Women who Changed the World

Enter an answer into the box. Most lists or quizzes of important historical people tend to be male dominated. In the interest of a little equality here's a list of important women. Taken from Biography Online.
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Circa 630 - 570 BC, One of the more famous poets of Ancient Greece, referred by Plato as one of the top 10 poets. She spent her entire life on the island of Lesbos
69 - 30 BC, The last Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt, she tried to defend Egypt from the Roman Empire through personal relations with Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar
4BC - 40AD, One of Jesus' most devoted followers, she was the first to see Jesus after the resurrection
Mary Magdalene
1st Century AD, Led the Britons against the German invasion.
1098 - 1179, Mystic, author and composer. Popes, kings, and other important individuals consulted her for advice.
Hildegarde of Bingen
1122 - 1204, First Queen of France. Her sons, John and Richard, became kings of England.
Eleanor of Aquitaine
1412 - 1431, Patron saint of France, Inspired the French to revolt against the English occupation. Later burned at the stake.
Joan of Arc
1498 - 1565, Indian mystic and poet. A devotee of Krishna and yoga.
1512 - 1585, Spanish mystic, poetic, and Carmelite reformer
St. Teresa of Avila
1519 - 1589, Born to a famous Florence family, she married the King of France at the age of 14 and was involved in the St. Bartholomew's massacre.
Catherine de Medici
1533 - 1603, Queen of England who ensured England would be Protestant and free of Spanish control
Elizabeth I
1729 - 1796, A minor German princess who became the Queen of Russia after her husband was assasinated
Catherine the Great
1759 - 1797, An early feminist best known for A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Mary Wollstonecraft
1775 - 1817, Popular English author known for novels such as Pride and Prejudice and Emma
Jane Austen
1810 - 1850, An American women's right advocate wrote Women in the Nineteenth Century
Margaret Fuller
1811 - 1896, An anti-slavery campaigner and writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
1815 - 1902, American social activist, suffragist and temperance movement leader
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
1819 - 1901, Long ruling monarch of the British Empire
1820 - 1910, Nurse during the Crimean War. Helped change the treatment of wounded soldiers
Florence Nightingale
1820 - 1906, Campaigned against slavery and for temperance and women and workers' rights
Susan B. Anthony
1821 - 1910, Born in Britain, she became the first licensed female doctor in the US.
Elizabeth Blackwell
1830 - 1886, American poet
Emily Dickinson
1858 - 1928, British suffragette, she advocated any form of protest including violence and hunger strikes
Emmeline Pankhurst
1867 - 1934, Polish scientist in Paris, she won Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry.
Marie Curie
1868 - 1933, A Canadian magistrate, she challenged the law which did not recognize women as persons.
Emily Murphy
1870 - 1919, Polish-Jewish Marxist revolutionary who founded the German Communist Party and was killed by right wing militia suppressing the Spartacist revolution.
Rosa Luxemburg
1880 - 1968, Blind and deaf, she campaigned for human rights and social justics
Helen Keller
1883 - 1971, French fashion designer who defined femimine style and dress in the 20th century
Coco Chanel
1884 - 1962, Head of the UN Human Rights Committee she drafted the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights. She was also spouse to a US president
Eleanor Roosevelt
1907 - 2003, American actress and winner of four Oscars and twelve nominations
Katharine Hepburn
1908 - 1986, French existentialist philosopher best know for the Second Sex and her friendship with Sartre
Simone de Beauvoir
1910 - 1997, Albanian nun who spent most of her life in Kolkata, soon to be a saint.
Mother Teresa
1910 - 1994, British chemist who won a Nobel Prize for her work on the structure of penicillin and insulin. She also devoted a large part of her life to the peace movement and nuclear disarmament
Dorothy Hodgkin
1913 - 2005, American civil rights leader who refused to change seats in Montgomery, Alabama
Rosa Parks
1915 - 1959, American jazz singer or First Lady of the Blues
Billie Holiday
1917 - 1984, First female of Prime Minister of India. She was assassinated by her Sikh guards
Indira Gandhi
1919 - 1952, First Lady of Argentina, she concisely supported the women and workers' rights. Madonna later portrayed her in a biopic.
Eva Peron
1921 - 2006 American social activist and writer of The Feminine Mystique.
Betty Friedan
1925 - 2013 First female Prime Minister of the UK, known as the Iron Lady by some and the Milk Snatcher by her detractors
Margaret Thatcher
1926 - 1962, American actress and model. Happy Birthday to the President
Marilyn Monroe
1926 - Longest serving British monarch
Elizabeth II
1929 - 1945 Her dairy as a 13 year old Jewish girl hiding in Amsterdam is one of the most widely read books.
Anne Frank
1929 - 1993, British actress who defined feminine glamor and dignity. After her film career ended in the mid-60s, she worked for UNICEF
Audrey Hepburn
1939 - , Australian feminist who wrote the Female Eunuch
Germaine Greer
1940 - 2011, Kenyan born environmentalist, democracy activist, and women's right campaigner. Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize
Wangari Maathai
1943 - , Campaigned to bring an end to sectarian violence in northern Ireland, she was given the Nobel Peace Prize with Mairead Corrigan in 1977
Betty Williams
1943 - , American tennis player who campaigned for equal treatment and pay for female athletes. She won 20 Wimbledon titles.
Billie Jean King
1947 - , Iranian human rights advocate and lawyer. Given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003
Shirin Ebadi
1953 - 2007, First female prime minister of a Muslim country. Moved Pakistan from a dictatorship to a democracy. Assassinated in 2007.
Benazir Bhutto
1954 - , African-American talk show host, book club, and television network.
Oprah Winfrey
1958 - , American singer, songwriter, actress. Most successful female musician.
1961 - 1997, British royal princess and humanitarian worker. Died in a car accident in Paris.
Diana Princess of Wales
1965 - , One of the most successful writers of all time, her Harry Potter series revived reading among young people.
JK Rowling
1997 - , Pakistani school girl shot by the Taliban for campaigning for education rights. Known by her first name.
Malala Yousafzai
Level 74
Jan 2, 2016
Thanks for the excellent quiz. A little more time would be helpful.
Level 82
Jan 2, 2016
Good point. I doubled the time.
Level 75
Aug 14, 2016
Nice quiz. "Queen Elizabeth" gives me a point for Elizabeth I but not Elizabeth II, and even "Queen Elizabeth II" doesn't work for Elizabeth II.
Level 82
Aug 14, 2016
Elizabeth II would've worked.
Level 67
Sep 5, 2016
Second female PM of the UK now
Level 82
Sep 5, 2016
Although May could be viewed as Thatcher part II, I've edited the clue.
Level 63
Sep 9, 2016
Boudicca is also spelled Boudica.

Also you have a typo "her dairy" when I'm certain you mean "her diary"

Level 78
Aug 27, 2018
Great quiz and a really good mix of women. There's a lot of inconsistency in accepted answers though - some accept first names, some surnames, some only full names.
Level 67
Sep 21, 2018
Loved the quiz. You showcased so many amazing women! One suggestion, please accept more spelling variations for Queen of the Britons from 1st century AD. as there are so many.

Hope you will create many more quizzes.

Level 85
Jul 29, 2019
I believe that Boudicca fought the Romans, not the Germans. Also, I think you should accept Teresa of Avila or Teresa de Avila; I missed it because I didn't think to include "st"
Level 54
Apr 26, 2021
"Elanor of Aquitaine" should also be accepted.