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25,9572020-05-22 Czech Republic Country Quiz
22,2972021-02-25 Germany True or False?
21,1152022-08-22 Cities with the Most Opera Performances
17,5872020-10-24 Countries with Most Nobel Laureates per Capita
17,1442021-05-17 France True or False?
13,8222022-11-14Local Derbies in Soccer
3,1782014-08-20The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time
3,1372020-01-26Messi... or Ronaldo?
2,7782015-12-23Record Champions of Great Football (Soccer) Leagues
2,7132018-12-07Tom Hanks Movies
2,3292014-03-07African Footballer of the Year
1,8242018-12-10Alfred Hitchcock Movies
1,5512015-11-15James Bond Movies by Locations
1,5252020-09-07Bundesliga Top Scorers
1,4002018-12-18Psychology Quiz
1,2522015-05-24Cities With Largest Skylines - Top 100
1,2292021-04-18The Best Soccer Players, according to Zlatan
1,1252022-03-06Vladimir Putin Quiz
1,0382019-04-29All Clint Eastwood Films
1,0192019-09-191990s Movies
8942020-11-05Directors' Oscars
8102018-12-11FIFA World Cup: Best Young Players
7672019-09-28Film History Multiple Choice
7592014-09-30The Most Successful Rock Bands
7502022-08-17The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency
7032021-11-20The Berlin Quiz
7032022-02-24Karl Marx Multiple Choice
7012013-10-221930s Movies
6982015-05-091960s Movies #2
6972019-11-26Star Wars by Picture
6662015-01-27Countries with Earliest First Sex
6302015-02-09Ireland Country Quiz
6142018-01-191970s Movies #2
6092020-02-05Soccer Players by Picture
5782020-12-06French Days of the Week
5682014-05-24Quentin Tarantino Trivia
5642020-10-23History of Sub-Saharan Africa
5452022-06-18Middle Ages True or False
5392018-12-11Famous Poles
5332014-02-20Portugal Euro 2004 Squad
5072020-02-06Economics Multiple Choice
5062018-12-06French Actors and Actresses
5052019-08-28Top 100 Silent Era Films
4932019-04-09Multiple Choice: France or Germany?
4792020-10-02The 16th Century Quiz without Europe
4752019-09-19Brand Rivalries
4622020-10-22Medizinisches Vokabular
4352019-02-14Multiple Choice: Who Directed that Movie?
4112020-11-28Philosophy Multiple Choice
4082018-12-12Largest Cities in Southeast Asia
4052018-12-12World's Most Cultured Cities
4032020-02-05Soccer Players by Picture #2
3892020-10-23Medizinische Fachrichtungen
3832019-12-1840 non-US, non-UK Historical People Everyone Should Know
3792018-12-11Film General Knowledge
3792018-12-07Hayao Miyazaki Films
3652018-12-12International Cities by English Translations
3502021-04-18Andalusia Quiz
3362014-04-23Cities in Movies #3
3322014-09-12Actors by Obscure Movies
3172013-07-12Rubber Soul
3142018-12-12Dustin Hoffman Movies
3132014-07-12French Months
3092021-04-18Baden-Württemberg State Quiz
3042014-03-16The Warsaw Quiz
3002015-03-14Tarantino Quotes to Character
2992015-01-08Pink Floyd people
2982020-01-31Deutsche Politiker nach Bildern
2962021-04-18Tuscany Quiz
2932019-02-15Multiple Choice: Who Directed That Movie? #2
2842018-12-06Brian de Palma Movies
2802020-10-22Medizinische Beschwerden
2802018-12-10Michael Douglas Movies
2742018-12-06New Hollywood Directors
2692020-02-06Soccer Players by Picture #3
2662015-02-25Actors With Most Award Nominations
2612014-04-15Roman Polanski Movies
2552019-03-07German National Football Coaches
2552019-11-11East or West Germany?
