World War II Battles

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Quiz by BostonBoy
Last updated: May 22, 2013
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First submittedMay 21, 2013
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Patton takes the road from Palermo to Messina
Invasion of Sicily
Last great German offensive
Battle of the Bulge
US Navy defeats the Japanese Navy
Battle of Midway
June 6th, 1944, Normandy
D-Day Invasion
Last Nazi effort to stay alive against an onslaught of Soviets
Battle of Berlin
The Luftwaffe attempts to eliminate the RAF
Battle of Britain
Victory that forced the Afrika Korps out of Africa
Battle of El Alamein
Battle that forced Britain to withdraw from the Pacific War
Fall of Singapore
Battle on the Solomon Islands for control of Lunga Point- 1942
Battle of Guadalcanal
Biggest tank battle in history
Battle of Kursk
Siege on the USSR city that ended in Soviet victory
Siege of Stalingrad
Battle that forced the US into the war
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Name for Hitler's land invasion of Britain
Operation Sea Lion
Nazi name for the invasion into the USSR
Operation Barbarossa
Huge Allied retreat to the British mainland from France
Dunkirk Evacutaion
Level 68
May 21, 2013
(1) Barbarossa was the name for the Nazi attack on the USSR, not the Soviet resistance. (2) Guadalcanal is one word. There's no canal in Guadalcanal, neither the one in the Pacific nor the one in Spain, which derives its name from the Arabic phrase Wadi al-Qanal (وادي القنال), meaning "river of the stalls" or "valley of stalls", referring to the refreshment stalls set up there during the Muslim rule in Andalusia, or so says Wikipedia. (3) On a different note, you might want to tighten up the siege question, since Leningrad would be a correct answer as well. And it's siege of, not on.
Level 21
May 22, 2013
I'll fix the Operation Barbarossa, my mistake, as well as Guadalcanal. And I couldn't have put Leningrad, the Soviets didn't necessarily win that battle as the hint states, Nazi Germany simply lifted the siege (872 days after it had started).
Level ∞
May 21, 2013
Nice quiz.
Level 33
May 26, 2013
Good quiz, but there's a BIG bias here. Apparently 90% of Axis fatalities were on the Eastern front. So the western front was really pretty much just a sideshow to these eastern battles.
Level 21
May 28, 2013
I had to include the most well-known encounters of the war, and a few lesser-known ones as well. And yes, but my 'bias' is so that the Average Joe can do decently.
Level 82
Aug 18, 2013
Tried numerous options but all failed. Then realised I was employing the British spelling of Pearl Harbour (rather than Harbor).
Level 21
Aug 19, 2013
Ah, sorry there. the quiz will now accept Pearl Harbour.
Level 65
Oct 16, 2021
"US Navy defeats the Japanese Navy"

That describes a huge number of battles in the Pacific War.

Maybe "Considered the turning point of the Pacific War" would be a better / less ambiguous clue.