards to the previous question?
Repay the debt
What do they start up as a result?
Lawn Care Service
What did they call this?
V.I.P Law Service
What was the number on the flyer?
When did they get their first call for their service?`
Who called?
Mrs Canfield
When did she pick Greg and Rowley up?
What did Greg try to make Rowley do that made Rowley angry enough to walk off the job?
He tried to make him do all the work
What did Greg avoid when doing the job?
Dog Poop
What did Greg charge for the service?
How much does Mrs Canfield pay?
What did Greg plant on her front yard once everything was finished?
How much money does Greg think Manny has?
$150 at least
Where does Greg try to get money out of?
Donation Basket at Church
What is the one thing that Greg REALLY wants for his Birthday?
What does Greg want but thinks he will never get for his Birthday?
What is another thing Greg really wants, but unlike the other things, he is actually optimistic about getting?
Deluxe Leather Recliner
Greg gets some gossip that Him and Rowley's friendship has deteriorated. Who does Rowley hang out with now?
His dad
Who did Greg's Mum invite over without prior knowledge from Greg?
What does this person do when Greg refuses to let him in?
Strip off all his clothes
What did Greg's birthday money go towards?
Paying off the Smoothie debt
What is the first Gift greg recieves from his parents?
Ladybug Cellphone
What could he use this gift for?
Calling home or 000
What happened to Greg's Cake?
Uncle Joes dog ate it
What did Greg's mum do as a result?
Cut the pieces off that the dog didn't touch
What is the makeup gift?
Who also gets a gift?
What is the one thing Greg will do when he is rich and famous?
Fly in Private Jets
What was the title of the book that Greg's picture was in?
Your Child and Constipation
What is the name of the comic that is the reason why the newspaper doesn't accept cartoons with animals in them?
Precious Poochie
Whenever the newspaper tried to stop running this comic, what would happen?
The fans would kick up a big stink
Where was the surprise location that Gregs family were going for the day?
Slipslide Water Park
When Rodricks band performed there once, they asked for a smoke machine. What did they get instead?
A Bubble Machine
Why did Greg's mum take them to this place on this particular day?
Because it was half price for families
What happened to close this place down and force everyone to leave early?
Where did the family accidentally leave mum at?
Petrol Station
What happened to Greg's makeup gift?
It got eaten
By what?
Rodricks fish
What was the name of Greg's father's childhood dog?
What supposedly happened to it?
It ran away to a butterfly farm
What actually happened to it?
Grandpa accidentaly ran it over
What did Greg's dad buy as a result?
A dog
What was one of the names Greg suggested?
What was Manny's name suggestion?
What was Rodricks name suggestion?
What was the final name they decided to give it?
How did Rodrick spell the name?
Where does it like to sleep?
On Greg's bed
Why doesn't Greg move it?
Because he is afraide it will bite his hand off
When Greg writes his comic to subit to the newspaper, what does he call it?
Hey People!
Where did Greg go to on the fourth of July?
The Local Pool
What did Rodrick tell Greg was at the top of the diving board?
A clown that handed out balloons
One morning, Greg was reading the newspaper. What did he stumble upon that shocked and enraged him?
A Back To School Ad
Where does Greg's dad do all his shopping?
The Pharmacy
In the cartoon, what did it say on one of the shirts that Greg's dad had in the basket?
I love Puppies
What is the name of Holly Hills' big sister?
When Greg went to the local pool, what did he do in the Bathroom?
Push ups
How long was he in the bathroom for?
15 minutes
What did Greg try, but fail to get with this person?
What did Greg find on the curb that was free?
What was this designed for?
What happened to this thing the next day?
The front wheel came off
Who did Greg have to take through the change rooms with him?
What did Manny wash his hands in unknowingly?
Who did Greg and his mother run into at the supermarket?
The Jeffersons
Where were they going?
To the beach
What was the name of the condo they went to?
Quiet Cove
What did Rowley's mum sneak into the Brownies?
What was the first family game that they played?
I love you because
What was the second game they played?
What time did they go to bed?
What did Greg do as a result of being 'Driven Crazy'?
Send an Email to his mum
Where did they go the next day?
What was the name of the toy caterpillar that could be won in the games?
What did the girl that Rodrick took a photo with turn out to be?
Cardboard Cutout
What ride did Greg go on?
The Cranium Shaker
What ride did Rowley go on?
Bumper Boats
When Greg and Rowley went to the arcade, what was the game that Greg got a high score on?
Thunder Volt
What was his score?
What was the name of the person with the second highest score?
Is an idiot
Why were Rowley's parents mad?
They were looking for Greg and Rowley for the past hour
What did Greg do to Rowley to cheer him up?
Shock him with static electricity
When Rowley got him back, what did Greg hit him with?
Rubber Band
The next day, what did Greg find out in the newspaper?
Lil Cutie would continue
When Greg opened up his fathers diary, what did he find?
Sell Greg
When Greg and his father went out for the day, what were they meant to do?
Go to the baseball
Who went instead?
Two Cops
Who did the family give their latest pet to?
Where did Rowley and Greg go to camp out for a tournament?
The Game Hut
What did Rowley do to Greg's hand when he stuck it in the tent?
Hit it with a hammer
When Rowley and Greg went up against eachother in Twisted Wizard, what was the final score?
15-0 in Rowley's favor
What did Greg regret doing this summer?
Going outside
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