Top 100 People of the 20th Century

Enter an answer into the box. Top 100 according to TIME. They separated the people into 5 categories; leaders, heroes, scientist, artists, and builders. The clues are mine but I don't necessarily agree with their picks.
Quiz by hwes
Last updated: March 17, 2014
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First Israeli PM
David Ben Gurion
Leader of North Vietnam and is now Saigon
Ho Chi Minh
"We will never surrender" British PM
Winston Churchill
Non-violence, salt march
Last General Secretary of USSR
Mikhail Gorbachev
Third Reich
Adolf Hitler
US civil rights, non-violence
Martin Luther King
Islamic Revolution in Iran
Founded USSR and NEP
Robben Island, ANC, President of South Africa
Nelson Mandela
Polish pope, Karol Józef Wojtyła
Pope John Paul II
Hollywood, Governor, President
Ronald Reagan
First lady, UN delegate
Eleanor Roosevelt
New Deal, husband of the above
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Roughriders, bears, US national parks
Theodore Roosevelt
Iron Lady, Milk Snatcher, Falkland Islands
Margaret Thatcher
Chinese protestor, Tiananmen Square, not a real name
Unknown Rebel
Birth control, Planned Parenthood
Margarent Sanger
Long March, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution
Mao Zedong
American jazz musician, Satchmo
Louis Armstrong
American 1950's actress and comedienne, was "love"d by all
Lucille Ball
British group who invaded the US, name the group
the Beatles
Godfather, Apocalypse Now, The Wild One, Last Tango in Paris, On the Waterfront
Marlon Brando
French fashion designer, No. 5
Coco Chanel
Silent film star, Little Tramp
Charlie Chaplin
Modern French-Swiss architet, born as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, blamed for high rise public housing projects
Le Corbusier
Newport folk festival goes electric
Bob Dylan
English-American poet, the Wasteland
T.S. Eliot
American soul musician demands respect
Aretha Franklin
American modern dancer and choreographer
Martha Graham
The Muppets, Fraggle Rocket
Jim Henson
Irish novelist, the Ulysses
James Joyce
the blue period, Guernica
Pablo Picasso
South Pacific, Oklahoma!, Carousel, The King and I (duo)
Rodgers and Hammerstein
Animated character, longest running tv show, writes on the chalkboard
Bart Simpson
"Fly me to the moon" "Angel Eyes" "One for my Baby" --- blue eyes
Frank Sinatra
ET, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List
Steven Spielberg
The Rite of Spring by a Russian, classical composer
Igor Stravinsky
Talk show host, free cars, book club, and Dr. Phil. Now has her own network.
Oprah Winfrey
Owns politically connected construction firm with Iraq and Katrina contracts. Name the firm for the last name.
Stephen Bechtel
Ad executive who gave us the jolly green giant, tony the tiger and the marlboro man
Leo Burnett
Invented air conditioning. Name the firm for the last name.
Willis Carrier
Frozen animator
Walt Disney
Model T, five dollar day, anti semetic, operated factories in Germany with French slave labor.
Henry Ford
Windows, computer software
Bill Gates
Helped found Bank of America, helped rebuild San Francisco in 1906, loaned money to Disney and Hewlett Packard to get them started. Founded Transamerica.
A.P. Giannini
Founded McDonald's
Ray Kroc
Founded an American cosmetics firm using her name.
Estee Lauder
Created suburbia in post war America.
William Levitt
__________, Lynch and Company
Charles Merrill
Co-founded Sony Inc.
Akio Morita
UAW organizer and leader
Walter Reuther
NFL commisioner, 1960 - 89
Pete Rozelle
Was in charge of RCA and NBC creating network radio and TV.
David Sarnoff
Founder of Pan Am, brought air travel to the masses
Juan Trippe
Founded world's largest retailler on low prices and Chinese labor
Sam Walton
President of IBM from 1952 to 1971, considered the greatest capitalist in history
Thomas Watson
Belgian-American chemist who invented modern plastics, Bakelite
Leo Baekeland
Invented WWW and HTTP
Tim Berners Lee
"Silent Spring", founded the modern environmental movement, no more DDT
Rachel Carson
Albert Einstein
American sometimes credited with inventing television instead of Zworykin.
Philo Farnsworth
Atomic pile in a Chicago squash court
Enrico Fermi
Created penicillin, cured syphilis and TB
Alexander Fleming
Id, ego and superego
Sigmund Freud
American rocket scientist, patented liquid fueled and multi staged rockets, died in 1945
Robert H. Goddard
Austrian mathematician, incompleteness theorems
Kurt Godel
Found an expanding universe, telescope is named after him
Edwin Hubble
British family living in East Africa, athropologists and archeologists
The Leakey family
British economist, The General Theory of Unemployment, Interest and Money. Friedman was not a fan.
John Maynard Keynes
