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Largest town on the Orkney IslandsKirkwall
449 foot red sandstone sea stack off the island of HoyOld {Man} of Hoy
Name given to someone from the Orkney IslandsOrcadian
Sheltered body of water in the Orkneys which was the main British naval base during WW2Scapa Flow
Remarkable prehistoric village which is one of Orkney's most-visited ancient sites{Skara} Brae
Protective causeways linking some of the islands, intended to prevent enemy submarines
from entering the above body of water and attacking the fleet
{Churchill} Barriers
Ornate Catholic place of worship in the Orkney Islands, built during WW2 by POWs{Italian} Chapel
Orkney born physician Thomas Stewart Traill edited the 8th edition of this prestigious encyclopaedia while a Professor at the University of EdinburghEncyclopaedia {Britannica}
Second-most populous town which has a ferry service to Scrabster on the mainlandStromness
Small, fertile island, to the north of the island of Westray. The two islands are connected by the shortest scheduled passenger flight in the world at under two minutes{Papa} Westray
Large stone circle dating from the late Neolithic period, which has a ditch and causeways{Ring} of Brodgar
The village of Burwick on this island is the closest Orkney harbour to the Scottish mainlandSouth {Ronaldsay}
Britain’s most northerly Cathedral, known as the ‘Light in the North’St. Magnus
In October 1939, this battleship, moored in the Orkneys, was sunk by a German U-boatRoyal Oak
According to the 'Orkneyinga Saga' this man was the most powerful of all the earls of OrkneyThorfinn the {Mighty}

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