2522014-03-10John Travolta Movies
2502019-05-19Famous Businesspeople
2452019-02-14Multiple Choice: Who Directed that Movie? #3
2352013-07-201980s Movies
2332020-03-19The Godfather Trilogy Quiz
2302021-04-18Lower Saxony State Quiz
2292021-12-08Angela Merkel Quiz
2282021-06-02Alfred Hitchcock Movies by Trivia
2252013-11-05IMDb Top Movies per Year
2232018-12-07New Hollywood Actors
2202013-06-13Stanley Kubrick movies by trivia
2202015-07-13Europe's Best Cities
2192019-02-15Multiple Choice: Who Directed that Movie? #4
2172021-04-18Bavaria Quiz
2162018-12-07Famous Koreans
2142015-01-28Steven Spielberg's Oscar Nominations
2112021-06-25Movies Made by Women
2082018-12-07Countries with the Most Movie Theaters
2042019-02-10Poland Multiple Choice
2032019-02-15Multiple Choice: Who Directed That Movie? #5
2002015-05-24Cities With Largest Skylines - Top 25
2002018-12-07FIFA World Cup 2014 - Castrol Index Top 11
1992019-02-15Multiple Choice: Who Directed that Movie? #6
1992021-05-27The Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidency
1982018-12-07Oscars for Best Foreign-language Movies
1952020-04-25The Munich Quiz
1932018-12-10Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival
1912013-06-102000s Movies
1902019-02-22Italy Multiple Choice
1872018-12-07The 25 Deadliest Actors
1782021-04-18Basque Quiz
1772018-12-20The Clues are in German #6
1762014-02-19Germany Euro 2008 Squad
1752013-12-16Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film
1712014-05-21Coupe de France - All Winners
1702018-12-11The Tokyo Quiz
1692018-12-12Alfred Hitchcock's Oscar Nominations
1662018-12-12Best Films in Major Lists
1662022-12-27Hamburg Quiz
1632022-11-16Schalke 04 Quiz
1622013-07-261970s Movies
1612021-04-18North Rhine-Westphalia State Quiz
1602018-12-10Famous Fictional Investigators
1592019-09-24Quentin Tarantino Multiple Choice
1542018-12-07All Jack Nicholson Movies
1532019-10-06Austria or Switzerland?
1522020-05-31Still More Embarrassing Chapters in German History
1522018-01-28Largest Korean Cities
1512013-12-02Table Tennis: Olympic Single Medalists
1512015-03-01The Alps Quiz
1502014-04-01Disturbing Movies by IMDb description
1472018-12-07Slasher Movies with good IMDb ratings
1452015-11-15James Bond Movies by Locations #2
1452018-12-06National Poets
1432015-03-01Europe According to Swedish Google Users
1422020-02-09Otto von Bismarck Multiple Choice Quiz
1412021-07-31Guangdong Province Quiz
1402014-07-06French Numbers 1-100
1392015-01-29Francis Ford Coppola Movies
1392014-11-051950s Movies
1372018-12-07Famous Scandinavians
1362015-01-29Jack Nicholson's Oscar Nominations
1362019-12-15Western Movies
1342013-10-26The Godfather - Part II: Cast and Crew
1312019-11-17European Actors by Picture
1292018-12-07Goethe Quiz - Deutsch
1282013-12-311980s Movies #2
1282014-02-21Martin Scorsese Movies by Trivia
1282015-01-29Italy Euro 2008 Squad
1272014-11-19France Euro 2008 Squad
1272014-04-09Cities in Movies #2
1252018-12-12First Names that Appear in Country Names
1252014-04-25New Hollywood Actors #2
1232014-02-11Obscure Directors by Famous Movies
1222013-07-281960s Movies
1212015-02-04The Football (Soccer) Quiz for Outsiders
1192014-05-04Luis Buñuel Movies
1172014-03-02The 50 Greatest Films of All Time
1162021-04-18Galicia Region Quiz
1142020-10-13Deutsche Tode nach Zeitpunkt und Ursache
1132015-02-02Actors who appeared in Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg Movies
1132018-12-10Film History
1102015-02-04Oscar-winning Actors in Robert Altman Movies
1102018-12-07Jean-Luc Godard Movies
1092021-04-18Hesse State Quiz
1082019-11-18Soccer Multiple Choice (Easy)
1072015-03-18Film History #2
1062020-09-25A Quiz on Tony Blair
1052014-05-132000s Movies #2
1052015-02-04IMDb: Highest rated Japanese Films
1052013-09-181940s Movies
1042018-12-07Gangster Actors
1042020-12-08Prussia Quiz
1032021-04-18Saxony State Quiz
1032015-02-13Directors' Trademarks
1032020-11-03Julius Caesar Multiple Choice
1012019-11-2618th Century People by Picture
1012020-07-07Catalonia Quiz
982021-04-18Sardinia Region Quiz
982015-02-05The Baseball Quiz for Outsiders
982018-10-17Genres' Best Films According to IMDb
982021-01-23Poland True or False?
