Chinese History 101 Quiz #4

Test your knowledge of Chinese history between 581 - 960 AD. All answers can be found in my Chinese History 101 blog.
Quiz by cuotak
Last updated: December 26, 2021
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1. What mega infrastructure project was built in the Sui dynasty using millions of forced labour?
The Great Wall
The Silk Road
The Grand Canal
The Treasure Fleet
2. Who established the Tang dynasty with the help of his son and daughter?
Li Shimin
Li Longji
Li Bo
Li Yuan
3. Who did Li Shimin kill during the palace coup of Xuanwu Gate Incident?
His Brothers
His Sister
His Mother
His Father
4. Who took the title "Khan of Heaven" after defeating the Eastern Turks and dominated power in Central Asia?
Li Yuan
Li Shimin
Li Longji
Li Bo
5. Who was the only legitimate female monarch (or empress regnant) in Chinese history?
Empress Wei
Empress Lü Zhi
Empress Wu Zetian
Empress Dowager Cixi
6. In which era of Emperor Xuanzong when the Tang dynasty reached its peak prosperity?
7. What technology was passed onto the Middle East after the Battle of Talas?
Silk weaving
Movable type printing
8. Who was the beloved concubine of Emperor Xuanzong?
Chen Yuanyuan
Yang Guifei
Xi Shi
9. Which conflict during the Tang dynasty is sometimes considered one of the deadliest in human history?
Yellow Turban Rebellion
An Lushan Rebellion
The Goguryeo War
Huang Chao Rebellion
10. What was ceded by the Later Jin to the Khitan during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdom period?
16 Prefectures
Hexi Corridor
Sichuan province
Korean peninsula
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