U.S. Cities Chain

All the answers are cities. The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next.
#4 is a neighborhood, not an independent city
Quiz by wtstoudt
Last updated: November 25, 2016
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Capital of Texas
"The Big Easy"
New Orleans
Sherman's March to the Sea
ended here
L.A. neighborhood where
movies are made
Known for cars and bankruptcy
Not to be confused with its bay
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor
Second largest city in South Dakota
Rapid City
Just outside of NYC
Largest city in South Dakota
Sioux Falls
Twin City
St. Paul
Capital of US for one day
Capital of the Confederacy
City in North Carolina's Research Triangle
Heat, Dolphins play here
In New York, also where Odysseus lived
Largest city containing a Q
Located in the far west of Texas
El Paso
Midwest city/Peyton Manning audible
Named after Robert E. Lee's house
Phonetically and geographically
close to New York
First capital of Tennessee
Great Lake, or city in northwest PA
Archimedes exclamation, or California city
Level 44
Aug 15, 2016
I got 15 (57.6%), average score is 14, and got zero points?
Level 74
Aug 20, 2016
Now it says average score is 16.
Level 71
Nov 25, 2016
Average score now 12, I managed 9 for 1 point :o)
Level 84
Sep 10, 2016
American here, but still pretty hard for me
Level 63
Nov 25, 2016
Too South-Dakota-centric, The only South Dakotan city I know is Pierre.
Level 60
Nov 25, 2016
I know of Pierre and Sioux Falls, beat that!
Level 37
Nov 25, 2016
seriously? it was 2 questions, there were more Texas related questions than South Dakota.
Level 75
Nov 25, 2016
joke, i believe.
Level 60
Jan 4, 2021
South Dakota isn't that populous, so having 1/12 of the questions on this quiz is a bit disproportionate.
Level 65
Jun 24, 2023
Those are amazing cities if you get a chance to visit either. The casting of David from the original alone, just standing in town...

Compass Guides was my everything as a wayward 20-something.

Shoutout to Bex n JJ who had them in their bathroom library

Level 68
Nov 25, 2016
Great to have a quiz with lesser-known cities. Thanks!
Level 49
Nov 25, 2016
Good quiz!!
Level 35
Nov 25, 2016
House not Horse. If I had read it correctly, I would have guessed that one.
Level 77
Nov 27, 2016
Great quiz! Arlington really stumped me.
Level 75
Nov 28, 2016
Great quiz, but I'm guessing it will be difficult for non-Americans.
Level 37
Dec 3, 2017
I bet more non-Americans than Americans get the highest points.

We tend to live in our own little bubbles.

Level 59
Feb 11, 2017
I didn't get Tampa...and I live in St. Pete! D'oh!
Level 47
Dec 11, 2017
Aww... Only 41% knew Peyton's audible. Even if you don't watch football it only seems right that Peyton and "Omaha" were meant to be together...
Level 52
Apr 19, 2018
The questions about south dakota are some bs, who cares about some irrelevant state
Level 73
May 10, 2018
There are no irrelevant states or their contributions to society, but sometimes I do wonder about people or at least their opinions.
Level 66
Apr 21, 2018
Out of respect for people in Detroit and Michigan, can you remove Bankruptcy from the Detroit clue?
Level 73
May 10, 2018
It's just one of those uncomfortable facts of history. I venture to say that there are things about every city or town that the residents wish had not happened, but ignoring something doesn't make it go away and it is part of their history.
Level 65
Jun 24, 2023
Yes, I agree. Maybe Detroit's place as the final stop on a route of the Underground Railroad would have been less snarky.

After working for Ameritech for years, I developed an affection for Detroiters. They've had hard times and good, like much of the world, and keeps strong.

I loved the calls from the elders. Especially those who referred to their phones as 'him'.. as "I just bought him a little case". 😍

Level 88
Sep 12, 2018
Great to see regional cities and not filled with sprawling cookie cutter suburbs that encompass bedroom commuters and absolutely nothing else.
Level 68
Jan 18, 2023
I got 21/24, South Dakota wrecked me!