972013-10-09Steven Spielberg Movies by Casting Choices
972019-09-26German Literature Multiple Choice
972020-04-03East European People by Picture
962021-04-18Schleswig-Holstein State Quiz
952015-07-13Asia's Best Cities
952019-10-21Famous Tonys
942019-10-29Multiple Choice: Where Are These Cities?
942021-04-18Bremen State Quiz
942018-12-07Screenwriters by Movies
932020-10-27Der Dreißigjährige Krieg
932020-10-31Musical Acts by Letter - S (Part 2)
922015-03-20Film History #4
912018-12-12World's Most Livable Cities
912018-12-10Inglourious Basterds Cast
912021-04-18Brandenburg State Quiz
892018-12-07The Most Photographed Cities in the World
882020-02-01Authors by Picture #2
872013-05-10Classic Noir Movies
862018-12-22The Enlightenment Era Quiz
862018-12-07French Seasons
862015-01-29Francis Ford Coppola's Oscar Nominations
852020-06-25Musical Acts by Letter - E (Part 2)
852013-12-091990s Movies #2
842020-02-01Authors by Picture
832021-04-18Saarland State Quiz
822018-12-20The Clues are in German
822014-04-06Disturbing Movies by IMDb description #2
822021-04-18Alsace Region Quiz
812020-05-13Famous Asian Movie Directors
812015-03-20Film History #3
812020-04-04Weimar Republic Multiple Choice
812019-11-17Italians by Picture
802022-05-20Rhineland-Palatinate Quiz
792020-01-04Movies Not in the IMDb Top 250
792020-10-26The Thirty Years' War
792015-04-21Movies by Director-Actor Collaboration
792018-12-07Famous Japanese People
782021-07-23Goethe Quiz - English
782018-12-06Famous Actors Who Directed Movies
772021-04-18Lombardy Region Quiz
762020-05-30Proud Chapters in French History
762014-04-04James Berardinelli's Top 100 Movies of All Time
762013-07-11Revolver - All Songs
752021-04-18Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Quiz
742021-04-18Sicily Region Quiz
742020-09-13Name a City - German States
742018-12-07All Alan Rickman films
732019-12-28German Post-War History
732021-04-18Thuringia State Quiz
722014-08-23Countries' Highest Rated Movies on IMDb
722018-12-0719th Century People - Born and Died
722019-12-02Stanley Kubrick by Picture
712015-03-21Film History #5
712021-05-27The Harry Truman Presidency
692021-04-18Corsica Region Quiz
682020-06-25Musical Acts by Letter - F (Part 2)
672020-09-25Cinematic Cities
672019-10-23German Politics Multiple Choice
672014-02-09Directors by Obscure Movies
662019-10-15Stanley Kubrick Trivia - Multiple Choice
662014-12-11Highest Rated Danish Films (IMDb)
662021-04-14Kubrick Quotes to Character
662021-04-18Saxony-Anhalt State Quiz
662022-01-11Brittany Region Quiz
652015-01-15Golden Globes 2014: Nominations
642018-12-20The Clues are in German #2
632015-04-22Movies by Director-Actor Collaboration #3
612018-12-07Spike Lee Movies
612021-04-18Normandy Region Quiz
612018-12-11Universal Geniuses
602015-02-10Record Champions of Great Football (Soccer) Leagues #2
602015-01-091970s Movies #4
602020-02-13Female Authors
602015-06-0916th Century People
592015-07-13World's Best Cities
582019-12-15Western Movies #2
582015-04-11Famous Documentary Movies
562021-01-10U.S. or European States by Population
562021-02-20German Empire Quiz
562018-12-07The Clues are in German - Geography
562014-12-15Timescale of Great Philosophers
562018-12-1117th Century People
562015-04-132000s Movies #3
562018-12-20The Clues are in German - Ancient History
562014-04-09Most Profitable Low Budget Movies
552015-03-24Strange City Names
552020-01-07Malcolm X Quiz
552015-04-22Movies by Director-Actor Collaboration #4
532018-12-1118th Century People
522020-06-11Europe for Confused Americans Multiple Choice
522015-02-26Asian Movies Quiz
522018-12-20The Clues are in German #3
512021-04-18Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Quiz
512015-04-21Movies by Director-Actor Collaboration #2
512019-02-221990s or not?
