Ultimate Diary of a Wimpy Kid Quiz pt.6 Cabin Fever

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Last updated: February 4, 2020
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What are the holidays that makes Greg a nervous wreck?
Thanksgiving and Christmas
Who is the kid that trips Greg over on the second page?
Chirag Gupta
In one of the pictures on the next page, what does Santa catch Greg doing?
Picking his nose
Who does Greg think should be on the naughty list?
Jared Pindle
What did this person get for Christmas?
Dirt Bike
What is the name of Santa's totalitarian companion that Greg thinks is watching him?
Santa's Scout
Where does Greg find him one time?
The Shower
What is the ornament that Manny really likes?
Candy Cane
What did Greg and Rodrick accidentaly break with a soccer ball?
Before Thanksgiving break at Greg's school, they had a competition. What did they have to do?
Come up with an Anti-Bullying slogan
What was the reward for the winning team?
Pizza Party
Who does Greg consider to be the only real bully for the year?
Dennis Root
What was one of the means that teachers used to counter bullying originally?
The Tell A Teacher station
Who recieved the nickname of 'Dookie'?
Cody Johnson
Why did he recieve this nickname?
Because he stepped in dog poop
Who was the neighborhood bully for Greg?
Nasty Pants
Who was Greg's Dad's bully?
Billy Staples
How old is Greg's bully?
What did the school take out of the yard today?
The last piece of Playground Equipment
What was this thing?
Balance Beam
What was the name of a game that the school banned?
Freeze Tag
What was the name of one of Greg's teachers that stood on the chair?
Mr Sparks
What happened as a result?
The Chair Broke and he fell
What happened to him?
He Broke his collarbone
What is one thing that Rowley likes to do?
How does this make Greg feel?
What was the name of the CD that Greg placed in one of his Christmas presents that he opened early to balance the weight?
Headless Asylum
What did Greg's mum get him for Christmas before she gave birth to Manny?
What was it called?
Baby Alfrendo
When he loses this thing, what does he use as a replacement?
How long was he able to pretend?
3 months
It rotted
What is the name of the online game that Greg plays?
Net Kritterz
What type of pet does Greg have in the game?
What does he (and by he I mean his mum) name it?
Gregory's Little Friend
What is the Christmas present depicted by Greg that his parents used against him?
A Helicopter
What was one of the gifts Greg's mum gave to him that he believed once belonged to a relative?
What was the name of the relative?
Great Uncle Bruce
What phrase was Rowley using instead of laughing?
What was the name of a sport that Greg and Rowley disagreed on the first letter of?
What did Rowley think it was called?
What game did Rowley suggest they play?
Hide and Seek
Where did Greg's family and Rowley go to the next day?
What phrase did Greg use that Rowley misinterpreted?
Peace be with you
What did Rowley think he was saying?
Peas be with you
When Greg managed to earn $20 for a school fundraiser, what did he get as a reward?
What happened to it really quickly?
It Broke
What did Rowley get as a reward for selling $150 worth of beans?
Chinese finger trap
What was one of the means that the school raised funds?
What job was Greg doing to raise funds for his virtual pet addiction?
Shoveling snow
Who is the neighbor that Greg avoids because of her excessive affection?
Mrs Durocher
Who is the neigbor that Greg also avoids because his father mocked this person's teeth?
Mr Alexander
Who is yet another neigbor Greg avoids because he snitched on him for an accidental (maybe) toilet encounter?
Mr Harkin
Who did Greg go to first to do a job?
Mrs Melcher
What did he do insted?
Talk to her
Did he get to do the job?
Did he manage to find a job?
What happened when he almost finished the job?
It Snowed
What did he try do to rectify this problem?
Use a Mower
Did this work?
What did he do for the final time?
Water the driveway
Was this a good idea?
What was the award that Greg won?
Student of the week
What did this reward ruin?
His Dad's new car
Whose fault was that?
Where did the family go to instead of Church?
Folk Service
What is one thing Gregs church does each year?
Giving Tree
What does Greg ask for from the tree?
