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I am bootylicious singer with a husband and young baby; I told all the single ladies what was up.Beyonce
I'm a very funny, goofy actor; I tried to steal Christmas one time; I helped find and save a species of bat; I found a pretty crazy mask once; and I'm just a show the whole world is watching.Jim Carrey
I am an insanely popular Canadian singer. I'm a boy, however, I sound like a girl and I look like one too!Justin Bieber
I am a stunning actress who plays mostly action roles; I have big lips, lots of tattoos, and a large family.Angelina Jolie
I was in a beauty pageant once; I had to drive a bus in a risky situation another time; I adopted a talented football player; my husband cheated on me.Sandra Bullock
I am an eccentric singer...I suppose I may have once been somewhat normal, but now I just go around wearing meat dresses.Lady GaGa
I am a blonde actress; I am athletic, I dated Justin Timberlake, and I have been one of Charlie's Angels.Cameron Diaz
I performed the best acting job of my career just before I overdosed; I liked Jake Gylenhaal more than I should have on a mountain.Heath Ledger
I am an exotic, beautiful singer who got beat up by my boyfriend.Rihanna
I am often speculated for not smiling and for "not being able to act"; I have a vampire boyfriend.Kristen Stewart
I have curly hair, I am a singer, and almost all of my songs are about relationships.Taylor Swift
I am a director known for a dark side; I have worked with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter quite frequently.Tim Burton
I'm a British actor; I play goofy roles and have starred opposite Rene Zellweger, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, and Andie MacDowell.Hugh Grant
I am a hard to understand British rocker; I'm married to a redhead, and I bit the head off a bat that once.....Ozzy Osbourne
I am an author who writes about scary and paranormal things; many of my works have been maade into movies, only a few of them making it big.Stephen King
I sometimes still think I'm an elf or that I'm in a fraternity; I'm kind of a big deal.Will Ferrell
I am small, cute actor; I had to make a long and dangerous trek for a ring; I have conversations with a dog.Elijah Wood
I'm an actor who is married to another famous actress; I have a brother that acts as well; I starred across from Matt Damon in a rememberable movie.Ben Affleck
I am married, have twins, I sing, and have acted on occassion; I once dated a white rapper.Mariah Carey
I have the blood of a tiger and I do a whole lot of cocaine.Charlie Sheen
I am an actress who has quite a resume to be so young; I am blonde and I have a younger sister who looks a lot like me and acts also.Dakota Fanning
I am a flawless looking actress...except for my thumbs; I have very dark hair, great lips and eyes, and I like tattoos; I just recently had a baby.Megan Fox
I was a teen film queen! I've dressed in pink; I've served detention; I've also sat on in front of a cake on my birthday with the boy I liked.Molly Ringwald
I am an actor who played a Spartan, but I also play in rom-coms and have been in a movie about an opera.Gerard Butler
I'm known for being a pretty boy; me and some of my friends went on a crazy bachelor party once and I've also gotten to take a really awesome pill before.Bradley Cooper
I'm an actor known for my slight southern accent and great body; I have played in rom-coms, dramas, thrillers, and comedys; I recently danced half-naked in a film (a film the ladies loved!)Matthew McConaughey
I just recently shaved my head for a movie; I worked for a real devil once and I like to dress up like a cat.Anne Hathaway
I am blonde actress with big blue eyes; I can predict the weather...with my boobs.Amanda Seyfried
I have a knack for trouble; I am brave; I have 2 best friends; I have a very dangerous enemy that always tries to kill me (he already killed my parents); and I have a infamous scar.Harry Potter/ Daniel Radcliffe
I am known for my killer curves; I have been acting since a child and I have a slightly raspy voice.Scarlett Johansson
I'm awesome; I'm rich; I'm on the short side; I like to give peace signs; I rock a pretty cool suit sometimes.Robert Downey Jr.

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