Ultimate Diary of a Wimpy Kid Quiz Pt.8 Hard Luck

This book is pretty decent.You will need to remember alot of names for this one!
Quiz by Mdog27
Last updated: February 14, 2020
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Friends come and go, but family is ______
Who is the person that Greg blames for driving a wedge inbetween him and Rowley?
Abigail Brown
What does Greg imagine him calling his kid?
Greg Jr.
What was Rowley doing constantly when he sleptover with Greg?
talk to Abigail
How long has Rowley been in a relationship for?
Nine and a half days
What did Greg get Rowley to do for him in English?
What is the name of the dog that Greg and Rowley fear?
What does Greg find that helps him with his heavy bag problem?
Roller bag
What's the name of a guy that Greg never wants to see again because of an accident involving a snowplow?
Mr Sandoval
What is the name of a group of feral kids who live in the woods?
Who is their leader?
Meckley Mingo
What is the name of a series of books Greg's mum gives him to help him deal with his friendship problem with Rowley?
Slumber Party Pals
How many of these books does Greg think are in the series?
After how many books does Greg think it starts to go downhill?
What is the name of the book of this series that Greg considers an example of when the author ran out of ideas (Quite ironic isn't it)?
Linday Loses A mitten
In a cartoon, what does Greg accidentally break of Rowley's?
What does a kid eat that he thinks has been on the ground for five seconds but has actually been there longer?
What is the name of the kid?
Freddie Harlahan
What event occurs for lunchtimes at Greg's table every Friday?
French Fries Friday
Where did Rowley and his Girlfriend move to?
The Couples Table
What does Greg's mum encourage people to get him for his birthday?
Whose gang did Greg and Rowley have a confrontation with?
Leon Feast
What does Greg sign up for in order to get revenge on the gang?
Superhero Training Academy
What is Greg a superhero of?
Showing good manners during snack time
What is the name of a game that the girls and boys only recently started playing again?
Girls Chase Boys
Who does Greg say the girls only want to play with?
Popular People
Who was the girl that Greg caught but reported Greg as a result?
Cara Punter
What did the school turn the bullying reporting station into?
Find-a-friend station
What was the name of the teacher that comes out when you use this station?
Mr Nern
What game were they playing (based of what the teacher said)?
What is the name of Manny's new friend?
What does he love to drink?
Grape Juice
What is the only thing that they do together?
Watch TV
Who else has a new girlfriend?
What is Greg's school now encouraging?
Positive Reinforcement
What do they use as a means of encouraging this?
Hero Points
Who managed to get a hold of these and photocopy them?
Erick Glick
Where does Greg's mum take him shopping?
Frugal Freddy's
What is the name of the sector that men go while the women shop?
The Dude Zone
What was the name of the only shoes that Greg got that weren't hand me downs?
Where did Greg's mum tell him they were from?
Where were they actually from?
The Dollar Store
What type of shoe did Greg consider getting?
Max Lift 5
What does Greg step on with his new shoes?
Dog Poop
Who gave Greg replacement shoes?
Mr Nern
Who are the kids that like to strip down and wrestle?
Lasky Boys
Who is Greg's neighborhood vandal?
Aric Holbert
What di he write on the school lockers?
Aric Holbert is Cool
What is the name of Bryce Anderson's personal clown?
Jeffrey Laffley
Who does Greg want as a personal clown?
What does he eat out of Greg's hand?
What was Fregley's talent?
Chewing with his belly button
Who was coming around for spring break?
Greg's mum's family
How many sisters does Greg's Mum have?
Who is the oldest?
Aunt Cakey
What did this person tell Greg not to do?
Touch the iron
What did Greg do?
Touch the iron
Who is Greg's Mum's youngest sister?
Aunt Gretchen
How many sons does she have?
What is the name of the son who had to get stitches for something stupid he did?
What is the name of the son who managed to get a hold of a shaving kit owned by Greg's dad?
Who is the sister of Greg's mum that almost never shows up for any family event in person?
Aunt Veronica
Who is Greg's aunt that is into all this psycic stuff and Crystal balls and that nonsense?
Aunt Audra
What did Greg buy when he was eight years old for good luck?
Rabbit's foot
What was in the last fortune cookie that Greg got?
You will buy some new pants
What did Greg used to sell to his relatives?
Art he made
Where did Greg and his family go to for Easter?