512014-01-04Strange Movie Title "translations"
512015-02-08Cardinal Directions in French
502021-04-18Occitanie Region Quiz
492018-12-07Sam Raimi Movies
492014-09-23Directors Who Won At All Major Festivals
492018-12-07The Clues are in German - Literature
492013-05-26New Hollywood Movies
492018-08-18Moscow City Quiz
492018-12-07George A. Romero Movies
482021-04-18Famous People from Little Countries
482021-05-14Xinjiang Province Quiz
472014-11-201980s Movies #3
462020-05-30Proud Chapters in German History
462014-12-031970s Movies #3
462021-04-18Aquitaine Region Quiz
462018-12-07Famous South Americans
462014-03-25Steven Spielberg Movies by Trivia
452020-02-05The Usual Suspects Lineup
452015-08-17Cities in Movies
452020-06-03April Fool's - Germany Edition
442015-06-28Sequels That Are Higher Rated than the Original
432019-10-17Which is the Larger City?
432013-08-05Actors from German-speaking regions
432018-12-20The Clues are in German #5
422014-02-09Flickchart's Best Movies
422021-12-07Angela Merkel Multiple Choice
422020-04-251970s or Not?
422015-07-1712 Angry Men Cast
412018-12-20The Clues are in German #8
412020-06-18Non-US, Non-UK Events by Year, 1950-1969
412020-02-12Korean Movies
412020-04-06Movies that Start with H - Part 2
412018-12-06Famous Philosophers
402015-08-28Cities in Movies #4
402015-06-01Famous Businesspeople #2
402019-02-241940s or not?
392015-06-10Same Title, Different Movie
392018-12-11Mike Oldfield Albums
392015-01-191990s Movies #3
392018-04-14Jetpunk Comments Quiz
392020-11-28Quiz on the Year 1968
392021-01-28People Who Lived a Very Long Life #2
382018-12-20The Clues are in German #7
382018-12-20The Clues are in German - Christmas
382020-02-28Napoleon Multiple Choice Quiz
382018-12-12Guest Stars on TV
382018-12-20The Clues are in German #4
382019-10-08Who doesn't fit?
382020-02-13Non-English Language Authors
382015-08-16Sidney Lumet Movies
372013-08-24German Movies considered the Best
372021-05-14Inner Mongolia Province Quiz
362015-10-23Cities in Movies #5
362018-12-07The Clues are in German - Music
362018-12-12The Magnificent Seven Cast
352019-10-08People from Eastern Europe
352015-02-22Weird Japanese Movies by IMDb description
342020-06-07Italian Regions by Clue
342018-12-20The Clues are in German - Food
342018-12-10Paul Verhoeven Movies
342013-08-26Fish or Flesh? #3
342020-02-24Tony Blair Multiple Choice Quiz
342016-01-17Alan Rickman films
332018-12-07The Clues are in German - US History
332018-12-07Stateless People
322017-11-06Kenneth Branagh Movies
322018-12-11The Donald Trump Presidency: A Retrospect from 2021
312018-12-20The Clues are in German - Animals
312020-03-19SARS-CoV-2 Multiple Choice
312013-08-03Fish or Flesh? #2
302014-12-15Timescale of Great Philosophers #2
302019-11-23Timescale of Great Philosophers #3
292018-12-06Silent films
292021-06-08Proud Chapters in American History
292015-06-11Christopher Lee Movies by Hint
292022-11-11Stadtteile von Duisburg
282020-11-25German States by Clue
282018-12-07The Clues are in German - Movies
282014-07-21Christopher Lee - Dracula Movies
282020-03-06G7 Leaders, 1976-1989
282013-08-05Hermann Hesse novels
272020-11-17Ruhr Area Multiple Choice Quiz
272019-11-19Chile Country Quiz
272014-12-041960s Movies #3
272019-05-20The Japan Quiz Without Clues
272020-04-03Non-US, Non-UK Events, 1910-1929
262022-12-02Yunnan Province Quiz
262018-12-06Famous Philosophers #2
262020-07-13Movies that Start with O - Part 2
262013-08-18Ebert's Most Hated #2
262015-06-28Sequels That Are Higher Rated than the Original #2
262020-06-07French Regions by Clue
262018-12-21The Clues are in German - Christmas Movies
262019-11-16European Post-War Statespeople
252015-04-11Famous Documentary Movies #2
252020-03-04German Events, 2001-2020
252021-04-12Sichuan Province Quiz
252022-12-08Fujian Province Quiz
242013-08-10Ebert's Most Hated
242013-11-14Metacritic: Best Movies per year
242018-12-07Harvey Keitel Movies
232013-09-11Venice Golden Lion Winners
232020-09-03Dick Cheney Quiz
232015-06-01Film Reviews
232021-05-04Which German State...?
