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1,8252017-05-17Most Played Songs Live - Metallica
1,7622021-02-26Largest U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies
1,6812015-11-13Most Played Songs Live - Taylor Swift
1,5212015-02-10Who Did That Multi-Platinum Album - 1980's
1,0312021-02-2410 Greatest Guitarists of All Time
9742015-11-07Most Played Songs Live - Red Hot Chili Peppers
7782021-02-09The Fishing Quiz
7682021-03-04Backing Bands #1
7402024-05-10Who Did That Multi-Platinum Album - 1990's?
6642015-11-08Most Played Songs Live - Guns 'n' Roses
6362015-11-12Most Played Songs Live - Led Zeppelin
5052015-02-15Who Did That Multi-Platinum Album - 1970's
4802015-11-13Most Played Songs Live - U2
4432015-11-12Most Played Songs Live - Foo Fighters
3912017-01-28Most Played Songs Live - Bruce Springsteen
3652015-11-08Most Played Songs Live - The Beatles
2732021-03-12Heavy Metal Lead Singers Picture Quiz
1952015-11-12Most Played Songs Live - Def Leppard
1802018-08-25Top Ten Guitar Models
1512021-02-24Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Guitarists by Picture
1242021-02-2680's Guitarists by Picture
1012021-02-28Famous Bassists Picture Quiz
932021-03-04Backing Bands #2
892021-02-09Seinfeld Characters By Number Of Episodes
552017-10-19Multi-Platinum Albums (15 - 20 million copies)
492021-06-26Sport Fish Picture Quiz
492024-03-15Seinfeld Character To Actor Click Quiz
442022-04-05Tombstone Actors
342017-10-20Multi-Platinum Albums (10-15 Million Copies)
252024-03-26Backing Bands Click Quiz
212017-02-17Best Western Songs Ever
212024-03-14The Princess Bride-All Credited Actors Click Quiz