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Quiz by goldenbiebah
Last updated: April 20, 2014
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First submittedJuly 3, 2013
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In 'X-Men The Last Stand',what is the source of the cure?
In X-men2 who is the story line based around?
What is the name of the indestructible metal that is grafted to Logan's skeleton? (Xmen Origins)
In the X-men movies, who plays Storm?
Halle Berry
who played jean grey-phoenix in x-men?
famke janssen
Where do we first see young Erik? (Where is the concentration camp located)
Auschwitz, Germany
What does Professor Xavier say has allowed mankind to develop from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet?
One of the most powerful mutants spent time in a concentration camp. Which one?
In X Men First Class, which character can turn himself\herself into diamonds?
Emma Frost
Which politician is out to get the X-Men?
Senator Robert Kelly
Rogue meets one of the other X-Men in a Canadian fight club. The reigning King of the Cage is...?
In Xmen Origins, what does Striker say that causes Logan to angrily burst out of the tank?
'Erase his memory.'
At the end of Xmen Origins, who is the person who's head is sliced off by Wolverine?
In Xmen Origins, what is Gambit's real name?
Remy LeBeau
What is Logan's girlfriend's name? (Xmen Origins)
Kayla Silverfox
Other than Rogue, who is the first member of the X-Men Wolverine encounters after he awakens?
Jean Grey
After Wolverine, who are the first two other X-Men Rogue encounters?
Cyclops and Storm
One of the students at the Xavier Institute shows off for Rogue. Who is it?
Senator Kelly is kidnapped by a mutant. Who pulls off this caper?
What does Magneto give to the senator? (This is an abstract thing)
In Xmen First Class, who plays Raven Darkholme\Mystique?
Jennifer Lawrence
What does Logan's mother say after he kills Thomas Logan? (Xmen Origins)
What are you?
Wolverine impales a mutant midway through the film. Who is it?
The first mutant Rogue uses her powers upon is:
A mutant wakes up naked on a beach. Who is it?
Senator Kelly
When Xavier wants to find Rogue, what does he use to do so?
When Charles first tries Cerebro, what mutant does Charles first see? (Xmen First Class
The big action sequence in the middle of the film when Storm and Cyclops go to find Rogue takes place where? (In the First Movie)
Train station
During the course of the first movie, someone dies. Who is it?
Senator Kelly
What University did Charles study genetics?
Magneto plans to use something or someone as an amplifier for his Doomsday Device. Who or what is it?
What is Magneto doing at the end of 'The Last Stand'?
Level 82
Jul 9, 2013
Got all of these except for the first one. Had no idea they spelled his name leach instead of leech.. a bit unfair since he's not even in the comics and I never saw his name in print before. They don't even refer to him by name in the movie, do they? I'm not sure how I know that he was called Leech. The rest were pretty easy except for #2 which personally I would have answered Phoenix or Jean Grey. Good quiz, even though there aren't any questions about First Class, my favorite in the series. :-(
Level 20
Jul 9, 2013
I guess I accidentally spelled Leech's name wrong... sorry. I added some questions for Xmen First Class, plus some for Xmen Origins.
Level 82
Jul 10, 2013
okay. :) I loved First Class. Hate Origins: Wolverine. You could have skipped that one and it would have been alright with me. :D Hopefully the next one will be better.
Level 23
Apr 20, 2014
"The big action sequence..." question was very vague. I had no idea which movie, so I was guessing as many locations for action sequences from the x-men movies as I could remember. Hint: there is a LOT of them!
Level 38
Jun 9, 2022
Auschwitz is in Poland not in Germany