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1,4462013-05-09Enclaves and Exclaves
1,2192021-09-30Prime Ministers of Japan
1,1242013-05-04Prefectural capitals in Japan
1,1102015-01-28Top 50 Most Common Japanese Last Names in Japan
5432016-03-25All Shinkansen Stations of Japan
4392017-07-16Provinces of Japan in Meiji era
3452015-08-01Olympic Host Countries
3002015-02-04Wards of City designated by government ordinance of Japan
2892013-06-01The 100 greatest novels of all time
2582018-08-11List of Yokozuna, highest rank sumo wrestler
2522014-11-13Apollo Project crew
2282018-08-11Pritzker architecture prize laureates
1782016-04-01EngRish(Japanese-made English)
1662016-03-26Subwey Line of Japan
1662014-08-13USA Free Trade Agreement partner countries
1522015-01-16Subwey Lines of Tokyo, Japan
1352015-03-13Nicknames of types of Shinkansen services
1292015-02-23About Japan Quiz A-Z
1242014-06-18Top 20 Widest Constellations by area
1212014-10-04List of Japanese Shoguns
1102014-08-13Countries where casinos are legalized
812018-08-11Japan Professional Football League teams
772014-08-13Total number of person who spaceflight by country
672018-08-11FIFA World Cup data of Japan
602016-03-26Cities of Japan which have subwey line
592014-08-15Sumo Winning Techniques
542018-08-11Fields medalists
532018-08-11FIFA World Cup Special Goalscorer
492018-08-11Fractional unit of National Currency
452013-08-14International System of Units
422014-08-13List of person spaceflight firsts
412014-02-01Nuclear power plant in the world
192018-08-11World Heritage Sites in Japan
182016-04-01Japan Rugby World Cup 2015 Squad
162017-07-17Takeshi Kitano Movies
152018-08-11Nippon Professional Baseball Ballparks
82018-08-11Roberto Clemente Award winners
42018-08-11Abel Prize Laureates
12018-08-11Nevanlinna Prize Laureates