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Answer the questions that all Americans should know. This quiz is not supposed to be hard. Any comments that say "100% and I'm British and only a lad of 11 years!" will be deleted.
Quiz by Yankee
Last updated: April 10, 2017
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Delicious food that is made from pigs.
War in which the U.S. military destroyed the 4th-largest army in the world in 100 hours.
Gulf War
War in which the U.S. decided to make the switch from tea to coffee.
American Revolution
Name this country that did not allow American planes to fly in their airspace during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 despite America liberating them in World War II.
Where do the Chicago Cubs play?
Wrigley Field
Name the insurgent leader who won a war against the world's only existing superpower in the late 1700s.
George Washington
How many stars are on the American flag?
How many stripes are on the American flag?
What is the real name of the Motor City?
What is the capital of the U.S?
Washington D.C.
America's Team
Dallas Cowboys
Name the Evil Empire that was defeated over 50 years because we love war so much we need to have wars during wars.
Longest river in the U.S.
Mississippi River
What used to be the "Lone Star Republic?
Utah Jazz player who had the most steals and assists in NBA history.
John Stockton
Level 87
Aug 30, 2015
France didn't work as an answer. And could the question be more antagonistic against them?
Level 52
Aug 31, 2015
Sorry. Will get that fixed. And yes it could. I tried to keep it as moderately aggressive as possible.
Level 76
Aug 31, 2015
France still not accepted, and I agree with pctjunkie. This is a quiz site, not a place for airing political views.
Level 52
Aug 31, 2015
Well, we did free them and they refused to help us depose another dictator. Also, this is not even close to being a political quiz. There are plenty of political quizzes on this site.
Level 87
Sep 1, 2015
If we're going with the "we liberated them in WWII" argument (which, I agree, yes we did) then let's not forget that without the help of the French in the Revolutionary War there would be no USA in the first place.
Level 52
Sep 2, 2015
We didn't forget about it. But we were supposed to be a team. We help them, they help us. We tried to help them in Vietnam and ended up fighting a war on their behalf. Then we go to invade Iraq and they can't even give us a few hundred soldiers? That's why I say they sold out.
Level 83
Oct 13, 2016
The French and Americans have a very long history of being very important friends and allies. I like to think that was part of why they opposed the invasion of Iraq. It take a true friend to point out when you are wrong.
Level 52
Apr 9, 2017
You're all right Kal. Have a good day.
Level 64
Oct 18, 2015
100% and I'm British and only a lad of 11 years!
Level 83
Oct 13, 2016
haha. I was wondering if some smartass would post this to demonstrate that only QuizMaster has the power to delete comments other than his own.
Level 69
Feb 1, 2021
I was about to do that
Level 44
Mar 5, 2017
100% and I'm British and only a lad of 11 years!
Level 37
Jan 21, 2019
You know, the "Revolutionary War" or the "War of Independence" are just as valid as the one answer you chose to accept. And I totally agree with "Pctjunkie", without France (which by the way went bankrupt doing so, leading to their own revolution in 1789) assisting us, we might still be under English rule. Isn't it ironic that the UK is now our closest ally while France is constantly under fire when they don't agree with us in everything? (e.g., "Freedom Fries") What ingratitude!
Level 66
Apr 13, 2019
100% and I'm Irish