Gramma's house
What is the closest thing to a toy that they have?
Who is this for?
Her Dog Sweetie
What is the name of Greg's great grandmother?
What did Manny once find in his plastic easter egg, to his dismay?
Dental Floss
What did Greg's great grandmother not have on for her funeral?
Diamond Wedding Ring
What did this cause?
Chaos and division
Who is a cousin that claims to have changed Greg's Diapers?
Where is he from?
Who is a relative who struck it rich in Las Vegas?
Where does Greg spend most of his time during family gatherings?
What did Greg think of when he laughed at the dinner table?
Sweetie farting in Dad's face
Who is Greg's uncle that is actually way younger then Greg?
Uncle Cecil
Who is Greg's cousin that won't let anyone pull a tooth out that has been loose for years?
What trick did Greg's dad use to pull his tooth out?
Door trick
What was the family still trying to look for?
Meemaw's diamond ring
Where did they find out that it could be in?
Plastic Egg
What did one of Greg's Aunt's children do when they ran out of ketchup?
Call 911
What did Greg find underneath Rodrick's bed?
A Magic 8 Ball
When Greg uses this for the first time, what does it say?
It is certain
What is it referring to?
Greg's intellegence in comparison to the rest of his family
What did he try using this to help him with?
Maths Homework
What answer did it give?
Without a doubt
When Greg hid in the closet, what did he find?
What were these about?
Raising Children
What technique did Greg's mum use to Get Rodrick to turn the TV off and Greg to wash the dishes?
Reverse Psycology
What was the name of Greg's pet worm?
How did it die?
Manny stepped on it
Where did Greg's mum say it would go to?
Inchworm Heaven
What was the name of Greg's toy monkey?
When he lost it and they went home, what did Greg find the next morning?
Another Tickles
When Greg was in his mum's cabinet, how many toy monkey's did he find?
How many stuffed dinosaurs does Manny sleep with?
What does Greg use in order to get a new phone?
Reverse Psycology
What does he get?
Used phone
Who did he have to share it with?
What can't he do?
Text his friends
Where did he use this?
On the toilet
Who is the person who made a call to him?
Aunt Veronica
What happens as a result?
He Drops his phone in the toilet
What does Greg decide to do so he doesn't have to walk past a forest full of feral kids?
Join a club
What one of these does he decide to join?
Yearbook Club
What job does he have in this?
What does Greg do to some pictures that he doesn't like?
Edit them
What does he make the message that the teacher writes on the blackboard?
Me not no how to spel
What does he do to a Leon Feast in a photo?
Shrink his head
What did Greg find inside his mum's closet?
Body Blanket
When Rodrick got this gift, how long did he wear it for?
5 days
Where did Greg and Rodrick both simultaniously sleep with this?
Where did Greg decide to use this gift?
When he had an exam, what did he use to help him?
His Magic 8 Ball
How have Greg's grades been?
Where will he go if they don't improve?
Summer School
When Greg had good Grades at the begining of the year, what did the family go to get?
Hot Fudge Sundae
What is the subject that Greg is trying his hardest to improve on?
What event is coming up in which he can showcase his improvement on this subject?
Science Fair
When Greg tried to do this for lunch, what was he needed for?
Taking Photos of class favourites
Who was the surprise winner of the 'Best Looking' award in the yearbook?
Liam Nelson
What award did Fregley win?
Most Popular
Who were the last two people for this?
Rowley and Abigail
What award did they win?
Cutest Couple
What did Greg do as a result?
Resign as Yearbook Photographer
Where did Greg go to get a science project?
Erick Glick
What was the price based on?
Quality of project
Whose Project did Greg find?
What was it about?
Music and Plants
Did Greg buy a science project?
According to Greg's cartoon, why is he in jail?
A Papier Mache Volcano
What happened to Rowley?
His Girlfriend broke up with him
Who are they with now?
Michael Sampson
Who got raided?
Erick Glick
What were the punishments handed out?
Detention for the rest of the year and summer school
When did Greg finish his project?
What did he do wrong?
He Didn't type it
Who did this for him?
Who was near the find a friend station?
What did Greg find when he was looking for his toy?
Meemaw's Diamond Ring
Where did he find it?
Near a woodpile
What was it in?
Plastic Egg
Where did Greg hide it?
Mum's cabinet
Tickles 4 and 5
Who became friends again (for the 5 billionth time)?
Greg and Rowley
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