Chinese History 101 Quiz #9

Test your knowledge of Chinese history between 1937 - 1945 AD. All answers can be found in my Chinese History 101 blog.
Quiz by cuotak
Last updated: December 26, 2021
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1. After which incident did the Second Sino-Japanese War break out in 1937?
Xi'an Incident
Marco Polo Bridge Incident (7/7 Incident)
Mukden Incident (9/18 Incident)
Shanghai Incident (1/28 Incident)
2. Which bloody battle in 1937 was considered the "Stalingrad of the Yangtze"?
Battle of Shanghai
Battle of Wuhan
Battle of Changsha
Battle of Nanking
3. How many people did the Chinese claim to have been massacred by the Japanese in the Rape of Nanking?
4. What caused the 1938 Yellow River flood that killed half a million people?
The Japanese Army destroyed the dike as part of the "Three Alls Policy" (kill all, loot all, burn all)
The Chinese Communist guerrillas destroyed the dike in a desperate attempt to avoid annihilation by the Nationalist forces
The Chinese Nationalist Government destroyed the dike in a desperate attempt to halt the rapid advance of Japanese forces
A natural disaster caused by massive rainfall in Central China
5. What was Wang Jingwei most famous for?
As a collaborationist with the Japanese and headed the puppet state of Nationalist Government in Nanjing in 1940
As a Chinese diplomat who successfully persuaded the American to support China against Japan
As a national hero in defeating the Japanese in the three Battles of Changsha
As a Communist leader who fought guerrilla war against the Japanese
6. Why did the Soviet aid to China end in 1941?
It split with the Chinese Nationalist Government over Mongolian independence
It split with the Chinese Communists over difference in war tactics
It split with the American over the future of the Korean peninsula
It signed the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact to avoid fighting war on two fronts
7. When did the British colony of Hong Kong surrender to Japan?
On Christmas Day 1941
On Good Friday 1941
On Easter Sunday 1942
On New Year's Day 1942
8. What was the Japanese Unit 731 famous for?
Suicide attacks by flying fighter planes onto American aircraft carriers
Enslaving 250,000 civilians and PoWs in building the Thai-Burma Railway
Enslaving 200,000 "comfort women" to serve as sex slaves for the Japanese troops
Experimenting biological weapons on thousands of Chinese PoWs, women and children
9. What was the Japanese objective of Operation Ichi-Go in 1944?
To block supplies to China via the Burma Road
To rid the Chinese Communist guerrillas in the northwest
To destroy American airfields in southern China that threatened the Japanese home islands
To prevent Soviet Union invasion of Manchukuo
10. Which of the following was NOT one of the reasons the US dropped two atomic bombs in Japan in 1945?
To prevent the Soviet Union entry into the war and occupying Japan
Japan still controlled much of China, Korea and Southeast Asia in 1945
The Chinese government requested the United States to bomb Japan as a revenge for the war atrocities committed by the Japanese
To prevent huge casualties that an invasion of Japan would have involved
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