Top 100 People of the Millennium

Enter an answer into the box. The following list is the most important people of the last 1000 years according A & E Biography. I don't necessarily agree with all their choices. My hints may or may not help.
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Last updated: June 23, 2013
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Printing press
Johann Gutenberg
Gravity, falling apples
Isaac Newton
95 theses
Martin Luther
Beagle, Galapagos
Charles Darwin
All the world's a stage, to be or not to be
William Shakespeare
Genoan sailor
Christopher Columbus
Workers of the world unite.
Karl Marx
E=mc squared
Albert Einstein
Heliocentric revolution
Nicholas Copernicus
Heliocentric scientist under house arrest
Galileo Galilei
ADHD renaissance man
Leonardo da Vinci
Id, ego and superego
Sigmund Freud
Fermentation and pasturization
Louis Pasteur
Tesla assisted inventor
Thomas Edison
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
Third Reich
Adolf Hitler
Salt march
Mahatma Gandhi
A blank slate
John Locke
Sistine chapel
On the Wealth of Nations
Adam Smith
1st president
George Washington
Largest land empire
Genghis Khan
Abraham Lincoln
Summa Theologica
Thomas Aquinas
Steam Engine
James Watt
The Magic Flute, Requiem
German composer
Johann Sebastian Bach
I have a dream
Martin Luther King Jr
Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains
All power to the Soviets, NEP
Cured syphilis, penicillin
Alexander Fleming
Scientific method
Francis Bacon
Journey through hell
Brothers in the air
Wright Brothers
Bill Gates
A priest who grew peas
Gregor Mendel
The Long March
Mao Zedong
Mr. Watson, come here, I want you
Alexander Graham Bell
Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror
the Prince
Pioneer in computing
Charles Babbage
Vindication on the Rights of Women
Mary Wollstonecraft
Glasnost and perestroika
Mikhail Gorbachev
Planned Parenthood
Margaret Sanger
Smallpox vaccine
Edward Jenner
We shall never surrender
Winston Churchill
Died of leukaemia caused by exposure to radiation.
Marie Curie
Venetian traveller
Marco Polo
Went around the world
Ferdinand Magellan
Abolitionist and suffragette
Elizabeth Stanton
Rock and roll in blue suede shoes
Elvis Presley
French saint
Joan of Arc
Philosopher of Konigsberg
Immanuel Kant
Longest president
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Electro-magnetic force
Michael Faraday
Frozen animator
Walt Disney
19th century novelist idolized by university coeds
Jane Austen
Blue period, cubism
Pablo Picasso
Uncertainity Principle
Werner Heisenberg
The Birth of a Nation
D.W. Griffith
Vladimir Zworykin
Postmaster flying a kite in a lightning storm with bifocals
Benjamin Franklin
Circulation of blood
William Harvey
Pope - enforced celibacy, fought the emperor, investiture controversy
Gregory VII
Moses of her people
Harriet Tubman
Liberator of South America
Simon Bolivar
Celebrity activist, people's princess,
Princess Diana
Nuclear chain reaction in a squash court
Enrico Fermi
The "Pill"
Gregory Pincus
Started the British invasion of Ameirca (group name)
the Beatles
The life of man [is] solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short
Thomas Hobbes
Responsible for the Inquistion, Coloumbus and Reconquista
Isabella of Castile
Socialism in one country, cult of personality, the Great Purges
Joseph Stalin
Virgin queen
Elizabeth I
ANC, apartheid
Nelson Mandela
Atomic theory, quantum mechanics
Neils Bohr
Westernized Russia, worked in Dutch shipyard
Peter the Great
Wireless telegraph, short wave
Hollywood, Governor, President
Ronald Reagan
A day in Dublin, stream of consciousness
James Joyce
Silent Spring
Rachel Carson
Father of the Atomic Bomb
Robert Oppenheimer
Suffragete, dollar coin
Susan B Anthony
French photographer
Louis Daguerre
E.T., Schindler's List
Steven Spielberg
Crimean War nurse
Florence Nightingale
First lady, activist, delegate to the UN
Eleanor Roosevelt
Brought AIDS to North America (not a real name)
Patient Zero
The Little Tramp
Charlie Chaplin
19th/20th century Italian opera singer
Enrico Caruso
Polio vaccine
Jonas Salk
Jazz, Satchmo
Louis Armstrong
Portuguese explorer, Cape of Good Hope
Vasco da Gama
Ottoman Sultan
Level 68
Jun 24, 2013
It should accept the "I have a dream" answer without the "jr."...
Level 83
Jun 25, 2013
Change made, "mlk" works as well.
Level ∞
Jun 24, 2013
Great quiz. Your clues were right on. I think it would be better without the yellow box, though. Also, Roosevelt didn't work for the first lady.
Level 83
Jun 25, 2013
Roosevelt changed. I thought using the yellow box would force people to use the clues and prevent them from just listing possible names without reference to the clues.
Level 66
Jul 18, 2013
Roosevelt still not working; neither is Martin Luther King without the Jr.
Level 83
Jul 18, 2013
It should work. mlk and fdr also work