Chinese History 101 Quiz #7

Test your knowledge of Chinese history between 1796 - 1912 AD. All answers can be found in my Chinese History 101 blog.
Quiz by cuotak
Last updated: December 26, 2021
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1. What was used as the standard currency of trade between China and Europe in the 18th century?
Chinese yuan
2. What triggered the First Opium War?
The Qing owed the British money on opium imports
The Qing banned opium trade and confiscated opium stocks
The Qing killed the British merchants selling opium
The Qing imposed monopoly on opium trade to Chinese merchants
3. What did Hong Xiuquan, the Heavenly King of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, claim himself to be?
Descendent of the Ming emperor
Younger brother of Jesus Christ
Prophet of Allah
Reincarnation of Buddha
4. Which of these was burnt down by the Anglo-French troops during the Second Opium War?
Temple of Heaven
Forbidden City
Old Summer Palace (Yuan Ming Yuan)
Summer Palace (Yi He Yuan)
5. How did the Russians gain control of Vladivostok (Haishenwai) in 1860?
Ceded by the Japanese after the Russo-Japanese War
Rewarded by the Qing for helping to fight against the Anglo-French forces in the Second Opium War
Ceded by the Qing in the Convention of Peking
The city surrendered after a siege by the Russian forces
6. How was the Qing's Beiyang Fleet annihilated in the First Sino-Japanese War?
Outmanoeuvred by the smaller, faster and more modern Japanese boats
With help from the British Royal Navy
With help from the Russian Pacific Fleet
Outnumbered by the larger Japanese navy fleet
7. Why did the Japanese return the Liaodong Peninsula to China after the First Sino-Japanese War?
Under pressure from diplomatic intervention by Russia, France and Germany
The Qing fought back and drove the Japanese out
The Japanese suffered from strong local resistance against its rule
The Japanese swapped Liaodong Peninsula for Taiwan
8. Why did the scramble of China, similar to that in Africa, not happen in 1899?
The population of China was too large for the Europeans to colonise China
The United States proposed the Open Door Policy towards China
The Qing implemented successful reforms to become on par politically and militarily with the European powers
The Japanese wanted to take over all of China and threatening the European powers
9. Which country was NOT involved in the Eight-Nation Alliance against the Boxer Rebellions?
United States
10. Where did the Chinese Revolution break out on October 10th, 1911?
Wuchang (part of now Wuhan)
Nanking (now Nanjing)
Canton (now Guangzhou)
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