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Quiz by TheGeneration12
Last updated: April 9, 2013
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First submittedApril 9, 2013
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The alien race named 'Saiyans' can transform into this form
Super Saiyan
Android created in the Red Ribbon Army and befriended the main character
Android 8
Half Saiyan, his mother wanted him to be a scholar
Son Gohan
Consumes a 'Devil Fruit' which causes him to use his body like rubber
Monkey D. Luffy
The power introduced in part 3 of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
Kuroko's only shot
Phantom Shot
Number of Ren used in first Nail Gun
Ninetails real name
Substance Spirit Energy in 666 Satan appears as...
A Fire Dragon Slayer, Salamander of the Fairy Tail guild
Natsu Dragneel
What needs to be opened to use Transmutation Circleless Alchemy
Gate of Truth
The rarest form of Haki (color wise, english)
Color of the Conquering King
Saiyan raised on Earth
Son Goku
Name of Ace's mother (One Piece)
Portgas D. Rouge
Number of Magis in the Manga/Anime Magi
Name of the Third Hokage
The name of Guts's (Berserk) sword
The only boxer to defeat Ippo in a pro match
Date Ejj
The King of the Eastern Hell and can command blue flames
The name of Zenkichi's gain Abnormality
Parasite Seeing
Spike Spiegel's english voice actor
Steve Blum
He "defeated" Cell, and later became the World Martial Arts Champion
Hercule Satan
One of the other Kings of Hell. He has taken over the body of a child, who's name matches his personality
The Fifth Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand
Gaara of the Sand
He is the King of Games
Yugi Muto
Getsuga Tensho is his signature move
Ichigo Kurosaki
One of the last surviving Saiyans along with Nappa, travel to Earth in search of the Dragon Balls
Level 84
Apr 10, 2013
yay. I got zero. Is this mostly about Dragon Ball Z? Because I hate that show. There's a lot of much better anime out there...
Level 13
Apr 11, 2013
No, it isn't mostly DBZ. Theres Naruto, Hajime no Ippo, and others.
Level 28
Mar 12, 2020
Nice quiz. I like this take on an anime-related quiz, and I feel engaged, even when I can't guess the answers.

My only suggestions are to consider lengthening the timer by about a minute, and to work in more accepted answers to questions (e.g. I kept trying to type 'the gate of truth' but it only accepts 'gate of truth').