232021-05-14Guangxi Quiz
232014-04-06JetPunk Users by Quizzes
232020-02-22Famous People from East Asia
232019-09-28Foreign-Language Movies
222020-10-25North Rhine-Westphalia Quiz #2
222023-01-28SPBW/ne Erwerbungsarten Bib Teil 1
222015-04-11Famous Documentary Movies #3
222019-11-24Charles de Gaulle Quiz
212021-04-10Anhui Province Quiz
212015-02-02Kevin Smith Movies
212020-06-06The Clint Eastwood Presidency
212021-05-05Chongqing Quiz
212021-04-06Hubei Province Quiz
212015-02-08Ebert's Most Hated #5
202021-05-15Henan Province Quiz
202021-05-01Zhejiang Province Quiz
202021-05-14Jiangsu Province Quiz
202019-10-26Famous French Statespeople
202020-03-09G7 Leaders, 1989-2001
192020-05-30The French-German Relationship
192020-06-06Hillary Clinton Quiz
182021-05-15Hainan Province Quiz
182021-04-12Shaanxi Province Quiz
182020-06-03Authors of the Romantic Period
182023-01-28SPBW/ne Erwerbungsarten Bib Teil 2
182020-03-04French Events, 2001-2020
182018-12-12Eli Roth Movies
182019-11-16European Post-War Statespeople #2
182020-03-05Only US, UK Events 1910-1929
182019-10-26Famous German Statespeople
172021-04-10Hunan Province Quiz
172021-05-05Which Chinese Province...?
172020-06-02The US-French Relationship
172021-05-01Shandong Province Quiz
172020-09-17German Chancellors for Foreigners: Gerhard Schröder
172020-01-08Central America Quiz
162021-04-09Jilin Province Quiz
162020-06-12Regions by Clue
152019-10-26Famous Asian Statespeople
152022-04-27Bottrop Quiz
152021-04-17Gansu Province Quiz
152021-04-29Jiangxi Province Quiz
152021-03-27Hebei Province Quiz
152020-09-17Konrad Adenauer Quiz
152019-11-16European Post-War Statespeople #3
152013-08-24Ebert's Most Hated #3
142021-04-08Qinghai Province Quiz
142013-09-05Berlin Golden Bear Winners
142014-03-15Time Zone Jumping
142021-03-27Chinese Provinces by Clue
142013-09-14Ebert's Most Hated #4
142014-07-281950 Movies #2
142020-01-20Golden Palm Winners Nominated for Best Picture
142020-12-292020 in Review - Germany
142021-03-26Heilongjiang Province Quiz
132021-04-12Liaoning Province Quiz
132020-03-22Chinese Events, 2001-2020
132020-09-17German Chancellors for Foreigners: Helmut Schmidt
122022-11-08Stadtteile von Bottrop
122021-05-14Ningxia Province Quiz
112022-01-29Deng Xiaoping Quiz
112020-04-16April Fool's - France Edition
112022-11-30SPBW/ne? Erwerbung Multiple Choice
112015-06-18Vittorio de Sica Movies
102020-09-17Helmut Schmidt Multiple Choice Quiz
92013-05-13Roger Ebert's Great Movies
92021-04-12Shanxi Province Quiz
92015-03-03Famous Short Films
82015-03-23Movies referenced in Kill Bill
82021-02-08A Quiz on Carnival
72022-11-30SPBW/ne? Bibliotheksstufen
72019-10-31Nicolas Winding Refn Movies
42015-05-15Lone Wolf And Cub Films