Swiss child developmental psychologist, stages of intellectual growth
Jean Piaget
Virologist, polio vaccine
Jonas Salk
Co-invented the solid state transistor, Nobel prize in physics, helped start silicon valley
William Shockley
Worked on Enigma, formed an AI test, father of modern computing, charged with homosexuality and lost UK security clearance, chemical castration, sucide
Alan Turing
Duo, molecular biologists, double helix DNA, Nobel Prize, "forgot" to mention Rosalind Franklin's contribution.
Watson and Crick
Austrian philosopher, Tractatus-Logico, Philosophical Investigations,
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Flying brothers from a Dayton, Ohio bicycle shop
Orville and Wilbur Wright
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" "The Greatest", Caissus Clay
Muhammad Ali
Abbrevaition for an American soldier, not a real person
American GI
People's Princess, celebrity activist, brakes failed
Princess Diana
Wrote a diary in an Amsterdam attic, died in the Holocaust
Anne Frank
American evangelist, pastor to the presidents
Billy Graham
Argentine revolutionary, Cuban hero, granddaughter holds the marketing rights to his image outside Cuba, every wannabe revoltionary has a poster, three letters
Che Guevara
Duo, first to climb Mt. Everest, one gets more credit than the other
Norgay and Hillary
blind and deaf, social activist
Helen Keller
Camelot, assassination prone, Catholic, bootlegger dad, president son, name the family
the Kennedy family
Chinese-American maritial arts and action movie star
Bruce Lee
Flew across the Atlantic, son was kidnapped, an American fascist
Charles Lindbergh
Gay rights, San Fransciso mayor, assassinated, twinkie defence
Harvey Milk
Norma Jeane, actress/pinup, Some Like it Hot, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, the Kennedys, Candle in a Wind
Marilyn Monroe
English suffragist, advocated direct action smashing windows, arson, and hunger strikes. Later became a supporter of the Conservative and militant anti-communist.
Emmeline Pankhurst
Sat in the front of the bus, refused to move to the back, Montgomery Alabama
Rosa Parks
Played baseball for Montreal Royals and the Brooklyn Dodgers, broke the color barrier
Jackie Robinson
Soviet nuclear physicist, dissident, human rights advocate. Nobel peace prize 1975
Andrei Sakharov
Albanian Catholic nun in Calcutta
Mother Teresa
Co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous
Bill Wilson
Level 82
Aug 8, 2013
Yeah, I guess "Franklin D Roosevelt" or "Franklin Roosevelt" wasn't close enough..
Level 83
Aug 8, 2013
FDR would've worked, but I've added the two you suggested
Level 61
Mar 17, 2014
Just a note, it's Norgay and Hillary, not Norquay and Hilary. And Keller also should be accepted, since you accept most people by just their last name. I also find it strange that Roosevelt only pops Eleanor - shouldn't you get all three? Although it is a bit hard, given that Time has way too many Roosevelts on its list.
Level 83
Mar 17, 2014
Corrections made. FDR works as well. I tried to make it necessary to guess the three Roosevelts separate.
Level 75
Dec 5, 2014
It still reads Norqay! How about also accepting Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary and Ed Hillary?
Level 75
Dec 5, 2014
I entered 'Roosevelt', meaning FDR, but got Eleanor - and not FDR who is also on the list
Level 67
Jan 10, 2015
I was very much confused by the Beatles clue. Admittedly I couldn't think of any vigil ante/terrorist/military invasion of the USA, but a musical group is certainly not the first thing I associate with the word 'invasion'.
Level 82
Sep 9, 2015
The Stephen Spielberg one confused me for a second as I instantly connected the composer John Williams to all of the films listed, and was happy that he had been included. Except that he hadn't. Not sure how the clue could be modified though, as there seem to be few Spielberg films that Williams didn't work on.
Level 51
Oct 24, 2015
Ok. I know this is just somebodys opinion but still...Not Fidel Castro, not Juan Peron, not Joseph Stalin, not Benito Mussolini, not Pele or Diego Maradona, not Clint Eastwood, not me.
Level 83
Jun 22, 2017
Its the opinion of TIME magazine. Definitely not mine.
Level 43
Aug 24, 2016
Really great quiz ! But quite difficult, 10min is a bit short imo ;)
Level 75
Jun 22, 2017
Please change the Aretha Franklin quote, as is, it looks like you want Otis Redding. I got frustrated after spelling his name thirty different ways to no avail. Also please accept Norgay for Hillary, as even you mention he's often forgotten.
Level 83
Jun 22, 2017
Norgay is accepted along with Hillary.

The Aretha Franklin clue points to her hit, "Respect", I can't see how that would be misunderstood.

Level 71
Sep 20, 2021
Great quiz, agree with the others re- the 3 Roosevelts