Top 10 Presidents and Bottom 10 Presidents

Based on an aggregate of various surveys, guess the top 10 and bottom 10 presidents.
Quiz by hwes
Last updated: March 16, 2014
First submittedMarch 16, 2014
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Top Ten
Abraham Lincoln
Franklin Roosevelt
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Harry Truman
Andrew Jackson
Dwight Eisenhower
James Polk
Bottom Ten
George W. Bush
Zachary Taylor
John Tyler
Ulysses S. Grant
William Henry Harrison
Millard Fillmore
Franklin Pierce
Andrew Johnson
James Buchanan
Warren Harding
Level 64
Mar 20, 2014
Bush is on this list but not Carter or Nixon? at least Bush got re-elected...
Level 83
Mar 20, 2014

The quiz is based on an aggregate of academic and journalist surveys -- Carter is ranked at 27 and Nixon at 32.

One can argue the legitimacy of Bush's electoral wins but beyond that he's rated low not only by academics an journalist but also in general popularity surveys. Carter on the other hand has a fairly decent general popularity rating.

Level 84
Sep 11, 2014
The badness of Carter is played up by contemporary conservatives in the same way that Muslims like to exaggerate how awful the period in Arab history before the arrival of Muhammad was. He has to be terrible or else the coming of Reagan the messiah doesn't seem quite as significant. Honest historians know he wasn't actually that bad. Bush, on the other hand...
Level 84
Sep 11, 2014
though, that said, #27 and #32 out of 44 isn't exactly good.
Level 54
Nov 14, 2017
Gee, I sure am glad that there's no political favouritism on this - oh wait, they have the guy who successfully started a manhunt for one of the worst human beings then in existence but not the guy who cheated on his wife while in office. Yup. Reeeeaaaal balanced there, guys.
Level 37
Aug 18, 2018
Neither Bush, Jr. nor Carter were bad presidents. I would rank them in the top 10 percentile, higher than both Polk and Wilson. Certainly higher than Reagan, who allowed our hostages to languish in Iranian captivity until after his inauguration for no purpose except to rub Carter's nose in it. This is the man you want to call a great president?