Ultimate Hunger Games Quiz Part 1

I love this book. It is perhaps the best book that has ever been written!
Quiz by Mdog27
Last updated: February 7, 2020
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What is the name of the Protagonist?
Katniss Everdeen
How old is she?
What is the name of her sister?
What is her nickname?
The book begins with the protagonist waking up. What day is it?
The Reaping
Why is this important?
This is the day that they pick tributes
What is the protagonist's part time occupation in order to feed her family and the community?
What weapon is she best at using?
Who does she do this with?
What is his last name? (hint: It is the name of a suburb in melbourne that is home to an AFL team)
What do they discuss doing together?
Running Away
Why do they refrain from this?
What is the name of their home?
District 12
Which Real World location is this in?
The Appalatian Mountain Ranges
What is the name of the country?
What is the name of the richest region in the country?
The Capitol
Where is this place located?
The Rocky Mountains
Who is the leader of the country?
President Snow
What is his first name?
What is the resource that is produced in the protagonist's district?
How does the protagonist's father die?
In a mining accident
What is the name given to the person who either through volunteering, or through random selection, must compete in The Hunger Games?
What is the name of the extra food rations that you can get if you put your name down more times in the Hunger Games?
How many times does the protagonist put her name down?
How many times does the protagonist's partner put his name down?
How many of these people are selected per district?
How many times has the protagonist's district won the Hunger Games?
Who was the man who won it?
Haymitch Abernathy
What has this man become?
A Drunk
Which Hunger Games did he win?
The Second Quarter Quell
How many Hunger Games have occured up until this moment?
What happened which caused the Hunger Games in the first place?
The Districts rose up against the Capitol
What was the name of the peace treaty that ended this?
The Treaty of Treason
What is the name of the black market where the protagonist sells her goods to?
The Hob
What is the name of the cook that she likes?
Greasy Sae
What is the name of the military police force which is there to prevent uprisings?
Who is selected to be the female tribute for their district in the Hunger Games?
What does the protagonist do as a result?
Volunteer as Tribute
What is the name of the person that escorts the tributes to the Hunger Games?
Effie Trinket
Who is the male tribute for their district in the Hunger Games?
Peeta Mellark
What is the name of the Mayor's daughter?
Madge Undersee
What does she give the protagonist?
A Mockingjay Pin
What is the name of the building that the protagonist goes to to say goodbye to her friends and family?
The Justice Building
What does the protagonist remember the male tribute doing for her in her time of need?
Giving her bread
How do they get to the Games?
When they get there, what is the first thing they do?
Get their bodies washed
Who was the person that did this to the protagonist?
Once they are finished doing that, who does the protagonist see to get her style and dress?
What does the costume for the tribute chariot event have to reflect?
The district of origin
What does the stylist make for the protagonist and her male partner?
Clothes that emit fake fire
Where do they stay before the games?
The Training Centre
What are the names of people who defied the government, only to have their tongues cut out and to serve the elites and tributes?
How many days do the tributes train for the games?
What do they call tributes who come from the wealthier districts that tend to volunteer for the games?
Career Tributes
What does the protagonist's tribute partner say that each district produces it's own unique version of?
What is the name of the people that change the conditions and moderate the game?
What do the tributes do for their final training session?
Train Individually
When does the protagonist do this?
When she does this, the reviewers are bored and not watching. What does she do to get their attention?
Shoots an arrow at the pig they are eating
What do they do with the final training sessions?
Ranking the tributes
What is the purpose of this?
To show who to sponsor
What number would a skilless tribute get?
What is the highest possible number that you can get?
What did the protagonist get?
What did her male partner get?
Why does the protagonist feel that she got the number that she got?
To make her a target
What is the final thing that the tributes do before entering the arena?
Televised interview
Who is the person that does this with them?
Caesar Flickerman
What did the protagonist say that she liked the most about staying in the rich district?
The Lamb Stew
What does the protagonist's dress do when she spins?
Catches on fire
What nickname does the protagonist get as a result?
The Girl on Fire
When her male counterpart goes on, what does he confess to?
Having a crush on the protagonist
Who tells him to do this?
What kind of act does this man want from both tributes?
Star Crossed Lovers
How does this make the protagonist feel?
Angry and embarrased
How does the male tribute say that he wants to die?
As Himself
When all the tributes are in the arena, how long do they have to wait before they can go?
60 seconds
What is the name that they use for the centre of the arena where all the loot is kept and occasionally restocked?
The Cornucopia
What is the first thing that the protagonist grabs?
What does she block with this?
Throwing Knife
Where does she run?
Into the forest
What does she initially struggle to find?
Where does she walk through during the first day?
A Valley
What does she climb up to sleep safely?
What happens when a tribute dies?
A Cannon fires
How many tributes die on the first day?
What did an inexperienced female tribute do when she camped below the protagonist?
Light a fire
What happened to the tribute as a result?
She gets killed by the careers
Where was the protagonist's male counterpart?
With the careers
Why is he allowed to be there?
To find the protagonist
What time do you find out when a tribute dies?
What happens after they show who dies?
The National Anthem Plays
Where does the protagonist manage to find what she desperately needs?
A lake
When the protagonist nears the edge of the arena, what happenes?