Where does he ask for it to be put?
Under the Recycling Bin behind the church
What was the name of the movie the school watched to promote a healthy lifestyle?
The Nutritionauts vs The Greasy Grimelicks
What did the school replace the french fries with?
Extreme Sports Stix
What were they?
Sliced Carrots
What did they replace the Chocolate Chip cookies with?
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
What was the drink they prohibited at school?
Rowdy Riot
Why did they do this?
Because the students became hyperactive
What is the name of an annual test that measures fitness?
The Presidential Fitness Test
In what percentile did Greg's school perform?
Bottom 10%
What did Greg do to prove to his PE teacher that he did his homework?
Drew a 6 pack on himself
Using what?
His Mum's Mascara
What does Greg's mum expect him to do this Christmas?
Use his own money to buy gifts
What is the name of the chicken drumsticks that Greg finds delicious?
What is the name of the book that Greg wants to sell?
Tower of Druids
What is the name of the author?
Kenny Centazzo
Why does he want to sell it?
Because it is autographed by the author
How much does he think it is worth as a result?
What was the name of the childrens book Greg wrote as a child?
Geoffrey the Dinosaur
What was this plagiarizing?
Geoffrey the Gorilla
When Greg went to the comic store to sell his book what did he find out?
The autograph was a fake
What had happened?
His mum signed it
Who did Greg accidentally go to a his party a week early?
Dean Delarosa
What Gift did Greg get him for the party?
A Toy Robot
What did Bryce Anderson and his goons once do that Greg wants to replicate?
A Neigborhood Restaurant
How much money did they make from this venture?
What did one of Bryce's goons buy with his share of money?
BB Gun
What was Greg running during the summer holidays?
A Holiday Bazaar
What video game was Greg trying to make a cardboard cutout copy of?
What did Greg setup as a means of promoting his venture?
A Newspaper
What did he call it?
The Neighborhood Tattler
What was the name of the first comic that he put in this?
Who was one of the sponsors that Greg managed to get?
Papa Tony
What buisness did he own?
Why did Papa Tony pull out of the sponsorship?
Because Greg wrote an article critical of Papa Tony's Pizzeria
When Greg and Rowley tried placing posters up for his holiday initiative, what happened next?
It began to rain
This in turn did what?
Caused the posters to bleed Green dye
When rumors surrounding the incident circulate at school, who is called up first?
Dennis Root
What happened in the end?
Rowley anonymously tipped them off
When Greg gets home the next day, there is a note on the front door. Who is it from?
The Police
What was Greg once a member of when he was a kid?
Cupcake Club
What happens on the day that Greg thinks the Police will arrest him?
A Blizzard
What happened to end Greg's virtual pet addiction?
Manny changed the password
What has Manny done this to aswell?
Parental Lock on the TV
What was the name of a Magic Trick Greg showed Manny?
The Hole In The Table Trick
What did Manny use in an attempt to replicate Greg's trick?
Mums Glasses
What does Greg's mum get Greg to make for Manny's lunch?
Hot Dogs
When Greg went down to wake Rodrick the next day, what did he discover had happened to the basement the previous night?
It Flooded
What was the one memory that Greg was glad was destroyed?
His Bed Wetting Calander
Where was Greg's dad staying while this disaster was occuring?
A Hotel
What happened to the Heffley family dog while it was at Grammas place?
It got fat
What was Greg forced to share with Rodrick?
His Bedroom
What did Greg rediscover in the basement?
Because the Heffley Family is trapped, what do they begin to run out of?
What is the name of the spray that was originally intended to repel the dog, but instead is being used by Manny on his food?
Yuck! Bitter Apple Spray
What does Greg find in order to keep his energy levels up and to not starve?
Giant Gobstopper
What Happened to the electricity?
It cut out
Whose fault was that?
Why did he do that?
Because nobody taught him how to tie his shoes
Where were all the Christmas presents?
In garbage bags
After they went to church for Christmas, what did he find on the kitchen table?
What was in it?
An Article about how Greg shoveled some snow for the homeless
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