History's Great Generals

Match the historical general to their achievements, none are less than a hundred years ago. Countries of origin use the name it had at the time, not the name it has now.
Quiz by Zeus
Last updated: May 14, 2013
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First submittedMay 12, 2013
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Country of Origin
He was called the Lion of the North until he got lost in a fog
Gustav Adolf II Vasa
Genghis Khan's field commander
Carthaginian commander in the First Punic War
Hamilcar Barca
General who bested his^ son
Scipio Africanus
He revolutionized the use of artillery when fighting in Egypt and Germany
France and Corsica
Napoleon Bonaparte
"Old Ironsides" whose motto was Lord of Hosts
Oliver Cromwell
Avenger of Teutoburg
Germanicus Julius Caesar
He broke the power of the Turks forever
Eugene of Savoy
Creator of the Hetaroi
Phillip of Macedon
Legionary reformer, although his great-great-grandson arguably did more
Gaius Marius
He sunk the largest fleet that had been assembled up to that time and invented the wheelbarrow
Zhuge Liang
Inadverently created legionary tactics more than a thousand years after Rome's fall and taught them using buffalo metaphors
Nguni tribe
Shaka Zulu
Country of Origin
Beginner of the end of Rome's fall
Alp Arslan
Broke the Huscarls with a well-timed charge and went from Duke to King
William the Conqueror
Recaptured the western Roman Empire but could not hold it
East Rome
He received his title from his enemies for his great honor and won a battle posthumously
Rodrigo de Vivar aka El Cid Campeador
Rebuilder of empires, the first to employ knights, and the grandson of Europe's savior
The first non-Italian to become Emperor of Rome
Hispanic Rome
Daring commander of the Cavalier cavalry
Rupert of the Rhine
Despite being crippled as a boy he came closer than anyone to restoring his ancestor's empire and his descendents forged a mighty empire themselves
Timur the Lame
The Sword of God who was instrumental in Islam's rise
Khalid bin Walid
South American revolutionary who freed much of the continent
Spanish South America
Simon Bolivar
Last of the great Condottieri
Count Tilly
Introduced breech-loading rifles and forged Germany
Helmuth von Moltke
Level 33
May 12, 2013
Congrats on doing such a well researched quiz. I think it was just a little too difficult though. Some of the clues are a little cryptic and even I haven't heard of some of these people. Perhaps an extra clue giving their country of origin?!
Level 27
May 13, 2013
Country of origin added, although I didn't think any of them were especially obscure.
Level 82
May 14, 2013
I agree the quiz is a bit tough, perhaps you could be a little more forgiving on the write-ins. For example I tried many variations of Philip but didn't get the right answer because I left off "of Macedon" (seems redundant when you say he's from Macedonia in the clue), and I almost missed Africanus until I went back and typed in his first name, too.

Cao Cao, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, Rommell, Washington, Patton, Lee, El Cid, etc... not good enough to make the cut?

Level 82
May 14, 2013
and Horatio Nelson? Does he get the shaft because he was technically an admiral not a general?
Level 27
May 14, 2013
I did include El Cid; Alexander, Joan, Rommel, Lee, and Washington are too well-known to make for a good quiz; I already have Zhuge Liang so I didn't want to have any more Three Kingdoms generals; and yes, Nelson is an admiral and therefore doesn't count.
Level 27
May 14, 2013
However, you are right that some of the clues could be more lenient; I'll see what I can do.
Level 82
May 14, 2013
okay, so you were intentionally going for obscurity even though you said earlier that you didn't think they were especially obscure. But then if that's the case why'd you include Napoleon?

These guys voted Grant and Zhukov into the final 4. Zhukov isn't very well known outside of Russia and WW2 enthusiast circles.


Though they also included Nelson in their brackets.

Fine quiz regardless. Cheers.

Level 27
May 14, 2013
I included some easy ones like Napoleon and William the Conqueror, some moderate ones like Gustavus Adolphus or Hamilcar, some obscure ones like Marius and Rupert of the Rhine, and some well-known but difficult to get just on the question like Shaka Zulu. I could add more easy ones, but then I'd have to think of more obscure ones to balance it out. Also, Zhukov was less than a hundred years ago; although I did consider Kutzukov.
Level 56
Feb 8, 2017
Napoleon and Moltke did not work. For a timed quiz be a little less picky.