A fire is started
What is responsible?
The Gamemakers
What is the first injury the protagonist recieves?
Burn to the leg and hands
Who does she run into?
The Careers
Where does she go to escape?
Up a tree
What does she discover they have, that would be hugely beneficial to her?
A Bow with arrows
Which particular individual had this item?
Where was she from?
District 1
What does this place produce?
Who is in another tree next to the protagonist?
Where is she from?
District 11
What is produced here?
What does this person point out to the protagonist?
A hive in her tree
What are in this thing?
Tracker Jackers
What do they cause in relatively small to medium doses?
Halucinations and Nightmares
Can these be fatal?
What is the name of the man who makes the announcements in the arena during the games?
Claudius Templesmith
What is the first gift that she recieves from a sponsor?
Burn Ointment
What does the protagonist do to deter the elite tributes?
Cut the branch with the nest of tracker jackers on it
Who dies as a result?
When the protagonist comes down to take her weapon, who comes out of the forest, telling her to run?
What happens to the protagonist?
She gets stung by tracker Jackers
What does she do next?
Run away and pass out
How long is it until the protagonist wakes up?
A day or two
What does she search for?
Where does she find this?
Who does she find?
What do they do?
Become allies
What does the protagonist's ally use to help remove the venom from the protagonist's body?
Chewed up leaves
What does her ally tell her that the sunglasses actually are?
Night Vision Glasses
What happened to a boy in her district who was caught stealing them?
He was Killed
What have the elite tributes been doing?
What do they have with them?
A pile of supplies
What is the name of a harmless bird that immitates music and is a hybrid between two other bird species?
What do they use these birds for?
What do they create as a distraction?
How many of these did they make?
How are the elite tributes protecting their supplies?
With Landmines
Who is the sly and cunning tribute that comes out of the bushes and steals some supplies?
Who set this up?
A boy from District 3
What does the protagonist shoot in order to destroy the supplies?
A Bag of Apples
What is the name of the toughest tribute to beat in the Games?
What does this person do to the boy who set up the explosives?
Break his neck
What does the protagonist partly lose?
Her Hearing
Where does the protagonist find her ally?
Tangled in a net
How does she die?
Pierced with a spear
Who is responsible?
A Career Tribute
Where was he from?
District 1
What did the protagonist do to him?
Shoot him with an arrow
When the protagonist returns to her dying ally, what does she do?
Sing a lulliby
Once she is dead, what does she do?
Lay flowers onto her
What does she do for the next few hours?
Walks around
What rule suddenly changes?
Two tributes from the same district can win
Who does she look for as a result?
Where does she find this person?
By a lake
What is the condition that he has?
Blood Poisoning
How did this happen?
His leg was cut
Where do they take refuge in?
A Cave
What is the next gift that the two get from a sponsor?
Hot Broth
What does the protagonist spend the night doing?
Caring for Peeta
What does the protagonist tell a story of getting?
A Goat
What was it's name?
What is another pet that they have?
A Cat
What is it's name?
What is the next announcement?
There will be a feast
Where will this be held?
The Cornucopia
What does the protagonist's male companion do?
Refuse to allow her to go
When the protagonist goes outside to forage, another gift comes in. What is it?
Sleep Syrup
Where does she put it?
In Berries
What does she do with this concoction?
Give it to Peeta
When she gets to the centre for the feast, who is the first person to run out to collect what they need?
When the protagonist runs out, who also comes out to confront and attempt to kill her?
Where does the protagonist get wounded?
The Head
Who saves the protagonist from this person?
Why does he do this?
For Rue
Who comes looking for their partner?
Where does the person who saved the protagonist run off to?
A Grassfield
What happens to the weather and temperature?
They become more extreme
Where do the tributes live after they have won the games?
The Victor's Village
Whenever the protagonist tries to hunt game what holds her back?
The noise her partner makes
What does the protagonis't partner gather up?
What is the name of this thing he has gathered?
What doesn't he know about these?
They're Poisonous
What happens as a result?
Foxface dies
Who, apart from the protagonist and her partner, is the last tribute standing at this point?
What is the name that is given to the weird creatures designed to hunt down the remaining tributes and round them up to the centre?
What do they climb up onto to try to avoid them?
The Cornucopia
What does the last enemy tribute hold the protagonist's partner in?
A Headlock
Where does the protagonist shoot in order to free her partner?
The Hand
How long do they wait until they put the enemy tribute out of their misery?
A day
How does the protagonist finally kill him?
Shoots him with an arrow
What is the announcement made shortly after this?
The previous rule was revoked
What do they decide to do as a result?
Commit suicide
What do they use to achieve this?
What happens as a result?
The reimplement the rule
What does the protagonist's partner almost die of?
Blood loss
Who does the protagonist hug first?
How does the government feel about the stunt that the protagonist and her partner pulled off?
What excuse do they have to devise in order to satisfy them?
They were blinded by their love for eachother
When they do the victors ceremony, what do they watch?
The Highlights
When there is only one crown but two tributes, what does the leader of the country do?
Cut it in half
What is the name of the Head Gamemaker?
Seneca Crane
What happens to him?
He is executed
Where do the two finally go?
Back home
What awaits them?
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