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7,7122023-01-02Liverpool F.C. Transfer Record
2,8692022-08-14Overseas Territories & Unrecognized States
2,4462023-02-03Chelsea F.C. Transfer Record
2,2682023-05-22WWE Royal Rumble Winners
1,9122022-09-03Manchester United F.C. Transfer Record
1,8732022-06-25Manchester City F.C. Transfer Record
1,5852023-01-24Arsenal F.C. Transfer Record
1,2862022-06-09Cities With More Than 3 Airport
1,1242022-07-20Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Transfer Record
1,1102023-05-27Highest Grossing Film Franchise
1,0832023-04-271000 Club
9972023-01-19FIFA World Cup Top Scorer
9672022-09-03Everton F.C. Transfer Record
9472023-01-24Top Grossing Animated Movies
7742023-02-01Newcastle United F.C. Transfer Record
7062023-05-04Most Liverpool Apps
6842023-05-27Top Grossing Movies
6312022-06-25Pep Guardiola's Most Expensive Signings
5522022-12-01Teams to Score 6 or More Goals in a single UCL Match
4782023-01-19Premier League 400 Club
4422023-04-29Formula 1 Drivers With 100+ Starts
4222022-11-14Highest Scoring EPL Games
3972023-02-01Highest Transfer Fees
3802023-01-24West Ham United F.C. Transfer Record
3672022-06-16Aston Villa F.C. Transfer Record
3592023-01-19Athletics World Record - Men
3382023-03-07Premier League Top Scorer By Club
3302020-04-272014-2015 Liverpool FC Players
3092021-05-18Goalkeepers who scored in the Premier League
2822020-06-03FIFA 20 Top 100 Rated Players
2812022-12-28Jürgen Klopp's Most Expensive Signings
2582022-05-08Commonwealth Games Host
2352022-08-14Crystal Palace F.C. Transfer Record
2232023-03-07Premier League Top Scorer by Country
2162022-05-30SEA Games Host
2142020-12-22Asian Games Host
1932020-04-27Liverpool F.C. Goalscorers 2017-2018 Season
1902023-01-19Southampton F.C. Transfer Record
1812021-07-09England's Top Scorers in FIFA World Cup
1672020-04-27World Cup Winning Liverpool F.C. Players
1512021-08-16Leicester City F.C. Transfer Record
1482022-11-14Teams That Won All 6 Group Stage Games in UCL
1382020-04-27UEFA Euro Winning Liverpool F.C. Players
1352021-07-04FIFA 21 Top 100 Rated Players
1112023-05-0420+ Goals in Premier League
982020-04-26FIFA 19 Top 100 Players
862020-05-31Capital Cities of Overseas Territories
852020-08-092019-2020 Liverpool F.C. Goalscorers
852020-04-272016-2017 Liverpool F.C. Players
782022-12-19Teams of World Cup Winning Players
752020-04-26Stoke City F.C. Transfer Record
732022-08-27Teams to Score 7 or more goals in Premier League
702022-05-30Premier League 80 Point Club
682022-05-30PL Winners with 2 Clubs
632023-05-04Teams Liverpool F.C. Faced in International Football
542020-08-092018-2019 Liverpool F.C. Goalscorers
502021-07-07Countries with Louis Vuitton
472022-12-02All FIFA World Cup Host Cities
412023-01-19Athletics World Record - Women
412022-05-30Thomas Cup Winners
402020-12-17Premier League 80 Goal Club
382022-08-14Biggest Away Victory in PL
362023-01-16Cities and Airports - US #1
332021-07-08Countries with Versace
332023-01-19Common Currency
302020-06-01Overall Top Scorers in FIFA Confederations Cup
302020-05-15The Streak
272022-05-30Uber Cup Winners
262021-07-08Countries with Hermès
242023-01-27All EUFA Euro Host Cities
212021-07-09Countries with Prada
212022-11-14Airports of Malaysia
202022-07-04Countries with Chanel
142023-03-18Biggest Premier League Win for Liverpool F.C.
122022-12-01Teams to Concede 6 or More Goals in a single UCL Match
52021-07-09Countries with Ermenegildo Zegna